Ideas for Bridal Shower Favors

Updated March 6, 2018
Lace flower favors with bows

Bridal shower favors can be fun when you explore creative ideas for these small thank you gifts. Give your guests a sweet way to relive memories of your wedding long after the excitement is over.

Themed Favor Ideas

If you're hosting a themed wedding shower, you'll need favors that fit. Don't forget the favors when planning your shower theme.

Kitchen and Cooking Theme

Say thanks at a kitchen shower with the following items:

colorful measuring cups
  • Measuring cups - Look for plastic measuring cups in the wedding colors. Attach a tag that says, "Bride's Name can't measure how much you mean to her!"
  • Ice cream loofah - Send guests home with a loofah packaged as an ice cream cone from Little Things Favors. Get them for less than $7.
  • Kitchen timer - Pick out a kitchen timer in the wedding colors (although basic black and white work well too). Add a tag that says, "Thanks for spending time with Bride's Name today."
  • Photo refrigerator magnets - A quick DIY is to purchase magnet sheets for your printer. Add an engagement photo of the bride and groom with a frame that says, "Thanks for attending Bride's Name's shower."

Rain Shower Theme

Many showers play upon the idea of rain showers and rainbows. Use this to your advantage and hand out these favors:

Wellies used as flower planters
  • Rain boot planters - Make use of a green thumb by creating quick and colorful floral planters. Pick up cheap galoshes or rain boots at a dollar store or on garage sales. Fill with potting soil and transplanted blooms. For a longer-lasting planter, add faux flowers.
  • Rainbow soaps - Purchase handmade rainbow themed soaps so everyone wash away the rain and be "over the rainbow" happy for the bride-to-be.
  • Umbrellas - Pick up cheap umbrellas in the wedding colors with a festive graphic on them.
  • Embroidered towel - Use an applique to decorate a hand towel with rainbows or clouds.

Don't forget to add a favor tag that says, "Thanks for showering me with love."

Lingerie Shower

Lingerie showers are a festive theme for ladies who won't have a bachelorette party. Play upon the theme with these favor ideas:

small tulle lavender sachets
  • Lavender lingerie drawer sachet - Select a scented sachet the ladies can place in their lingerie drawer after the party for a lovely reminder of the event.
  • Cocktail shaker set - An adult themed shower often involves adult drinks. Send guests home with a personalized cocktail shaker and mix set from Favors by Serendipity for less than $4 each.
  • Panty roses - Pick up a wide variety of new panties. Roll them into roses and hand them out at the end of the shower.
  • Mini romantic basket - Pick up small baskets and make your own romantic basket for guests to take home. Include mini versions of body oil and lotion plus a few chocolates and a mini wine bottle/sparkling wine.

Rustic or Country Theme

A country wedding shower theme makes everyone want to kick up their boots. Say thanks with these fun favor ideas:

Y'all - Natural Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Y'all - Natural Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
  • Cowboy boot shopping bag - Give a favor that can be used again and again. A reusable tote with cowboy boots makes a fun thank you for gal pals at a country shower. To save money, you can make the bags yourself with lettering and boot-shaped stencils.
  • Wood slab photo ornament - Purchase coaster-sized wooden slabs. Follow instructions for printing pictures on wood with wax paper. You could do a simple monogram and date, photograph, or graphic used on the wedding or shower invitations. Glue jute or rope onto the back for hanging.
  • Vintage milk bottle candy favors - Skip the basic favor box and use a vintage milk bottle that's filled with candies. Kate Aspen's milk bottles come with chalkboard stickers to help you personalize the thank you message. Sets of 12 run about $25 or less.
  • Mason jar glasses - Purchase Mason jars. Follow instructions for do-it-yourself glass etching. You could etch in the bride/groom's monogram or a graphic design that matches their theme.

Additional Favor Ideas

A fun favor doesn't need to be themed. Additional ideas for favors include:

Potted succulent shower favors
  • Small potted succulents - At a larger shower, these can double as seat assignments. They are also gender-neutral, making them a great option for a coed bridal shower.
  • Jewelry dish - A ceramic jewelry dish with a positive message is always a hit. Look for one like, 'Celebrate!' from Favor Favor for less than $3 each.
  • Honey jar - Purchase a honey jar or bottle and attach a tag that says, "Thanks for bee-ing at my shower!"
  • Macarons - Make macarons and put them in small favor boxes for a trendy yet sophisticated alternative to candies and cake pops.
  • Message stones - Write happiness and love quotes on smooth stones to hand out at the shower.
  • Couple clothespins - Use craft paint in black, white, and pink to draw the profile of a groom on the right side of a clothespin and a bride on the right. Use a glue gun to attach a small amount of tulle to the top of the bride's head.
  • Crystal stylus pens - Go high-tech for the modern shower with a crystal touch screen stylus charm for touch screen devices. Pick them up from Little Things Favors for less than $4 each.
  • Popcorn bag with popcorn - Pop some popcorn and put it into a festive bag with a message about popping the question.
  • Unicorn wineglass - Guests will be delighted by stemless unicorn wineglasses. A pack of four from Kate Aspen costs less than $30.

Thank Your Guests

Guests take the time to come to the shower, so you want to show your appreciation. A small favor says "thank you" to everyone who comes to the celebration.

Ideas for Bridal Shower Favors