40+ Fun & Romantic Things to Do Together on Valentine's Day 

Spend quality time with your Valentine with any of these romantic or fun activities.

Published January 15, 2023
Couple kissing near the marry-go-round in the park

Make your Valentine's date the most memorable one yet with a unique Valentine's Day plan for you and your sweetheart. Get a little creative for fun, romance, and special moments with this list of fun things to do on Valentine's Day. Choose a few of your favorites for a date that hits all the marks for a beautiful day of love and intimacy.

Learn How Your Favorite Wine Is Made

Take a full tour of a local winery, brewery, or cider mill for a fun date where you get to learn how the process works and then enjoy a glass of your favorite. Do a full tasting and try to decide on each other's preferred flavor profile for a fun way to bond during your tour. Some locations allow you to pack a picnic to enjoy with your tasting, and many are in scenic areas with a view worth lingering for, so be sure to check details and plan accordingly.

Play the Favorite Things Game on Valentine's Day

The favorite things game has been trending on social media in recent years, and it's a fun way to show off how well you know your partner. Hit up your go-to department store to get the game started.

First, shop for your partner's favorite drink and favorite snack. Then, search for an item in their favorite color, like a journal or sweater. Finally, you will find one item that allows you to enjoy quality time together. This might be a DVD, an art project, or a blanket for snuggling. Reveal your gifts at the same time to see who knows his or her partner the best.

Take a Stroll and Read Poetry

Make an afternoon walk even more romantic by choosing a scenic location and bringing a book of love poems along with you. Take turns reading poems as you walk and discuss your thoughts on each one. If poetry isn't your thing, you can always listen to love songs as you stroll.

Choose Each Other's Outfits for Date Night

Make your Valentine's date night extra fun by picking out your partner's outfit and allowing them to do the same for you. You can go the romantic route and choose fancy, flattering options or you can go the funny route and select laughable getups for your date. Take this little game to the next level by ordering for one another at all of your food destinations.

Try to Pick Each Other Up

Recreate a version of your first encounter by meeting at your local bar or coffee shop and doing your best to pick each other up with funny one-liners or charming introductions. You can go all in on this Valentine's date idea by using different names, creating character backstories, and dressing in a style you might not usually choose.

Go Out for Laughs

Laughter is a key element to any relationship, and it certainly has its place on a Valentine's Day date. Grab tickets for you and your love for a stand-up comedy show. Forget all your worries and just focus on laughing together. Grab drinks or coffee afterward to chat about your favorite parts of the show.

Try the Ultimate Romantic Activity With a Carriage Ride

Whether you love romantic gestures or find them sort of cheesy, you might enjoy snuggling up with your sweetie for a romantic carriage ride. Bring a blanket and a coffee for this cozy activity and embrace the romance of the day by whispering sweet nothings in your partner's ear and sitting as close as you can while the carriage guides you through the park.

Focus on Each Other's Interests

Romance and passion are important, but effort is also an important aspect of your relationship. Put the work in and have fun doing it by sharing your interests on Valentine's Day. Try learning how to play your partner's favorite video game or show your partner why you love your weekly yoga class. Investing time in what the other person loves is a worthwhile way to enjoy your special day together.

Get Pampered Together for Valentine's Day

young couple wearing cucumbers on their eyes in a spa

A little self-care is great, and it's even better when you get to enjoy it with the person you love. Try a couple's massage, some time in the sauna, facials, or the full spa experience for the perfect precursor to an ultra-romantic evening.

Tour Your Dream Home

Grab your partner for a fun day of attending open houses. Tour all the homes you both love and talk about what your dream home together would look like. You can even go to home improvement stores, interior design studios, and other local shops to check out the home decor you both hope to have some day.

Hit Up Your Local Flea Market

Spend the day strolling through your local flea market or even going to yard sales and thrift shops. Have a competition to see who can find the most unique item in each spot.

Adopt a New Plant Baby

A greenhouse can be as romantic as anywhere and loads of fun. Spend some time admiring the plant life, then decide on a new addition to your plant family together. Be sure to give your love plant an adorable name in honor of your relationship.

Attend a Local Lecture

If you both love learning, look for a lecture in your area about a topic that interests you both. Try lectures about literature, science, business, or art for an enriching time together. You can discuss your thoughts over dinner and drinks and chat about future lectures you might enjoy.

