Printable Irish Trivia

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

Irish or not, many people are fascinated by Ireland's intriguing history and vibrant culture. From its ancient castles to its soccer teams, Ireland offers something for everyone. Test your knowledge about the Emerald Isle with fun trivia questions.

Irish Trivia Questions

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Irish trivia questions
Irish trivia questions

The printable has 22 trivia questions about all things Irish. Topics include:

  • Irish history
  • Notable people in Ireland
  • Irish traditions
  • Irish pop culture
  • Geography

How to Use

Irish trivia questions are appropriate for many scenarios. If you're a history or geography teacher, they're a fun option to accompany any lesson about Ireland. They'd make a great activity for substitute teacher days. Other ways to use the questions include:

  • On trivia game night
  • At the dinner table; have your kids use their phones to look up answers they don't know
  • To liven up a Saint Patrick's Day party
  • At a family reunion, especially if you're of Irish heritage
  • At an Irish engagement party, wedding or baby shower
  • On social media
  • To test your knowledge about Ireland

Learn About Ireland

Ireland is so much more than leprechauns and shamrocks. It's an island with deep roots and significant connections to the United States. Use trivia questions to learn new facts about the Irish and have fun while doing it.

Printable Irish Trivia