Christian Wedding Songs

Updated July 24, 2018
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From traditional hymns to more contemporary Christian wedding songs, using Christian wedding music is a wonderful way for a couple to show their faith. Choose a beautiful song for every aspect of your wedding that is appropriate for your religious views.

Church and Ceremony Wedding Music

Christian couples may choose music selections praising God, celebrating His creation of marriage, favorite Christian songs about love, a beloved family or traditional church hymn, or some other choice.

Prelude Music

Many couple have music playing before the ceremony begins. Select something that's slow and quiet, so it's obvious when the processional starts. Generally these will be instrumentals only, and it's the perfect time for a traditional classical song or hymn on an organ or by a string quartet. Consider:

Ceremony Music

Select a song with a wonderful message as part of your ceremony.

  • When God Made You by Natalie Grant and NewSong - The perfect love song, it's all about how God made each spouse the perfect partner.
  • How Beautiful by Twila Paris - The song speaks about how people are one in the body of Christ. If you choose to have special music or communion during the ceremony, this song is a good choice.
  • Without Love by Stacie Orrico - The song references I Corinthians 13, a chapter with popular wedding verses, so use it if you are including it in your ceremony readings.
  • Household of Faith by Steve Green - This is a lovely song about coming together as a family and household in fath in the Lord.

Christian Wedding Recessional Songs

These songs should have an upbeat tune with a celebratory note since you're now husband and wife. They can be general worship songs of praise as well as love songs.

  • Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective - In this song, guests and worshipers honor God by singing together to build a kingdom on Earth. It's upbeat with a great message to send guests out of the church with in their hearts.
  • Something Beautiful by Newsboys - This song describes the feelings of love, using a wedding as an example in one verse, and has an upbeat melody.
  • Old Church Choir by Zach Williams - As the song is named, this tune is all about accepting Christianity. It's an optimistic end to the ceremony.
  • Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah - While not traditionally a wedding song, it's become synonymous with celebrations in the church.

Christian Reception Songs

If you're employing a band, discuss their repertoire in advance to ensure they have the songs you want. With a Christian DJ, you may be able to compile various songs and artists that you want played for specific events at the reception. You can also compile a song list to play on your favorite music app.

Specific Dance Song Suggestions

Select a song for special dance that has Christian meaning as well as meaning for the dance itself. For example:

  • First dance - I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman is perfect for the first dance, as it speaks about how God (and the newlyweds) will be there for one another.
  • Father-daughter dance - Good Good Father by Chris Tomlinson is aptly named for this dance. While the Father in the song is God, it is also a good way to honor a human father.
  • Bridal party dance - Good Day for Marrying You by Christian artist Dave Barnes is a fun tune to swing along with everyone. It's all about the festive wedding day from the groom's perspective.
  • Mother-son dance - Parent's Prayer by Steven Curtis Chapman is all about parents raising their children up to leave them and start their own family with a new spouse.

General Dance Songs

You'll also want to have a few good tunes that will get everyone out on the dance floor. A few additional reception songs include:

First Dance At Wedding
  • Bless the Broken Road - This tune by country group Rascal Flatts is sure to get people grooving on the dance floor, as they sing about how two people are brought together.
  • Glorious Day - Crowder sings this affirming song about being called to Christianity.
  • Made To Love - For a modern tune that will make everyone bop to the beat, try this one by TobyMac. It is about how he was called to love God and Jesus.
  • So Long Self - MercyMe sings about how a person loses oneself when they embrace Christianity. It has a rocking tune that everyone will love.

Wedding Song Selection Tips

Follow these tips to help you pick the right tune at the right time:

  • Medium tempo hymns for worship, Christian weddings, or love songs are great for a pre-ceremony or prelude music.
  • For the wedding processional, a slower tempo song that focuses on the love between a bride and groom as part of God's design works well. It may surprise some couples that one of the most common traditional wedding songs is actually not permitted in some parishes. This song is the Bridal Chorus, also known as Here Comes the Bride by Richard Wagner. Check with your church before planning to play this song.
  • During the ceremony sermon, a worship or praise song by the congregation about God's love or a praise or Christian love song sung by a soloist can be the perfect touch.
  • For other events during a ceremony that might require music, such as a candle lighting memorial or other activity, a more somber song or Christian instrumental might be most appropriate.
  • The Christian wedding music you choose for your ceremony will likely be more subdued, while the reception is the place for high energy Christian dance mixes, contemporary Christian music, and more love songs.

Before making your final song selections, double check with the music director, your musicians, and the pastor at your church. You may need to incorporate specific songs, like those used in a Catholic wedding, per your church's guidelines.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Songs

There are many different ways you can incorporate Christian music into your wedding and reception. Whether you want traditional Christian songs playing at your wedding or are looking for more modern music with Christian influence, it is important to find songs that speak to you personally and deliver the type of Christian message you want for your wedding.

Christian Wedding Songs