Sweep Your Sweetheart Away for the Weekend

Book a cozy getaway so you can recharge with your favorite person. Try a bed-and-breakfast in a historic town, a cozy cabin in the mountains, or a luxurious beach house for a mini vacation you will both cherish forever.

Get Tickets to an Orchestra Concert

Enjoy the classical and cultural enrichment of an orchestra performance. Get dressed up, have a gourmet dinner, and settle in for an unforgettable musical experience while holding hands with your beloved.

Take a Romantic Valentine's Hike

Hikes are a wonderful way to enjoy nature, get your body moving, and spend time with your darling. Make a Valentine's hike even more romantic by agreeing to kiss or sit in each other's embrace every time you need to stop for a breather along the way.

Plan a Progressive Dinner

Make a list of all the new spots in your city that you've been longing to try for coffee, a meal, dessert, or drinks. Try a different spot for each part of your meal and take your time by chatting and enjoying each other's company as you dine.

Enjoy an Evening at the Theater

Swap a movie night for a night at the theater. Get all dressed up for the event and grab a quick bite before the show, reserving dessert for after the performance. Prepare for the experience by listening to the soundtrack on the way if the show you're seeing is a musical or researching the playwright for a straight play.

Do Something Daring Together

Tandem parachute jump

If you and your flame live for an adrenaline rush, work one into your Valentine's Day festivities. Go skydiving, base jumping, or swimming with sharks to live on the edge with your daredevil partner.

Make Sweet Selections

Go to your local bakery, ice cream parlor, or sweet shop for a couple's dessert experience. Make selections for one another, showing off just how in tune you are. Dare each other to try unexpected or unusual flavors and see who can predict which delectable will be the most delicious.

Spend Time With Animals

Bring a sweet and furry friend into your Valentine's plans. Go to your local zoo or nearest aquarium for a day full of animal fun. You can also visit local farms, try horseback riding, or even volunteer at your local animal shelter to give some hopeful adoptees some much deserved love.

Revive Your Childhood Gaming Skills

Break out the gaming console you loved as a kid and have fun showing your partner how you used to dominate Super Mario World. Enjoy a little friendly competition or even suggest a few rounds of strip Mario Kart to make things interesting.

Check Out Local Artists

Support your local talent with a date to an art gallery or art show. You can feel good about spending your Valentine's day shopping small for local pottery, paintings, jewelry, and home goods. You can even look for the perfect gift for each other during your stops.

Have Fun Learning to Dance

Dance classes are a classic Valentine's date suggestion. Make this option extra spicy for you and your lover by trying something unexpected. Take hip hop lessons, learn how to belly dance, or try a fusion dance class.

Make Your Valentine's Dinner Conversation Hilarious

Dinner out is a must on Valentine's Day, but try to mix things up with a fun twist. For your dinner conversation, give yourselves plenty of laughs as you try to include as many movie or show quotes as you can think of. Your server or neighboring table might think you're silly, but the fun you will have will keep you from worrying about what anyone thinks.

Get Your Heart Pounding on a Ghost Tour

Tour your local haunted spot or take a ghost tour in a neighboring city for some spooky fun. Look for paranormal activity and take comfort in knowing your sweetheart is right there to hold you when you feel a little jumpy.

Make a Big Commitment With Tattoos

Cropped Hand Of Couple With Tattoo

Grab your Valentine for a daring and permanent date experience. Get matching tattoos to honor your relationship or get individual tattoos you have both always wanted. You can even choose tattoos based on inside jokes or the details of how you met to make the experience even sweeter.

Jam Out at a Music Festival

A festival of bands or a day concert in the park is a great way to spend your Valentine's Day. Pack a picnic and a blanket, so you can snuggle up and relax in between dancing to your favorite songs.

Hit Up Your Local Arcade

Stand close as you play your favorite machines at the local arcade. See who can win the most high scores and agree that the winner gets to choose where you go for a sweet treat or drinks afterward.

Drive to the Nearest Town & Play Tourist

Get outside of your usual spots and be a typical tourist couple in a nearby town. Go on the top nature hikes, tour the most popular museum, and grab food at the highest-rated restaurant. Don't forget to stop at the visitor's center before you plan your day.

