Overview of the Best Bridal Magazines

Updated April 30, 2019
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Popular wedding magazines are some of the best resources for brides-to-be, from inspiring wedding photographs and wedding stories to specific information regarding retailers and honeymoon destinations. Bridal magazines can assist even the busiest bride in making her wedding day go smoothly from start to finish and in a portable format with no loss of battery, so she can take it anywhere.

Bridal Guide

A highly acclaimed magazine and frequently on Amazon's best selling wedding magazine list, Bridal Guide offers breathtaking and inspiring photos along with ample advice, articles, honeymoon information, and much more for today's brides.

Approachable Trends for Everyone

Longer than the average magazine, Bridal Guide is a high-quality bridal magazine with a little price tag for 12-month subscription featuring six issues. The easy-to-navigate Bridal Guide website includes sections on wedding etiquette and wedding traditions, budgeting and planning, beauty and fashion, and destination weddings. Helpful home and wedding registry information and links, relationship advice, and real wedding stories round out this savvy site.

Brides Magazine

Brides magazine is another reasonably priced and highly rated publication and also tops Amazon's best seller list. Brides publishes six issues per 12-month subscription.

Sophisticated Ideas

With a focus on fashion, trends, celeb weddings, and sophisticated planning ideas, Brides offers question-and-answer sections along with advice, planning calendars, information on destination weddings, and much more. The Brides website includes fashion, beauty, style, etiquette, planning, registry related information, shopping links, honeymoon advice, and real wedding stories.

Southern Bride

Although its name implies it's for just brides in the southern U.S., brides across the country will find plenty of useful planning ideas and tips in Southern Bride. Back issues of the print magazine often sell out, highlighting its popularity. The magazine is published just twice a year; you can purchase it online or buy one on the stands.

Planning Help for Any Bride

The magazine focuses on planning, fashion, and budgets, just like other bridal magazines. It features real weddings with traditional Southern charm blended with current trends in the bridal industry. Brides who aren't from the South but want to have a destination wedding in the region will find information on venues and other vendors helpful.

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Inside Weddings

Inside Weddings is published four times a year. You'll find information and "insider" expert tips on options for designing programs, picking gowns, choosing a honeymoon destination, and more.

Expert Advice

Their Expert Advice section features plenty of timely articles to keep you current. With columnists from The Emily Post Institute, popular wedding registries, top-notch planners and consultants, photographers and videographers, and countless other professionals, you're sure to get the inside scoop for whatever you want to know.

More Magazines and Catalogs

Utilizing magazines and catalogs can make planning easier, no matter where you live or how much money you have to spare after budgeting your wedding.

Local Magazines

Regional magazines that advertise popular vendors, feature interviews with local experts, and showcase traditions from your area are great resources. Local magazines like Weddings in Cleveland, Minnesota Bride, and Weddings With Style International all feature articles brides in their local areas will find useful. Find these magazines in bookstore special issue sections and local bridal salons. Some might even be available free if you attend a wedding showcase or vendor show in your area.

Free Catalogs

Free catalogs are out there to sell you something, but they can also be a source of inspiration. Check out free bridal catalogs for ideas on top hair, jewelry, and gown trends. Supply catalogs help you figure out what's new for programs, favors, and even ring bearer accessories.

Gift Subscriptions

While most of today's wedding magazines are reasonably priced, many also offer gift subscription options, so you could always drop a hint with your maid of honor and bridesmaids. Even with the wide availability of wedding resources on the Internet, nothing is like fresh dress designs and hottest honeymoon destinations featured on their glossy pages. Whether your wedding is small or large, formal or low-key, bridal magazines are wonderful resources to put all the details of your wedding in place, from the rehearsal dinner to the first kiss on your romantic honeymoon!

Overview of the Best Bridal Magazines