New Year's Printable Trivia Questions

Updated October 14, 2019
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Ring in the year with fun holiday trivia. Challenge friends and family to a battle of the wits when you play games with facts about New Year's Eve and New Year's Day history, practices, and traditions. Free, printable New Year's Trivia comes with 30 questions and answers.

New Year's Trivia Questions and Answers

This printable New Year's Trivia features ten multiple choice, ten true or false, and ten open-ended questions with factual answers. To download, click on the image. Save the document to your computer or print a copy. If you run into trouble, this guide offers useful tips.

New Year's Trivia Questions and Answers
New Year's trivia questions

New Year's Trivia Game Ideas

New Year's trivia can be used for kids or adults in fun or educational settings. You can find lots of creative trivia games to play that incorporate these New Year's Eve and New Year's Day facts.

  • Use trivia questions as a quiz where each participant writes answers on a personal copy.
  • Create a classic trivia competition by having a host read each question aloud. The first team to give a correct answer gets a point. Increase point values so multiple-choice questions are worth the least and open-ended questions are worth the most.
  • Open-ended questions work great with a Jeopardy-style game where there is only one correct answer.
  • Use true or false questions in a speed bonus round. The host reads off questions, and the player shouts out answers before time runs out.

Creative Ways to Use New Year's Trivia

Trivia doesn't always have to be used as a competition, it can also be used for decoration at your New Year's Eve party or to start conversations among family and friends. Think of places you might typically use text and insert trivia questions instead of standard phrases.

  • Multiple-choice questions serve as conversation starters in holiday lessons for kids.
  • Count down the hours on New Year's Eve with a fun family activity that includes each family member reading off a trivia question every hour.
  • Create a memorable New Year's Eve proposal by asking the trivia questions to your future fiance then slipping in "Will You Marry Me?" at the end.
  • Make your own drink coasters and add a trivia question to each one so guests have a fun place to set their New Year's Eve cocktails.

New Year's Challenge Time

Trivia games work for individuals, small groups, large groups, and with teams. The questions and answers offer fun facts about New Year's Eve and New Year's Day for educational or recreational settings.

New Year's Printable Trivia Questions