Ultimate Social Distancing Party Guide

Published October 14, 2020
Group of teenagers celebrating at a party wearing face masks and social distancing

Throwing a social distancing party is the safest way to connect with others during the pandemic and is also a good choice if you live far away from your loved ones. If you are planning on having a social distancing party, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Social Distancing Party

A social distancing party is a great way to celebrate any occasion and connect with loved ones. Social distancing parties can be both in person with certain guidelines followed, or virtual.

Social Distancing Dance Party

If you want to throw a social distancing dance party, there are a couple ways you can go about doing so.

  • If setting up the party non-virtually, be sure you choose a venue that is either outdoors, or has good ventilation.
  • Make sure guests know to wear their masks properly if attending an in person party.
  • Create dance areas that leave at least six feet of space between guests. You can consider doing markers on the floor to help guests remain socially distanced.
  • If creating an in-person party, set up a few hand sanitizing stations.
  • If you are holding the party virtually, create a shared playlist that everyone can add to a few days before the party and be sure to send out invites with the time and date. If you want, you can also create a fun theme so everyone can dress up similarly.

Virtual Party

During the pandemic, or if traveling is not an option for you, your friends, or your family, virtual parties can be a great option for getting together and having fun. When throwing a virtual party, keep in mind that you can make it as much as an in-person party as you'd like. This means you can:

  • Create a dress code
  • Send out invitations
  • Create a music playlist
  • Have virtual party games ready to go
Man celebrating Halloween virtually on his computer

Celebrating Birthdays During Social Distancing

Birthdays can be both celebrated in person with loved ones while following appropriate social distancing guidelines, or virtually. To throw a safe and fun birthday party:

  • Send out invitations if throwing a virtual or in person b-day party.
  • Play some virtual party games and/or create a b-day playlist to share with everyone.
  • Consider a virtual birthday party if you or anyone in your household is at high risk for contracting COVID-19.
  • If throwing an in person party, try to keep the guest count as low as possible to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • Serve food and drinks by household versus buffet style to avoid using shared serving utensils with those outside of your household.
  • Set up eating areas by household, or have individuals sit at least six feet apart from each other.
  • Use floor markers by gathering areas to illustrate a six foot distance.
  • Ensure guests have their masks and have a few extras on hand for those who forgot theirs.
  • Make sure if anyone is coughing or feeling ill that they leave the party immediately.
  • Set up hand sanitizing stations throughout the party.
  • If possible, find a venue with good ventilation or one that is outdoors.
Family celebrating her Mothers birthday during pandemic

Social Distancing Party Themes

Party themes can help unify an event whether your party is in person or virtual. Pick something that feels fun for you and allow your friends to give their opinion on a few narrowed down choices if you are having trouble deciding on one theme.

Can You Gather With Friends if You Keep Social Distancing?

While it is safest to connect with others virtually, if you do choose to see friends, be sure to:

  • Stay at least six feet apart
  • Make sure everyone is wearing a mask properly
  • Avoid sharing anything like food or drinks
  • Gather outdoors if possible
Young people jumping dancing outdoor during coronavirus outbreak

What Is Social Distancing for COVID-19?

Social distancing means creating at least six feet of space between you and others to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing can also refer to connecting virtually with others.

Who Should Abide to Social Distancing Rules During COVID-19?

Everyone should abide by social distancing rules. While there are broader rules, your specific city or town may have their own unique restrictions and guidelines as well.

What Types of Parties Are Safe During COVID-19?

The safest type of party is a virtual one, as Covid is known to spread through respiratory droplets from coughing, speaking, and sneezing. As for an in person party:

  • The guest list should be kept as small as possible
  • Guests should stay at least six feet apart from each other
  • Guests should wear masks at all times unless eating or drinking
Friends drinking and eating in a restaurant bar outside with face masks

How Many People Is It Safe to Have Over During the Pandemic?

While the Centers for Disease Control doesn't list an exact number, they note to keep guest lists as small as possible, and to abide by other guidelines that can help minimize the spread of COVID-19. Basic precautions to take when having a get together:

  • Staying six feet apart from each other
  • Wearing masks properly
  • Seeing people virtually if possible
  • Gathering outdoors or in a well ventilated area
  • Keep the duration of the visits as short as possible

COVID-19 Food Safety

Food safety during the pandemic include:

  • Do not prepare food for others if ill.
  • While not necessary, you may consider prepping food for guests while wearing a mask.
  • Be sure to practice good food safety.
  • Try to serve food per household instead of buffet style, or create individual meals per person.

Social Distancing Guidelines

Whether you are planning a social distancing party because of COVID-19, or you live far away from loved ones, be sure to follow appropriate guidelines and tips to ensure your party is as safe and fun as possible.

Ultimate Social Distancing Party Guide