Finding Easter Plays and Skits for Kids

Updated February 9, 2019
Easter play with kids

Whether you want to emphasize the religious importance of Easter or would rather focus on Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny, plays are a way to engage children around the holiday. Easter skits and plays for kids include performances that children act out and ones that they can simply watch and enjoy.

Printable Easter Skits

If you can't find the perfect skit for your group or aren't ready to write your own, these free, printable, short skits might work. Download and print the skit you love by clicking on the image. For troubleshooting, needs check out these helpful tips.

Easter Is All Around Religious Skit

Groups of six or more children can present this short, religious Easter skit in as little as five minutes. You can gather a few common items, like decorated Easter eggs, as props and skip the costumes if you want this to look more like an Easter skit that includes a group Easter speech. "Easter is All Around" includes some brief sharing of different symbols associated with Easter and how they help you connect with Jesus.

Religious Easter Skit
Religious Easter Skit

Bunny's Eggs Secular Skit

Discover one story of the origins of a classic Easter tradition in "Bunny's Eggs: How the Easter Bunny was Born." Groups of five or more children share the story of how Bunny the artistic rabbit and her chance encounter with a little girl named Bea led to the tradition of hiding decorated eggs for Easter. This play includes a lot of action with little dialogue, so it can be as quick as five minutes or take up to 15 minutes depending on how you decide to show the action. Props include artwork such as Easter coloring pages and costumes like full bunny costumes you buy or DIY Easter craft bunny ears you make.

Secular Easter Skit
Secular Easter Skit

Free Easter Plays and Skits

If you only have a small budget or no budget for an Easter play, these free Easter play scripts will provide you with what you need. There are many options when it comes to Easter skits for youth, from simple skits to act out as a group to musical skits to puppet shows.

Worship Drama and Dance

Worship Drama and Dance features a small selection of Christian plays and skits, including eight selections designed for Easter and Palm Sunday. Options include "Choices" where the disciples of Jesus reminisce about him in the days after his death, "Superhero" which portrays Jesus as the ultimate superhero, and "Light, Truth, Love," a monologue about Easter. features a few Easter skits for children and youth. Skits are organized by age level. One of the site's most popular skits is "The e-Bunny," a play that discusses the commercial side of Easter.

Christian Crafters

Christian Crafters presents sixteen different Easter plays and skits for multiple age groups and levels. Options range from the "Eleven Minute Easter Musical" to "The UN-PASSIONATE Christ... What If?" and "What's Easter All About?" Some scripts are designed to be performed as puppet shows.

Let's Skit Crazy

Pastor directing children

Christian Skit Scripts features multiple free Christian skits, including many that are appropriate for Easter. Many of the skits have accompanying music or sound effects that may be purchased and downloaded to use in your performance.

Easter Plays and Productions for Purchase

If you have a budget to work with for your production, you can purchase Easter skits for kids.

Cross the Sky Ministries

Cross the Sky Ministries presents "Shout It Out!," a selection of youth-led worship services. Included in the book is an option for youth-led Easter worship service which includes three Christian Easter skits and other creative ideas. For just under $50 you get all the skits, service ideas, and a CD of worship songs. has multiple skits for purchase, including individual sketches that may be used to help tell the Easter story. Individual skits cost about $4 each.

The Skit Guys

The Skit Guys are a Christian comedy duo known for humorous skits that end with a bigger message. You may purchase "Have You Reached Your Verdict?", an Easter skit for a church that stages the trial of Jesus in modern times, focusing on Matthew 26:57-68 for about $20.

Choosing Easter Plays and Skits for Kids

The performances you choose depend on a few factors and they can help you to narrow down your search. Whether you are finding Easter skits for church youth, for a school performance, or just for fun, some things to consider include:

  • Length of the program (Plays are longer, and skits are shorter.)
  • Location
  • Child or adult performance
  • The number of people in the audience
  • Props, scenery, and costumes
  • Are the kids part of the play or part of the audience?
  • Time, volunteers, resources - This will vary depending on how complex the performance is and the group you are working with. If you are looking for Easter plays for small churches, for example, you'll need to make sure you'll have enough participants and volunteers.

Easter Play Tips and Ideas

Easter plays and skits are creative activities that get kids excited about the holiday. Consider your group size and audience, then craft a play that fits your venue.

Ideas for Writing Your Own Easter Play

You don't have to be a professional writer or playwright to make up an original play. Work with the supplies and inspiration you have to create a group acting experience that shows one aspect of Easter.

  • Turn a children's Easter poem into a short skit by adding costumes and having kids show each line or verse.
  • Use an Easter picture book as inspiration for writing your own version of the story as a play.
  • Youth worship songs can also provide play writing inspiration.
  • Take a question your child has about Easter and turn it into a skit with a lesson.
  • Ask your group of kids to each write a fictional story about Easter then choose one to turn into a play.

Tips for Producing an Easter Skit

Short Easter skits and longer plays are easy to pull together with a few Easter decorations and practices. Keep in mind the important part is the message your play sends and the experience your kids have.

  • Give your group two options to vote on. Kids will be more invested if they love the play.
  • Read through the play with the whole group and open a discussion about what it means and why it is special.
  • Practice as much as possible in the space where your final performance will be.
  • Let the kids help make simple costumes and decorations to save money and give it a child-like feeling.

Have Fun With Children's Easter Skits

Keep in mind that most plays allow you to adapt the script to make it work for your group. You may want to change lines to make it easier to memorize or add characters so that more people can be involved. There are many choices you can make, whether you are looking for short Easter skits for children's church, a full-length Easter play for Sunday school, or something like a simple fun-filled Easter play for preschoolers or elementary students.

Finding Easter Plays and Skits for Kids