20 Amusing Easter Games for Kids and Grownups

Updated March 13, 2022
group of children holding Easter baskets

Take your Easter party to the next level by playing fun games to keep all the children and adults at your gathering entertained. Try out these exciting Easter games you can enjoy outdoors or inside your house. You'll also find festive printable games everyone can play. Hop to it!

Fun Outdoor Easter Games

Are you looking to have a little backyard fun on Easter? There are several engaging Easter games for kids and adults to play together. This goes beyond just the typical Easter egg hunts to some truly amusing Easter fun!

Egg and Spoon Races

egg and spoon race

Nothing beats a good competition, especially one where adults can join in the festivities. A classic egg and spoon race is the perfect way to get everyone involved. For this game, you need hard-boiled eggs and spoons for all participants.

  1. Have all the members pair up.

  2. The teammates should stand 20 feet from each other.

  3. Each leader should get a spoon with a hard-boiled egg.

  4. When the cue to begin racing is given, the person with the egg should run with it to the person on their team standing across from them.

  5. If they drop the egg, they need to start over.

  6. Once a teammate reaches the other side, they must hand the egg over to the next person, who races back to the other side.

  7. The first team to have everyone complete the egg run wins.

Bunny Bowling

Yard bowling is always a hit. Make this game completely bunny-related by decorating the bowling pins. You need bowling pins, a plastic ball, construction paper, tape, and markers.

  1. Add ears and faces to the bowling pins to make them look like little bunnies by using markers and construction paper.

  2. Color the ball to look like an Easter egg.

  3. Break up the group into a few teams.

  4. Set up the pins and walk 10 feet from the pins.

  5. Each team takes turns knocking down the pins.

  6. The team with the most pins down after ten rolls wins.

You can also make the game shorter or longer as you play.

Bunny Ring Toss

Playing bunny ring toss is another enjoyable Easter game. To play, you need plastic bowling pins, markers, rings, sticky notes, and a basket. You can make this even more fun by adding candy.

  1. Decorate the bowling pins to look like fun bunnies by drawing on ears and faces.

  2. Add sticky notes to the pins, naming a specific type of candy (candy eggs, peanut butter cups, jelly beans, etc.)

  3. Put the pins in a basket.

  4. Position the basket of rings about ten or so feet away from the players.

  5. Give everyone a few rings.

  6. Have them toss their rings onto the bowling pins to win candy.

Egg Toss

Egg toss games can be as messy as the Easter party warrants. Eggs used can be hard-boiled (less mess) or not (very messy!).

  1. Pair up people and have them stand about a foot away from each other.

  2. They will then toss the egg to one another.

  3. With every successful toss of the egg, the pair must take a step backward and further away from each other before tossing it again.

  4. If the egg is dropped or breaks, the pair is out.

  5. The last pair left is the winner.

Keep plenty of towels on hand for quick clean-up if eggs are not hard-boiled! Another quick clean-up option is to hand out oversized T-shirts or aprons for kids to slip on over their clothing.

Bunny Tag

Tag is an excellent game for wide-open yards. Children can be paired up or placed in teams.

  1. Declare someone the "Head Easter Bunny."

  2. Tell them the person they tag will become a "Basket Bunny" who needs to recruit other bunnies to help distribute baskets.

This game provides a great transition into hunting for Easter baskets once all the children have been tagged.

Bunny Hop Race

bunny hop race

Turn a typical potato sack race into bunny-themed Easter thrills for kids and grownups. This game doesn't require any materials, (except for bandanas or thick ribbon to tie legs together if you're not using shoelaces), and participants must be prepared to hop to having a good time!

  1. Create pairs (children pairs, adult pairs, or children and adult pairs).

  2. Tie their shoelaces on one foot together. You can also use string if they don't have shoelaces.

  3. Place everyone in a single line at that start.

  4. Have each pair hop together to the end of the race.

  5. The first pair to make it to the end wins.

Easter Egg Relay Race

The Easter egg relay is a clever mix between an egg hunt and a relay race. You need two colors of eggs hidden around the yard. These eggs should be filled with candy and trinkets. They can also be filled with fun commands like "do ten jumping jacks before returning."

  1. Split the players into two teams.

  2. They need to line up from youngest to oldest in a single file line.

  3. On "Go," the first one runs out and finds an egg in their team's color.

  4. Once they find an egg, they open it and complete the command.

  5. They then run back and tag the next person.

  6. Game play continues until all eggs have been found and all commands have been completed. The team who finishes first wins.

Bunny Bean Bag Toss

This game is like cornhole, but with a bunny-related twist. Grab markers, a cardboard box, a basket, and candy-filled plastic eggs for play.

  1. Cut a hole in the box for the bunny's mouth.

  2. Decorate the box to make it look like a bunny.

  3. Give each player or team a basket with colored eggs.

  4. Each player or team takes turns tossing their eggs into the bunny's mouth.

  5. The team to get the most eggs in the bunny's mouth wins.

Candy Toss

One of the best parts of Easter is the candy. Make everyone work for their goodies by creating a candy toss. Play requires a bowl, various sweets, a timer, and several baskets.

  1. Have each player choose a basket.

  2. They need to place the basket a difficult distance away in front of them. This distance will vary for adults and children.

  3. Someone calls "Go."

  4. For 60 seconds, players try to throw as much candy as possible into their basket.

  5. Pick up fallen candy and repeat until all the candy has made it into baskets.

Follow the Bunny

This game doesn't require anything to play and it is super simple. It's an Easter variation of Simon Says.

  1. Line up everyone playing in a straight line.

  2. The leader says, "Bunny says," and gives a command.

  3. Everyone who follows the bunny gets to take a step forward.

  4. Keep giving out commands. If anyone does the command without the leader saying, "Bunny says," they must take a step back.

