What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Style Made Simple

Published October 30, 2020
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Finding what to wear to a baby shower doesn't need to be a dilemma. A simple guide about what to wear to a baby shower can make your choices easy.

Deciding What to Wear to a Baby Shower

You have several outfit options for a baby shower, depending on the type of baby shower. You can gauge the dress attire by who is hosting the baby shower, such as an office baby shower or one hosted by friends and family. If it is a themed baby shower, then your only dilemma is where to find your outfit or costume.

What to Wear to an Office Baby Shower

An office baby shower is typically held at the office, often during the lunch break or at the end of the day, so work isn't interrupted. If you attend an office baby shower during the workday, then you will obviously wear what you have on and won't change your clothes.

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Offsite Office Baby Shower

If the baby shower is held offsite after work hours, you'll go directly from work, wearing your work clothes. However, for an evening or weekend baby shower, you'll most likely wear something other than business attire. Of course, you can ask whoever in your company is responsible for the shower the proper baby shower etiquette. Most invitations work-related state the dress code.

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Business Casual Safe Choice for Attire

The safest choice when you're unsure what to wear to an evening or weekend office baby shower is business casual attire. That's because you want to keep a professional look, even though it is after work hours. A business casual outfit could be an A-line skirt and a blouse, a simple style dress, or a pair of slacks with a blouse.

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Summer Attire for Office Baby Shower

If your office coworkers are wearing shorts, you can choose a modest summer shirt or blouse that is more in keeping with business casual attire. For example, you shouldn't turn up in a comfortable but skimpy top.

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Other Appropriate Spring/Summer Attire for Office Baby Shower

You may want to wear a simple spring/summer dress or dress slacks with a short-sleeve blouse/shirt. In deciding what to wear, it may help to think of your office baby shower as an outdoor event held on company grounds and the typical dress code expected of employees at such events.

Fall/Winter Attire for Offsite Office Baby Shower

A fall/winter everyday casual outfit is a good choice for an offsite office baby shower. If you are unsure about the dress code, choose business casual. This could be a dress or shirt and sweater with tights and dress boots. You may prefer a pair of wool slacks and a sweater or a slack and jacket suit with a turtleneck sweater. If you live in a region of harsh winters, your attire for work and after work hours is most likely more practical. The weather might dictate you wear snow boots and layered clothing. Certainly, you should dress accordingly.

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Baby Shower Hosted by Friends and Family

A baby shower hosted by friends and/or family may have a more casual dress code, depending on the lifestyle of the mother-to-be, her family, and friends. A safe choice is a simple dress with mid-high heels and a sweater or jacket for temperature fluctuations. You can accessorize to dress up or dress down. You can add a silk scarf is that's your style.

Spring/Summer Casual Outfits for Baby Shower

There are several looks you can don for a spring or summer casual baby shower. If you don't want to wear a dress, then go for a pair of lightweight pants and a white cotton blouse. You may choose to wear flats or sandals.

  • You may prefer solid colored Capri pants and printed blouse.
  • If you live at the beach, a summer outfit of shorts, t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops or sandals may be ideal.
  • A pair of blue seersucker Capri pants and a crisp white short-sleeve shirt is a great summer look.
  • Lightweight slacks with a sleeveless top can be accented with a flowing scarf.
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Spring Baby Shower Outfits

For a spring causal wear baby shower, you may decide the best option is a pair of slacks and a sweater set. Pale spring colors are a welcomed sight after a cold winter season.

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Summer Dresses for Baby Shower

You can choose a summer dress that is fun and colors. A lightweight summer dress, either a halter top, spaghetti string, or strapless might be a good choice for an outdoor baby shower. You can choose a printed or solid fabric. Add a cute summer straw hat and you're ready to join in the fun. Sandals or flats are both a good choice.

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Casual Summer Dress

You may decide to go for a more casual summer dress look. You can choose a pale blue polka dot bodice with an old-fashioned floral print for the rest of the dress. For a fun touch, you can add a summer straw hat with a blue ribbon. You can dress up your outfit with a beaded necklace with matching earrings.

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Fall/Winter Baby Shower

A fall or winter baby shower means you'll choose warmer and heavier clothes. A casual fall or winter baby shower may mean donning a pair of winter boots in lieu of fashion styled ones. Leather gloves are a welcomed piece of clothing and can be removed once you're cozy warm inside. A lightweight scarf might be the added touch you need for a straight line dress or scoop neck sweater. Wool plaid slacks and a pullover sweater might give you just the right look for a wintry baby shower.

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What to Wear to a Themed Baby Shower

A themed baby shower can be a lot of fun for everyone and transform the celebration into a true event! If you are attending a themed baby shower, you want to do your best to dress the part. A few examples of themed baby showers can help you decide what to wear.

Holiday Themed Baby Shower

You get to deck out in your holiday best when attending a baby shower with this theme. It may be an ugly Christmas sweater theme or a Halloween costume baby shower. If you don't have an ugly Christmas sweater, you can always decorate a sweatshirt with fabric paints, glitter, and apparel decorations. You can pay a visit to your local resell shop and luck up on a sweater guaranteed to take a prize at the shower contest.

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Vintage Themed Baby Shower

Depending on the vintage era of the themed baby shower, you can often find clothing in a resell shop or an online shop specializing in recreations. The key to a successful outfit for a vintage themed baby shower is to have fun with your costume. You shouldn't stress out over details.

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Wear a Hat to Celebrate Theme

If all you can find or afford is an appropriate hat for a 1920s themed shower, then wear it proudly. You can come up with a funny tale about the lack of your attire, such as your entire wardrobe is in a trunk on an ocean liner somewhere in the Atlantic since it left for your European tour without you. The main goal with any themed party is to have fun!

What to Wear to a Baby Shower That Is Stylish

You can wear an outfit that is stylish to a baby shower. There are many choices when it comes to the type of attire you select for a seasonal or themed baby shower.

What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Style Made Simple