Thanksgiving Trivia Questions With Printables

Updated August 27, 2019
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Most people think they know all there is to know about Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers just might prove them wrong. Find out how much you know about turkeys, Thanksgiving traditions, and how it became a holiday with fun printable trivia.

Printable Thanksgiving Questions and Answers

Free, printable trivia is a great Thanksgiving activity for kids at school or home and fun for adults who go out on Thanksgiving Eve. Click on the trivia questions you want to try then download and print using the Adobe guide for troubleshooting. You can make as many copies as you need or print one copy and cut the questions out for use in games and activities.

General Thanksgiving Trivia PDF

Questions include topics like how much Americans eat on the holiday or how it became a holiday. Since the 20 questions are open-ended, they are most suitable for adults and teens. Answers are provided on a separate page in the document.

Thanksgiving trivia questions
Thanksgiving trivia questions

Printable Turkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Test your Thanksgiving knowledge of all things turkey. Kids and adults can try answering five true or false, five open-ended, and 10 multiple-choice questions. You'll learn all about wild turkey anatomy and cooked turkey trivia with answers and fun turkey facts provided on a separate page within the PDF.

Turkey Trivia
Turkey Trivia

The First Thanksgiving Trivia PDF

Forget what you learned in elementary school and learn what the first Thanksgiving was really like with these 10 true or false and 10 open-ended questions suitable for all ages. Explore who was there, what they ate, and how the event came to be with fun facts about what most people consider the first Thanksgiving.

First Thanksgiving Trivia
First Thanksgiving Trivia

Creative Ways to Use Thanksgiving Trivia

Trivia games are a fun icebreaker on Thanksgiving Day or a great way to diffuse the tension that's common during many large family gatherings. Thanksgiving trivia can be used as a quiz after history lessons for kids, but there are many other fun ways to use trivia questions and answers.

  • Write a trivia question on one side of disposable plates and the answer on the back to keep guests at a Thanksgiving buffet occupied.
  • Make Thanksgiving cards using printable Thanksgiving coloring pages and add a trivia question with its answer to each.
  • Add one Thanksgiving trivia question to your social media account each day for the weeks leading up to the holiday as a kind of countdown.
  • Have t-shirts made with Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers then wear them for a turkey trot fundraiser run.
  • Fill a cornucopia with Thanksgiving trivia questions written on individual slips of paper to encourage conversations at the table.
  • Record yourself reading each question and its answer, then listen to the trivia during Thanksgiving cooking activities with the kids.
  • Create your own signature Thanksgiving drink recipes and name them after important people and places from Thanksgiving trivia questions.

Test Your Thanksgiving Knowledge

Thanksgiving is all about sharing a great meal and a great time with friends, family, or even strangers. Create a new tradition or make fun memories when you incorporate Thanksgiving facts and trivia into your holiday celebration.

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Thanksgiving Trivia Questions With Printables