Fake Marriage Licenses

marriage license in front of bouquet

Wedding licenses that are fake can be festive documents for couples to celebrate their nuptials, either before or after the wedding. Look for one that matches your wedding style before you download and print it.

How to Print Fake Licenses

First, check over the licenses for the wording and graphics you like the best. Pick the one that suits your situation. The fake licenses have beautiful color graphics, so make sure your printer is set at a higher color quality if you plan to display it. Instead of using regular printer paper, consider picking up heavy cardstock in a white or ivory tone. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Free Blank Marriage Licenses to Print

Fill in these blank printable licenses and print them out.

Uses for Mock Marriage Licenses

A pretend wedding license can be used in a variety of ways.

Proposal Prop

Men (and women) are always looking for a new and creative way to propose to their significant others. Instead of the traditional marriage proposal, where the man gets down on one knee, he can use a fake marriage license. Throw her off by handing her what appears to be a card with a gift certificate. Instead, she will open the paper to find a fake blank marriage license. He can then ask her if she would mind helping him fill in the blanks.

Mailing a love letter and marriage license can be a great way for long distance lovers to propose. Just because your pocketbooks are not full enough to propose in person does not mean your heart is equally empty. Practical couples might want to save the plane ticket money to use towards the wedding expenses. Military members may also find this a perfect way to propose from a long distance away.


A fake license can be used as an engagement announcement or wedding save-the-date card. The announcement can be tri-folded and mailed in a standard business envelope. Couples may choose to include an engagement photo or further details, especially if it happens to be a destination wedding.

Bridal Shower Game

A great way to use a fake marriage license is to include it as a prop for a bridal shower game. Create a word game where guests are asked to fill out papers with various adjectives, nouns and verbs describing the bride and the groom. Each word corresponds with a specific point in the license wording. Feel free to make subtle changes to a traditional license for more humorous results. Once everyone has finished, have everyone stand up and read their version of the marriage license aloud.

Other Uses

Use the fake license in other ways:

  • Wedding photo display: A mock marriage license is a pretty addition to a wedding photo montage or shadow box.
  • Guest book table addition: Place a framed certificate near the guest book at the reception.
  • Newsletter extra: Couples who send out wedding newsletters may want to include a pretty fake license within their pages.
  • Thank you notes: A printable blank wedding certificate can be a unique way to express gratitude for physical help, emotional support, and wedding gifts.

Faux Wedding License Fun

A mock marriage license can be an amusing addition to wedding preparations, start to finish. Fake licenses should not be attempted to be used for legal purposes however; they are for personal, fun use only.

Fake Marriage Licenses