100+ Catchy New Year Party Names 

Everyone will want to attend a New Year party with one of these intriguing names.

Published December 8, 2022
Happy Friends Celebrate New Year

If you want your New Year's Eve party to be as epic as you hope the year to come will be, it's going to need a memorable and catchy name. Impress potential attendees with clever names for your New Year party, from family-friendly ideas to witty one-liners. With just the right party name, you'll set the stage for the unforgettable bash you have planned.

Names for a New Year Party for Family & Friends

For a party with all of your closest friends and relatives, you need a name that's charming but simple enough to convey the theme of your New Year gathering. Try a simple approach with all the optimism that comes with ringing in a brand new year.

  • Hello, 2023!
  • Resolution Revolution
  • New Year, Same Faces
  • Sweet Endings & Sweeter Beginnings
  • Get Your Resolution On
  • Resolutions & Reunions
  • All That Glitters & Glows in the Dark
  • Another Year Bites the Dust
  • In One Year and Out the Other
  • No Resolutions Allowed
  • Relaxing in the New Year
  • Oh Dear, Another Year

Make It Kid Friendly

For celebrations that involve children or are specifically planned for children, try an informative party name that gets all the giggles. Try sleepover-themed party names or create daytime party names for before-midnight celebrations.

  • Noon Year's Eve Party
  • Almost Midnight New Year's Eve Party
  • Lights Out by 10
  • Wake & Welcome the New Year
  • TikTok Around the Clock
  • Searching for 2023 Scavenger Hunt
  • New Year, New Pajamas
  • Minute to Win It New Year Game Night

Choose Witty Names for Adult-Only Parties

For parties involving alcohol or taking place in an adult-only environment, you can have extra fun with the name selection. Choose a name that reminds potential partygoers that this is a 21 and above party.

  • Giving 2023 a Shot
  • Drinking in The New Year
  • New Year & New Beer
  • Cocktails at Midnight
  • Pop, Clink, Fizz! What a Bubbly New Year It Is
  • Pop the Cork on 2023
  • Wining in the New Year
  • A Night You'll Probably Forget
  • Cheers on Repeat
  • Champagne Kisses
  • BYOB Into the New Year
  • Champagne Problems

Go for Inspirational

For church New Year gatherings or just an inspirational reflection on the past year, opt for a name that brings optimism and hope.

  • Praying in the New Year
  • New Year's Dedication
  • New Year, New Light
  • Ringing in a Year of Blessings
  • Hope for the New Year
  • A Christ-Centered New Year

Go Classy for a Formal Party

If your New Year gathering is more formal, make sure your party name reflects the theme. Go for classy names with subtle twists so that your party stands out from parties of years gone by.

  • All That Glitters Gala
  • Gala of Gold
  • Golden Midnight Hour
  • Black & White Ball Drop
  • A Night to Remember
  • Magical Winter Night
  • New Year's Eve Giving Back Gala

Serve Dinner and a Fun Party Name

For a friendly dinner party on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, choose a party name that will encourage guests to bring their appetites.

  • Cheers & Charcuterie
  • When the Clock Strikes Brunch
  • Dining at Midnight
  • Nacho Typical New Year's Eve
  • Mama Needs Coffee New Year's Brunch
  • Lettuce Celebrate the New Year
  • Laugh S'more, Worry Less
  • It's a New Year, Romaine Calm!
  • Oh Crepe! A New Year!
  • Chip, Chip! Hooray!
  • 3, 2, 1, Tacos!
  • Avo Great New Year
  • A Different Kind of New Year's Toast
  • Fizzle & Sizzle

Try an All-Nighter Name

For parties that you expect to extend all the way into the next morning, try a name that conveys to guests that they can plan to stay for the night. If you're serving breakfast on New Year's Day, tie that into your name if possible.

