100+ St. Patrick's Day Party Names for a Golden Gathering

Give guests a sneak peek of all the fun your St. Paddy's Day event will hold with a lucky party name.

Published February 19, 2023
Friends at a St. Patrick's Day Party

Whether you're shamrockin' the night away or hosting an Irish brunch, you want your St. Patrick's Day event to have a clever name. Channel all of your four-leafed creativity for a springtime soiree that friends and family will consider themselves lucky to attend. Catch the attention of all your guests with a St. Patrick's Day party name that previews all the green and golden moments your gathering will have.

Host a Family-Friendly Feast With Fun Saint Patrick's Day Party Names

You might have the entire clan over for a dinner party or just host something for yourself and the kids. No matter your choice of guests, decide on a fun St. Patrick's Day party name that will preview all the food and fun you will be serving.

  • Pot O' Potatoes
  • Figs & Jigs
  • Flutes & Fiddles
  • It's Corned
  • Shamrock Charcuterie
  • Potluck O' Gold
  • The Saints Go Munching In
  • Top of Dinner Time to You
  • Move Over for Clover
  • Irish You Were Here
  • Burgers & Paddy's Cook Out
  • Green & Gold Gathering
  • Feast Fit for a Leprechaun
  • Eyes on Ireland
  • Four Leaves & Marshmallows Please
  • Saint Soiree
  • Rainbow Reunion
  • Cabbage & Corn Cookout
  • Frolic of Fiddles
  • St. Paddy's All Clover Again
  • To Ireland & Back
  • All That Glitters Is Green
  • Posh Potatoes
  • A Wee Feast
  • Emerald Eatery
  • Be True to Stew
  • May the Luck Be With You
  • Life Is Like a Pot of Chocolate Gold
  • You're Gonna Need a Bigger Pot
  • Patrick. St. Patrick
  • To Ireland & Beyond

Party St. Paddy's Day Away With Pals

Invite your group of friends over for a casual hang out or throw a rainbow rager for everyone you know. Make sure your party name tells guests just how lit and lucky your St. Patrick's celebration will be.

  • Shake Your Shamrock
  • Fondue Pot O' Gold
  • Make Everything Irish
  • Four-Leaf Feast
  • Emotional Cabbage
  • Get Clover It
  • Lit & Lucky
  • Horseshoe Happy Hour
  • Shamrockin' Rave
  • Stay Golden, Girls
  • Gaelic Girl's Day
  • Celtic Crusher
  • Shamrock Smash
  • Beer & Blarney
  • If You Wanna Be My Clover
  • Pampered Paddy's Day
  • Brunch of the Irish
  • Eat, Drink, & Drink Some More
  • Luck of the Irish Coffee
  • Bang on Brunch
  • Shamrock Shine After Dark
  • The Other Kind of March Madness
  • Pinch Pizzazzerie
  • Girls on the Green Scene
  • 21 & Clover
  • Gaelic Gang
  • Keg at the End of The Rainbow
  • Saint Shenanigans
  • Lucky Legends
  • Spuds & Buds
  • Jameson for Your Jigs
  • Murphy's Merriment
  • Not That Green Day
  • Cabbage Bash Kids
  • Corned & Hammered
  • Smashed Saints
  • Cab-bash
  • Drunk on Luck

Teach Kids the History of St. Patrick's Day

Whether you're entertaining tots, hosting an Irish birthday party, or planning something special for the classroom, you'll want to send kids home with a fun invitation. Give children and parents a giggle with a clever St. Patrick's Day party name.

  • Rocking Rainbows
  • Jr. Jigs
  • Top of the Mornin', Class
  • All the Green Crayons
  • Lucky & Charmed
  • Only the Marshmallows
  • Four-leafed Friends
  • Parade of Pals
  • Emerald Isle Expedition
  • Lessons in Limericks
  • Counting Clovers
  • Pots of Golden Knowledge
  • A Party for the Wee Ones
  • Marshmallow Mania
  • Pinch Free Parade
  • Clover Club Meeting
  • Jig Jamboree
  • Leprechaun Treasure Hunt
  • Somewhere O'Rainbow
  • Coin & Clover Collections
  • Rainbow Ball
  • Heritage Holiday
  • March of the Leprechauns
  • Irish I May, Irish I Might
  • Green Show & Tell
  • Little Leprechaun Turns 2
  • Clover the Rainbow
  • Rainbow Birthday Bash
  • Irish, Irish
  • Pot of Birthday Gold

Match a Saint Patrick's Day Party Name With a Lucky Party Theme

Maybe the party names come easily to you or you already have that part figured out. You'll need a party plan in place to make good on that promise of fun. Host a St. Patrick's Day event that will inspire guests to plan a trip to Ireland.

  • Have your best girls over for brunch, featuring all the best Irish foods. Don't forget the Irish coffees!
  • Make Leprechaun hats and pots of gold with your classroom as you teach your students about Irish traditions.
  • Host a potluck where everything you eat and drink must be green or gold.
  • Have a nostalgic party with friends and family and serve homemade shamrock shakes, enjoy a few bowls of Lucky Charms, and play games for golden chocolate coins.
  • Plan a party for kids, complete with face painting, searching for shamrocks, and all the best green treats.
  • Have friends over for St. Patrick's Day cocktails or mocktails and a fancy dinner party with all the traditional Irish foods.

Give Guests a Party Invitation Full of Luck

With the perfect St. Paddy's Day party name picked out, your party will be a hit with all your guests. When your invitation shows how clever you can be, friends and family will RSVP right away in anticipation of all your exciting party plans for St. Patrick's Day. You'll be the pot of gold at the end of the party rainbow!

100+ St. Patrick's Day Party Names for a Golden Gathering