11 Crazy Pinterest Bridal Trends

Published October 24, 2018

Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Trends


When you're setting out to plan the hippest wedding out there, you want to stay up on trends. From the wacky to the wonderful to the weird, these ideas all offer plenty of inspiration for a trendy wedding that's been inspired by Pinterest.

Cat Toss Photo Editing


No cats were harmed in the making of this image; instead, photographers set up a fun toss shot and then edit in the couple's cat after the wedding has passed. This hilarious image is sure to get a lot of laughs while incorporating your favorite furry friend. You could also use a bird, dog, or even a "flying" fish for this photo opp.

Running From Danger


Break up the wedding monotony with a great edit job by a photographer. Ask him or her to include a monstrous beast in a shot featuring the bride and groom (or the entire bridal party) running. The beast could be a sea creature, dinosaur, or even movie villain!

Colored Smoke Photo Effects


Using colored smoke or fog effects in wedding photographs makes a memorable image. The bride, groom, and wedding part members can do it from a distance and wave the smoke around or the photographer can bring in a fog machine with colored smoke to set outside the shot. Either way, it results in a fantastic photo that stands out.

Unexpected Groomsmen Accessories


Accessories are the perfect spot for adding some levity to the event. While bridesmaids have worn cheeky underwear, feathers in their hair, and carried unique bouquets, groomsmen may be left out. No longer, though, as more funky trends are found. Wearing brightly colored socks, running shoes, sarcastic pins instead of boutonnieres, or even undershirts featuring superheroes are now trendy ways to make them feel special, too.

Kissing Wheel


Skip the traditional kiss with glass clinks and make a wheel that assigns a kissing task when it stops. Place it near the head table and guests and bridal party members can come to the front and give it a spin. Keep things from getting out of hand during speeches and other special moments by covering it until you're ready for use.

Charging Station


Everyone wants to take their own photographic memories at a wedding or connect with their family members after the dancing is done. Have a charging station set up so guests can stay connected throughout the evening. Plan to have chargers available for at the popular Android and iPhone models.

Blunt Signage


Just because you're having a wedding, doesn't mean you need to change your otherwise blunt personality into prim-and-proper for the day. Tell everyone like it is with signs pointing them to grub, booze, down and dirty dancing, and more! Add chalkboard signs to help guests find exactly what they are looking for at the venue.

Funny Sarcastic Program


Add some sarcastic humor with your wedding program. After all, your guests have "been there, done that" before -- they know what to expect! Instead of just listing your order of service, add humous descriptions of what's going to happen. For couples who have been married before, add a saying like "Here we go again" to the front of the program; it's perfect for second weddings.

No RSVP Placecards


Not everyone will remember to RSVP to the wedding. Instead of making stragglers feel unwelcome, have place cards ready with a designated table or two. Guests will get a kick out of it and you're sure to have plenty of seating for everyone. This Pinterest-inspired idea is definitely one to keep in mind if your family is notorious about making reservations!

Outdoor Reception Games


Your guests will have a blast playing oversized games at your wedding reception. From Jenga to Dominos to cornhole, have several games on hand. If the weather turns wet, use a wedding tent to protect the area so everyone can keep on having fun. The later the evening gets, the more interesting the games will become!

Milk and Cookie Shots


If you learn anything from searching Pinterest for wedding ideas, it's that the more fun the food is, the more merry the reception! Bring in food trucks, have milk and cookie shots at midnight, or set up a S'mores bar so everyone can have a few delicious bites that they're sure to remember.

Pinterest is a great place to find wedding ideas to suit any style whether you have an extravagant wedding or are on a budget. Who knows - you may end up seeing your own trendy wedding ideas Pinned!

11 Crazy Pinterest Bridal Trends