  • Sleepless Soiree
  • No Pause Party
  • Pulling an All-Nighter
  • The Morning After
  • How do You Like Your Eggs?
  • To Midnight, and Beyond!
  • From Dusk to Brunch
  • Resolutions & Mimosas

Themed New Year Party Names

For New Year parties that have a very specific theme, be sure to include a clever party name to bring the theme full-circle. When guests see their invitations, they will instantly know you have planned the New Year party of the decade.

Murder Mystery New Year Party Names

For a party that involves a fun murder mystery role playing game, choose a party name that's just as thrilling.

  • Uncovering the New Year
  • Whodunit at Midnight
  • Murder at Midnight
  • Race to Midnight
  • Knives Out
  • Ten Ate Nine
  • And Then There Were None
  • Midnight Kiss of Death
  • New Year's Revenge
  • Midnight Mayhem
  • Midnight Mafia

Decade-Themed New Year Party Names

From the roaring 20s to Y2K, a decade-themed party is fun and engaging, plus it's a great opportunity to throw a costume party. Choose a name that conveys the decade guests can plan to dress for.

  • Grooving into the New Year (70s)
  • Grunge & Glitter (90s)
  • Party Like It's 1999 (Y2K)
  • Rock Around the Clock (50s)
  • Let's Roll! (80s)
  • Flower Powering Into the New Year (60s)
  • New Year at the Disco (70s)
  • Dancing Through the Decades
  • Roaring 2023 (20s)
  • Bright Young Things (20s)
  • Totally New Year (80s)
  • Now That's What I Call New Year's Eve (2000s)

Movie Marathon New Year's Party Names

If you're opting for a casual movie screening to ring in the new year, select a party name that encompasses the theme.

  • It's a Wonderful New Year
  • Gone With 2022
  • Champagne & Concessions
  • We're Off to See 2023
  • A Year of Our Own
  • There's no Crying in 2023!
  • We Made the Year Disappear!
  • May the New Year Be With You
  • The New Year Is Like a Box of Chocolates
  • Here's Looking at You, 2023
  • 2023, My Dear Watson
  • Just Keep Swimming Into the New Year
  • Alright, 2023, I'm Ready for My Close Up
  • You Had Me at 'Happy New Year'
  • I've a Feeling We're Not in 2022 Anymore
  • Resolutions, Goals, and a New Year. Oh My!

New Year Party Bus Names

Renting a fun party bus for an exciting final ride of the year? Include a name that lets party goers know that your party on wheels is the perfect kick off to the new year.

  • Rolling Into the New Year
  • Midnight on Wheels
  • Put the Brakes on 2022
  • Greenlight on 2023
  • Fasten Your Seatbelts!

New Year's Costume Party Names

Encourage guests to dress for a themed costume for a masquerade party with a name that's as creative as their costume ideas.

  • Masks & Mocktails
  • Making It Up as We Go
  • Unmasking the New Year
  • Dressed Up With a Year to Go
  • Resolutions in Disguise
  • Hero of 2022

Display Your New Year Party Name on Beautiful Invitations

If you're going with a formal approach or just want to have fun with bright and shiny invitations, try a custom invitation so your fun party name can take center stage. Try custom card creation sites like Vistaprint and Shutterfly or try a printable invitation that's customizable. Make sure your invitations are in the mail by the week before Christmas, so potential guests have at least two weeks to plan ahead.

You could also opt for digital invitations if you're looking for a budget-friendly option, your party is more casual, or you're short on time. Send digital invitations through email and text to make sure potential guests receive the invite. Be sure to include any important details like time, location, 21 and over requirement, or a dress code.

Choose a Name as Fun as Your Party

For ringing in the new year, you want a party name that reflects all the hope, joy, and optimism you have for the next 365 days. Choose a name that encompasses everything you hope to have in the year ahead, whether it's lots of giggles or an abundance of resolutions. Show party guests you can put the fun in every detail with a perfect New Year party name, so they know your party will be the one they cannot miss.

100+ Catchy New Year Party Names