30 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Names for Egg-stra Fun

Try these unforgettable ideas to make all the little bunnies hoppy.

Published February 11, 2023
little girl going on a treasure hunt to find easter eggs

Your event deserves the most egg-celent Easter egg hunt name ever, so don't settle for the standard options. Egg hunts are all about creativity - from the colors of the eggs and their contents to the surprising hiding places the bunny finds for these treasures. Get inspired with a egg hunt name that's almost as much fun as the event itself.

Punny Easter Egg Hunt Names to Dye For

When it comes to naming your egg hunt, it's all about the egg puns. These hilarious names all play up variations on the classic egg jokes (or "yolks"), and they're sure to get kids giggling before the fun even starts.

  • The Hoppiest Easter Hunt Ever
  • The Eggs-tra, Eggs-tra Special Hunt
  • Adventure and Eggs-ercise
  • Ride or Dye
  • The Great Hoppening
  • The Egg-ceptional Hunt
  • Just a Little Bunny Business
  • Egg-stra Awesome Annual Eggfest
  • The Egg Hunt That's No Yolk
  • The Egg-straveganza Bonanza
  • The Egg-streme Spring Search
  • Egg Shell-ebration

Rhyming Egg Hunt Names

Cute little kids and their moms during Easter egg hunt

Need a name for your Easter egg hunt that everyone will be sure to remember? Rhyming names are catchy and cute, and they're fun to say too.

  • Easter Pails and Bunny Tails
  • Basket Case Easter Race
  • Shake a Leg and Find Some Eggs
  • The Super Funny Easter Bunny Hunt
  • The Trinity Church Egg Search (substitute your own church name)
  • Nab It From the Rabbit
  • Hop 'Til Your Drop
Quick Tip

Keep your Easter egg hunt name fairly short so kids can remember it. A good rule of thumb (or bunny tail) is six words or fewer.

More Fun Ideas to Name Your Hunt

The perfect name for your Easter egg hunt is out there. One of these could be totally egg-ceptional:

  • A Basket of Surprises
  • Hop to It!
  • Easter Egg Scramble
  • Ultimate, Unbeatable Egg Hunt
  • Hopping and Hunting
  • Bunny Mania
  • Basketful of Magic
  • Hare-Raising Egg Hunt
  • Time to Get Crackin'
  • Wild Hare Day
  • Hunting and Pecking

Get Your Egg Hunt Name Out There

Naming your egg hunt or Easter event is the first step (or hop) in making it a day to remember. Keep these tips in mind for getting your name out there:

  • Share your Easter egg hunt name on social media with photos of eggs.
  • Print up fliers with the name front and center.
  • Make sure you mention the date, time, and location of the hunt along with its catchy name.
  • Hold a countdown to the big day so everyone can talk about your aptly named event.

Did Some Bunny Say "Easter Egg"?

Once you've picked the perfect name, it's time to enjoy the hunt. There are so many fantastic ways to make Easter special for friends and family, and playful egg hunts are one of the best. Take lots of photos and videos and have a bunn-derful time.

30 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Names for Egg-stra Fun