Easter Party Games for Adults for an Extra Fun Holiday

Updated March 21, 2022
Woman Wearing Bunny Ears Holding Easter Basket of Eggs

If you are hosting an Easter celebration, chances are you will need fun entertaining ideas to make your event go smoothly. These Easter games for adults will give your guests the opportunity to socialize and join forces on exciting competitive games.

Easter Booze Hunt

Colorful plastic Easter eggs in a wicker basket

This version is a fun twist on a classic Easter egg hunt. The adults deserve to have some fun, too.


  • Large plastic eggs
  • Mini liquor bottles of your choice (wine, whiskey, or liqueur)


  1. Fill up the large plastic eggs with mini liquor bottles, then hide them around the house or backyard. Make it challenging. This is an Easter egg hunt for adults! You might want to make a map of where you hid them so you don't lose any.
  2. Set the timer for 10 minutes.
  3. Guests must try to find the hidden eggs within the time limit.

Follow up by turning the bottles of booze into fun Easter cocktails or allow your guests to take their bottles home.

Easter Egg Race

Young People Playing Egg and Spoon Race

Ready, set, go! Here's a fun race you don't need to put too much energy into. Just cheer on your egg while it's rolling down the hill.


  • Hard-boiled or wooden eggs
  • Prize for the winner (optional)


  1. Participants must line up at a starting point, preferably on a grassy hill.
  2. On the count of three, participants give their eggs a push and let it roll down the hill.
  3. The first egg to get to the finish line wins.

Guess How Much the Bag of Jelly Beans Weighs

Plastic bad with jelly beans on wooden surface

This is a perfect choice for those who prefer not to play competitive games.


  • Jelly beans
  • Large storage bag
  • Kitchen scale


  1. Fill up large store bag with plenty of jelly beans and seal it.
  2. Use a kitchen scale to weigh the jelly bean bag. Write down the weight on a piece of paper.
  3. Each participant must hold the bag and try to guess how much the bag of jelly beans weighs.
  4. The participant who guesses closest to the right weight wins.

The Carrot Challenge

Bunch of fresh carrots and string

Test your guests' hand coordination with this carrot challenge game.


  • 1 small carrot
  • Long piece of twine or string
  • 5 glass bottles (make sure the carrot fits inside the bottle)


  1. Attach a long piece of string to the carrot stem.
  2. Line up five bottles on the ground.
  3. Set the timer for 1 minute.
  4. Player must try to insert the carrot into the first bottle by holding on to the string, then pull the carrot out of the bottle and insert into the next bottle and so on. Player must complete the five bottles in less than one minute to win the game.

Jelly Bean Milk

Blue cup of milk on the red plate surrounded by jelly beans

When you combine milk and gross jelly beans, you know it's bound to be interesting.


  • Unpleasant jelly bean flavors
  • Large of milk or nondairy milk
  • Small cups, such as shot glasses
  • Piece of paper and pen
  • Small prizes (optional)


  1. Pour a handful of jelly beans into a cup of milk. Stir well. Pour into several shot glasses or small cups.
  2. Each player takes a sip of their milk and writes on a piece of paper what they think the flavor is.
  3. Players who guess correctly win a prize (but not gross jelly beans).

Easter Pong

Friends playing Prosecco pong

This is similar to beer pong, but with an Easter twist.



  1. Divide players into two teams.
  2. Fill up 12 plastic cups with sparkling wine and arrange them on top of a long table.
  3. Players must take turns throwing a ping pong ball with the aim of getting it in their opponent's cup.
  4. If the ball lands in the cup, the opponent has to drink it.
  5. The team who makes their opponents drink all their cups first wins.

Build the Carrot Challenge

Three wonky carrots lined up

This game is like building Lego but using fresh carrots.


  • Several extra large fresh carrots
  • Knife
  • Cutting board


  1. Cut the carrots into 1" pieces, cutting the bottom piece flat along the bottom so it can sit flush on the table (keep carrots separate).
  2. Give each player a cut up carrot.
  3. Each player must try to build their carrot on the bottom piece from the pieces they have without the carrot collapsing.
  4. The player who allows the carrot to collapse is out.
  5. The one who puts their carrot together first wins.

Name the Tune Game

Woman eating table spoon of jelly beans

Make sure your music knowledge is on point so you don't have to deal with gross jelly beans!


  • A large bowl of gross jelly beans
  • A tablespoon


  1. Participants must gather in a circle.
  2. Each participant picks a song they like.
  3. The first player from the circle (clockwise) hums a tune. The other players must try to guess what song is.
  4. The first person who guesses the song scores one point. The rest of the participants must eat a tablespoon of gross jelly beans.
  5. The game continues with the next player in the circle (clockwise) until all players have gone.

