Memorial Day Printable Trivia Questions

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In the United States, the last Monday in May is reserved for Memorial Day, formerly called Decoration Day. Learn more about how the holiday got started, ways to celebrate, and other fun facts with trivia questions and answers.

Trivia Questions

This Memorial Day trivia consists of two types of questions: 15 multiple choice and 15 true or false. Each question relates to the holiday and features a referenced answer. Download and print the document for personal use by clicking on the trivia question image. Troubleshoot with tips and tricks in this helpful guide.

Memorial Day Trivia Questions and Answers
Memorial Day trivia

Fun Trivia Activities

Trivia questions and answers have many uses other than the obvious quiz or group trivia format. Use them in school, at work, or at holiday parties.

  • Offer one small flag decoration to each person for each correct answer they give. When you finish answering all the questions, the group can go out to decorate gravestones.
  • Use questions paired with correct answers as openers for speeches or toasts on the holiday. For example, start by saying "Did you know Memorial Day was once called Decoration Day?"
  • Add a trivia question to one side of a slip of paper attached to a paper poppy with the answer on the reverse side. Then hand out the trivia poppies to others celebrating.
  • Expand on true or false questions by asking people to decide whether it is true or false, then reword the sentence to make it the opposite of your guess. So, if a person thinks the statement is true he would have to reword the question to make it sound false.
  • Take on the role of a conspiracy theorist and see if you can find sources claiming to debunk the facts presented in trivia questions.

Remember Forever

Memorial Day trivia not only helps you celebrate the holiday, but provides facts you'll never forget. Each year as you remember loved ones and other service members you'll also be reminded why you are celebrating and those who made it possible.

Memorial Day Printable Trivia Questions