Where to Buy Mardi Gras Costumes

Updated December 17, 2019
People with Mardi Gras masks

Mardi Gras is a time when you can really go all out with your look! People dress for Mardi Gras in New Orleans in colorful, outrageous costumes as part of the celebration. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are gold, green and purple. However, any color scheme will do as long as you go with the laissez les bon temps rouler spirit!

Mardi Gras Costumes at Target

You can find many options to celebrate Mardi Gras in style at Target online.

  • This elegant-looking Carnival Costume Mask for women features a gold base with black feathers, sequins, beads and lace. It sells for about $11.
  • If you want a mask with a lighter color profile, this Unicorn Mask is a perfect choice for the parade. It features white feathers with silver accents and a silver unicorn horn. It sells for about $16.
  • A one-size fits all adult Mardi Gras Vest features a splash of color with a traditional mask motif. It comes with a matching bow tie and sells for about $13.
Mardi Gras Vest and Bow Tie Accessory
Mardi Gras Vest and Bow Tie Accessory

Amazon and Mardi Gras Wear

The massive online retailer is a great place to find Mardi Gras themed costumes.

  • Unlike some more colorful costumes, this Voodoo Priestess Costume fits the New Orleans culture with a spooky skull motif. It comes with a black jacket and vest, red shirt, top hat with two hat ties, a skull and bone belt, and a monkey hand necklace. It sells for $44.
  • Another traditional figure in the carnival is the harlequin. This fun outfit features a top, trousers and collar. It comes in medium and large and sells for about $30. You can pair it with a black, red and gold Venetian mask which sells for around $20.
  • Another period costume popular at Mardi Gras is the flapper dress from the 1920s. This beaded and fringed Great Gatsby dress sparkles with black accents and green fabric. It comes in extra small through 3XL and sells for a little under $50. It comes in nine other colors. You can pair it with a sparkly green, gold and blue peacock feather and crystal headband for about $16.
Gatsby Dress
Gatsby Dress

Etsy Mardi Gras Choices

The Etsy website is an excellent choice for finding unusual and often completely unique, handmade costumes.

  • For example, this Peacock Feather Bustle Tutu from the Tutu Gorgeous Girl shop is a fabulous piece that will turn heads wherever you go. It can be worn with a matching leotard, corset and fancy top. It sells for a little over $100.
  • Another store you'll love is the 4everstore which specializes in masks for men and women. They have a large selection of intricate Mardi Gras masks and even matching masks for couples. This rose gold mask for women and black mask for men is an eye-catching combo for a couple enjoying the carnival. The pair sell for about $35.
  • New Orleans Originals makes all sorts of Mardi Gras costumes. You can choose from fringed flapper dresses or sequined lined party dresses in the traditional gold, green and purple Fat Tuesday colors. The dresses sell for around $55 to 66.

Feather Place Mardi Gras Styles

The Feather Place specializes in feather costume pieces and accessories. They have several elaborate pieces that will make a statement at any Mardi Gras parade or party.

  • This Majestic Peacock Collar for $45 can be worn as a headdress, bustle or collar. It's sure have a dramatic effect.
  • The Carnival Princess Samba Set is a standout costume for women looking for a Latin flair. It sells for about $160 and is made with dyed rooster coque tails and goose feathers. It features a feather headdress in shades of blue, green and turquoise and matching shoulder epaulets.
  • They also sell many fun accessories to accompany a Mardi Gras costume including wigs, fans and boas in Mardi Gras colors made entirely of feathers. They also have a selection of feather "mohawks" that can be a fun accent at carnival. They come in black, red, rainbow colors and the traditional purple, gold and green and sell for about $34.

Halloween Costumes Mardi Gras Selection

The website Halloween Costumes features costumes for many occasions other than Halloween. They have a full selection of outfits suitable for Mardi Gras for adults and kids. They also include a selection of plus size costumes.

  • Girls will love showing off in the Peacock Child's costume for about $30. The dress has a mesh tail with a peacock feather motif and a matching feather headpiece.
  • Boys will no doubt enjoy the Green Scary Jester costume which sells for about $30. It includes a shirt, pants, mask, head piece and a waist tie.
  • The Mardi Gras King costume for adults will make any man look appropriate for the carnival. It sells for about $70 and comes with a green, gold and purple jacket and a king's crown with purple sequins and black feather decorations.
  • They also have a good selection of flapper dresses. The silver and black Shimmer Flapper costume will definitely give off a glow with all the lights from the parade. It sells for about $45. There's also a plus size version for about $50.

Stage Mardi Gras Themed Costumes

This store has a variety of Mardi Gras themed costumes.

Mardi Gras Accessories at Oriental Trading Company

This party supply store is a go-to place to find all your accessory needs at affordable prices.

  • They have a selection of 100 piece sets of Mardi Gras masks for about $80 to $100. These can make party favors for guests to wear at your themed party.
  • A traditional aspect of the Mardi Gras parade is wearing and throwing beaded necklaces. It's good to have extra to toss around and you'll appreciate the multi-packs, with 100 necklaces for about $20 and 500 for around $80.
Mardi Gras masks and beads

Pure Costumes and Mardi Gras

Pure Costumes carries several outfits for Mardi Gras for adults, children and even your dog! They also carry hats, shoes and a large selection of carnival masks.

  • Men will have fun in the Plus Size Evil Jester costume. It sells for about $38 and comes with a shirt, pants, waist sash, skeleton mask and headpiece.
  • For a sexy twist, the Midnight Peacock costume for women runs about $37. It comes with a short flared dress with peacock feather embellishments and peacock feather mask.
  • If your celebration is child-friendly, dress up your infant in the Lil' Jester costume. It sells for around $16 and is available for infants 12 to 18 months and 18 to 24 months. It includes a jumpsuit, belt and jester hood.
  • If you want to get Fido involved in the celebration, try this Purple King Crown for about $11. Your dog will feel like royalty at your next Mardi Gras parade.

Finding the Best Mardi Gras Costume

No matter where you go to get your Mardi Gras costume you'll have plenty of great shopping options online for finding your perfect look. Take time to browse the selection at several retailers until you find your dream costume. Remember that the ultimate goal of a Mardi Gras costume is to be colorful, fabulous and sure to turn heads and earn smiles and beads from fellow partiers!

Where to Buy Mardi Gras Costumes