Easter Chocolate Egg Cutting Challenge

Showing half an easter egg

Trying to cut up an Easter chocolate egg with a knife and fork while wearing oven mitts? Good luck with that!


  • Stopwatch
  • Large chocolate eggs (1 for each participant)
  • Knife and fork
  • Oven mitts
  • Score sheet and pen to record times


  1. The first player in line must put on oven mitts and cuts up an Easter chocolate egg into 20 pieces using a knife and fork. Time them on the stopwatch and record their time.
  2. Continue player by player.
  3. The player who completes the task the quickest wins.

Three-Armed Easter Chocolate Egg Unwrapping Game

Three hands unwrapping an easter egg

The more the merrier! Three hands to unwrap an Easter chocolate egg? Better than having two arms only.



  1. Divide players into pairs.
  2. Players stand side by side with their forearms touching.
  3. Tie their two touching arms together using a band or tie. Players now have "three" arms (much like a three legged race).
  4. When you say go, teams must try to unwrap the chocolate egg.
  5. The team who completes the challenge first wins.

ABC Easter Word Game

Chocolate eggs, letters for a stamp, an inscription happy easter

Guests will sharpen their Easter vocabulary with this fun game!


  • Sheets of paper
  • Pens
  • Kitchen timer


  1. Divide players into teams.
  2. Each team must write the letters A-Z on a piece of paper.
  3. Set the timer for 5 minutes.
  4. Each team must come up with Easter words that start with each letter of the alphabet.
  5. The team who comes up with most word under the time limit wins.

Easter Bunny Ears

Hand holding a yellow balloon in bunny ears

Be the Easter Bunny for a day with this hilarious game.


  • Multiple inflated 5" balloons (6-10 per team)
  • Pantyhose (1 pair per team)


  1. Divide players into pairs.
  2. When you say, "Go," each team must fill panty hose legs with balloons to form big floppy bunny ears.
  3. One player from the team must place pantyhose filled with balloons on their head and sing a random Easter bunny song.
  4. The team who completes the task first wins a prize.

Decorate the Easter Bunny

Bunny ears out of toilet paper roll

This is a hilarious game everybody will get a kick out of it. Don't forget to pose for pictures with the Easter bunny!


  • Toilet paper or white crepe paper (body)
  • Decorative carrots
  • Marshmallows (teeth)
  • Easter basket
  • Bunny tiaras (ears)
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  1. Divide players into teams. One player must volunteer to be the Easter bunny.
  2. Set the time for 5 minutes.
  3. Each team must decorate their "Easter bunny" using the available decorations.
  4. Teams can vote on which creation is best.

The Easter Basket Stuffer Game

Family with full easter baskets

Feel like a kid again while scooping up goodies to fill up an Easter basket.


  • Easter baskets (one for each player)
  • Large bowls (one for each player)
  • Large scoops (one for each player)
  • Easter goodies (mini chocolate eggs, toys, mini rubber erasers, and more)


  1. Line up Easter baskets. If you have five players, you will need five bowls, five scoops, five Easter baskets.
  2. Fill up bowls with lots of Easter goodies and place it on the table near the Easter baskets.
  3. Set the time for three minutes.
  4. Each player must hold the scoop with their mouth and try to scoop up the Easter goodies out of the bowl and transfer to their baskets.
  5. The player who fills up their basket with the most goodies within the time limit wins.

Classic Egg and Spoon Relay Race

Girl doing egg and spoon race

No Easter party is complete without a classic egg and spoon relay race. Be sure to plan one to keep guests happy and entertained.


  • Hard-boiled eggs (or wooden Easter eggs)
  • Spoons
  • Race course that's about 100 feet long.


  1. Divide participants into pairs.
  2. Set a course of about 100 feet. Mark two lines on the surface about 100 feet apart. The start line and finish line will be the same.
  3. Player one will stand at the start/finish line. Player two will stand at the second line.
  4. Player one places a spoon in their mouths and an egg on the spoon. Player two stands with a spoon in their mouth at the second line.
  5. When you say go, the player one partners move as quickly as they can towards player two, holding the egg on the spoon without using their hands. If they drop the egg, they can pick it up with their hands and must return to their starting point, put the egg/spoon back in their mouth, and start over.
  6. When player one finally reaches their partner, they must, without using hands, transfer the egg to their partner's spoon (if they drop it, they can use their hands to pick it up and put it back on player one's spoon to continue trying).
  7. Once the egg is transferred, player two moves towards the start/finish line, returning to their starting point each time they drop their egg. First to the finish line wins.

Plan Your Easter Party

If you are undecided on what type of Easter party to host, consider these Easter brunch or traditional Easter dinner ideas to plan a memorable event to share this special holiday with family and friends. And if you have children in attendance, keep these creative Easter activities for kids in mind.

Easter Party Games for Adults for an Extra Fun Holiday