  5. The first person to make it to the bunny leader gets to be the next leader.

Exciting Easter Games for Indoor Fun

While it's always great to have fun outdoors on Easter, the weather doesn't always make it possible. So, you need to have a contingency plan to keep everyone happy at your Easter party. Keep the kids and grownups entertained with these lively indoor games.

Bunny Hop

Although it is a traditional wedding dance song, the Bunny Hop is perfect for Easter.

  1. Play the Bunny Hop on a phone.

  2. Let the dance party begin.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter egg hunts aren't strictly reserved for the outdoors. You can have a cool scavenger hunt in your house too. For play, grab several eggs of varying colors, colored pieces of paper, names, and cards with activities.

  1. Fill each egg with a fun activity and a piece of candy. Commands can include fun little things like "give yourself a hug," "hop like a bunny," "share your candy with a friend," "sing a song," etc.

  2. Hide the eggs around the house.

  3. Put the colored papers in a hat.

  4. Have each player choose a color. (If you have too many players, search in teams.)

  5. Allow each player/team to find all their eggs.

  6. Make sure they take the time to complete all the commands.


bunny pokey dance game

Instead of doing the Hokey-Pokey dance, kids will delight in trying to do the Bunny-Pokey. Add in silly elements, such as "put your fluffy tail in" and "put your long ears in" to customize it for the holiday.

  1. Gather everyone together.

  2. Start singing the Hokey-Pokey song.

  3. Call out commands like "Put your fluffy ears in/out," "Hop in/out," "Put your fluffy tail in/out," etc.

  4. Keep the song going as long as you want by adding more fun bunny-related commands.

Jelly Bean Sort

To play jelly bean sort, you just need a bowl full of jelly beans for each team, straws, and plastic cups.

  1. Separate players into two teams.

  2. Provide enough empty cups for the colors of jelly beans you have to sort.

  3. Give each teammate a straw.

  4. Each player needs to suck up a jelly bean and place it in its cup.

  5. If they drop their bean before the cup, it's the next person's turn.

  6. Continue playing until all the beans are sorted.

For little ones who may have trouble sucking a bean into the straw, they can use a spoon.

Easter Egg Guessing Game

Everyone enjoys a good guessing game. Plastic eggs and a few household items are needed for this Easter-related game.

  1. Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil.

  2. Add several small objects found around the home (paper clips, crumbled paper, pennies, pins, etc.) into numbered plastic eggs.

  3. Tell all players the items in the eggs (don't reveal which eggs they are in).

  4. Allow players to touch and shake the eggs to guess which eggs contain which items.

  5. Have them write down the number of the egg they think holds each item.

  6. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

Bunny Hot Potato

Who doesn't love a good game of hot potato? Enjoyable for kids and adults alike, all you need is a stuffed bunny to play with.

  1. Have everyone sit in a circle.

  2. Play music.

  3. The bunny must be passed around the circle to the right.

  4. When the music stops, the person holding the bunny is eliminated.

  5. Play until only one person remains.

Egg Roll

The egg roll is a creative way to give away prize-filled eggs and have a good time. You need several Easter baskets, plastic eggs filled with prizes, tape, a timer, and a table for playing this game.

  1. Separate the players into three groups.

  2. Have each group pick a colored basket.

  3. Tape the colored baskets at the end of a table.

  4. Have the players line up in a single file in front of their basket on the opposite end of the table.

  5. The first players must roll their eggs down the table on "Go."

  6. They get 60 seconds to roll as many eggs into their basket as possible.

  7. When time is up, they grab all the eggs in their basket and move to the back of the line.

  8. The next participants in line get to play.

  9. Keep playing until all the plastic eggs are gone.

Easter Game Printables

Rather than everyone getting rowdy in the house, you can use some low-key printable Easter games to keep everyone sitting down but having a great time. View this guide for Adobe printables if you need any help printing these games.

Easter Bingo

To play an impromptu Easter bingo game, you need a bingo sheet and pieces of paper filled with Easter-related items like bunnies, eggs, Jesus, carrots, baskets, etc.

  1. Print out a plain bingo board.

  2. Make a list together of Easter-related items on paper.

  3. Put the paper into a hat.

  4. Have everyone fill out their boards with the items.

  5. Start pulling out the slips of paper until someone gets a bingo.

  6. When you get a bingo, yell "Bunny."

Bunnies and Eggs Tic-Tac-Toe

Another festive game for you to print out and play for Easter is Bunnies and Eggs.

  1. Print out the Easter tic-tac-toe board.

  2. One person is bunnies.

  3. The other is eggs.

  4. The first one to get tic-tac-toe wins.

Basket Exchange Game

Elevate your Easter basket exchanges with this printable twist. To begin, everyone needs to bring a secret Easter basket. You also need a set of dice.

  1. Print out the roll sheet to play.

  2. Hand out the baskets to all the participants.

  3. Everyone should sit in a circle.

  4. Allow each person to roll the dice.

  5. Follow the rules on the sheet to play.

  6. Keep playing until everyone has opened a basket.

Easter Game Tips

Easter games for kids are great springtime activities. You need to have plenty of supplies on hand, as well as a few other adults or responsible teenagers recruited to help supervise children. Other tips for playing Easter games include:

  • Explain the rules thoroughly and demonstrate anything that is unclear.

  • Tell children you expect them to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

  • Hand out prizes to the winners if you wish, but be sure to have a small gift for everyone after the games have been completed.

Easter Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Easter games are entertaining and delightful, whether they're played outside or indoors. Another way to keep kids busy at an Easter party is to have plenty of kids' crafts and art projects available to do when they get worn out from playing games.

20 Amusing Easter Games for Kids and Grownups