Book a Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Schedule a session with a photographer for a Valentine's Day you'll never forget. Spend the session snuggled up, wrapping your arms around each other, and stealing kisses with plenty of photos to prove it. Once you get your photos back, create a Valentine album together or give your sweetheart a framed print of your favorite photo.

Start Your Day With a Nostalgic Breakfast

Take a trip back to childhood with a Valentine breakfast spent in front of your most beloved cartoons. Laugh at your old favorites while you enjoy a breakfast of cereal, toaster pastries, and a cold glass of chocolate milk. This is one Valentine's activity that requires you to stay in your pajamas.

Serve Your Community as a Couple

Giving back alongside your Valentine will give you extra warm and fuzzy feelings. Find a cause you are both passionate about and jump right in and serve together. You can work with youth, community clean-up efforts, and nursing homes. If you love your community service date, agree to plan one date a month dedicated to giving back.

Thrift for Wedding Wear

If you're married and looking for a way to celebrate Valentine's Day, recreate the excitement of your wedding day with a day out in thrifted wedding garb. Check out your local thrift shops for gently used wedding dresses and tuxes and sport your secondhand wedding gear for a walk through the park or an impromptu photoshoot. You might get a couple of glances while ordering coffee, but all that matters is how much fun you're having.

Go Canoeing or Kayaking

Spend an adventurous day on the water, making memories. Rent canoes or kayaks for a few hours to get out on the water for a date full of laughter and unforgettable moments.

Break Out Your Bowling Shoes

Two millennial friends having fun with bowling, at the bowling alley venue.

Friendly competition is the perfect way to spark a little romance. Have a little retro fun at your local bowling alley. Agree that the loser has to treat the winner to a candle lit massage; it's a wager in both parties' favor.

Ice Skate to Your Love's Heart

Ice skating is the winter activity that all great romantic comedies include, and it's the ideal Valentine's Day date. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a bit wobbly on the ice, this date activity will score you plenty of time holding your sweetheart's hand.

Take a Walk Without a Plan

Your town or city probably has a a cute or exciting downtown area. Spend the afternoon strolling the streets without a plan in place. Pop into shops that look interesting or follow your nose to the best restaurant. If you spot an ice cream shop you just can't resist, race each other to the door.

Share the Planning Responsibilities for Valentine Surprises

Make sure there are surprises in store for both of you by splitting the planning between the two of you. You can choose the coffee shop and the fun activity while your partner makes the dinner reservations and decides on a dessert spot. Agree to plan with the other person in mind so you both feel seen and loved.

Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home

Valentine's Day is great for going out, but romance thrives during a night in too. Plan the most intimate night at home for you and your Valentine with a few tips to make the evening seamless and steamy.

  • Dress up even though you're staying in. Feeling your best is key to a romantic night at home.
  • Order in from your favorite restaurant. Don't spend your time cooking when you could be cuddling.
  • Feed each other with your hands and be sure to take your time on dinner. You have all night!
  • Set up an inviting space on the floor with cushions, pillows, and blankets. Dinner can be even more romantic without the table.
  • Set the mood with dim lights, candles, soft music, and fresh flowers nearby.
  • Choose candles with subtle scents or no scents at all, so your Valentine is swept away by your scent instead.
  • Select the right wine to pair with your food so the menu feels gourmet. Choose red for hearty meals or meat and opt for white if your meal is lighter or includes seafood.
  • Make sure you tidy other rooms ahead of time so you don't feel the need to explain away a mess if your date moves past the living room.
  • Plan a few conversation starters to keep the evening full of meaningful chats.
  • Take your time and just enjoy the company of your Valentine. This night is about anything but rushing.
  • Create a keepsake from the night by saving a rose petal or wine cork, or by writing love letters to one another.

Focus on Why You Love Each Other This Valentine's Day

Whether you stay in or go out, sip wine or drink coffee, stay in town or travel, your Valentine's date should be all about why you love each other like you do. Set aside some time to talk about all the reasons you fell for each other and why the flame is still burning. You can go on a date anytime, but taking the opportunity to verbalize your feelings is a priceless experience to give to your Valentine.

40+ Fun & Romantic Things to Do Together on Valentine's Day