Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers for Couples

Updated December 4, 2018
Cake with bride and groom topper

Nothing completes the look of a holiday-themed wedding better than a Christmas wedding cake topper for couples. Using a wedding cake topper featuring the bride and groom makes the cake more wedding than holiday but allows you to still incorporate the Christmas theme.

Traditional Christmas Couples

Traditional cake toppers often feature the bride and groom looking lovingly into their new spouse's eyes, kissing, or taking vows. These kinds of toppers can be found with a hint of Christmas to them.

Couple Standing

A couple standing next to one another is a typical pose for a cake topper. These toppers come in porcelain, metal, wood, and even fondant. Look for ones with holiday color schemes, bouquets with poinsettias, or holiday colored attire, for a Christmas cake.

painted couple standing on cake

Silhouette Winter Wedding Cake Topper

A topper featuring a silhouette of the bride and groom next to an evergreen tree is a classy option for a traditional topper. It can be added to a Christmas cake that has virtually any color scheme.

Wedding Cake Topper
Bride and groom Christmas tree topper

Whimsical Christmas Toppers

If you are planning your holiday wedding with a more whimsical feel to it, you may want to choose a Christmas wedding couple cake topper that reflects that feeling. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose a topper that has a non-human couple. Santa and Mrs. Claus are the obvious choice, but other ideas might include reindeer, bears, or even penguins. Often, a small veil will designate the bride or a top hat or bowtie will designate the groom so the animals have distinguished genders.

Snowman Bride and Groom Christmas Cake Topper

A snowman and snowwoman can sit on top of a snowflake wedding cake for a creative take on the traditional couple topper. Ask your bakery to make the snow couple out of fondant or gumpaste. This way you know their design will match the rest of the cake. It's a great topper for a snowflake wedding cake.

winter wedding cake

Gingerbread Couple

A gingerbread couple is a festive idea that will delight children and adult guests. Use royal icing to help create the tuxedo for the male gingerbread person and the gown for the female. The couple can be surrounded by trees, standing outside a gingerbread chapel, or added to a cake layer featuring gifts in red, green, white, or gold.

Gingerbread cake topper

Unique Glass Holiday Toppers

Couples with an elegant touch to their wedding may want to add a similarly themed topper to their cake. Toppers made from glass are perfect for Christmas weddings as the connotation of snow and ice goes hand in hand with glass figures. For example, a bride and groom riding a snowmobile is a fun choice that incorporates a hobby, but stays elegant because it is done in glass. A bride and groom in a horse-drawn sleigh is another great idea for a glass couple cake topper. Adding a touch of color to the glass options helps make details stand out.

Homemade Christmas Cake Toppers

If you have not found a Christmas themed topper for your cake, you can always make your own. The crafty bride will find it fairly easy to create her own Christmas cake topper. For example:

  • Painting red and green accents on white figurines
  • Creating a mini archway out of wire, wrapping in silver paper, adding a mistletoe spring and placing the couple beneath
  • Using fondant to make a bride and groom with holiday accents
  • Baking cookies in the shape of the bride and groom for an edible cake topper
  • Making a bride and groom out of pine cones and placing in the center of the cake
Fir cone models on top of wedding cake

Select Your Christmas Cake Topper

Attention to detail really makes a Christmas themed wedding stand out. Adding a Christmas wedding cake topper featuring a bride and groom to your cake makes your reception decorations more cohesive and festive.

Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers for Couples