Famous Couples Printable for a Bridal Shower Game

Updated December 20, 2018
Sonny & Cher 1965 in London

A famous couples printable bridal shower game is a quick and easy activity for everyone who attends a wedding shower. Use this convenient free printable game sheet to make planning the bridal shower games easy.

Download a Free Celebrity Couples Shower Game

Making your own printable takes extra effort on top of everything else a hostess needs to do for the bridal shower. Instead, download a ready-made free printable bridal shower game for famous couples. Use Adobe to download the Famous Couples Printable Bridal Shower Game and play it at the next wedding shower you host.

famous couples printable bridal shower game
Click to print the famous couples game.

Alternative Uses for the Game

While the game is intended for bridal showers, it can be used in other situations. For example:

  • Hand out copies at engagement parties
  • Include it in wedding programs as an activity for kids during the ceremony
  • Put it at reception place settings to give guests a fun way to pass the time until the meal is served
  • Write thank you notes on the back and guests can play it at home

If you plan to hand out the game during the shower or reception, make sure you have plenty of pens and pencils available so guests can all play.

Create Your Own Printable Version

Creating your own wedding shower couples game is fairly easy. Think of the bride's favorite movies, books, actors and significant figures throughout history. Another idea is to think of recent celebrity weddings. Skip any relationships that ended up not working out unless the couple is extremely famous. Once you have a list of famous couples, from celebrity wives to historical couples, you'll want to follow these easy instructions to create your own game.

  1. Divide the spouses into two separate columns.
  2. Order the couples randomly so that no one is directly across from their spouse.
  3. Add a title to the printable. Include some free wedding clipart to make the printable festive.
  4. Make sure you keep your original list as the answer key for reference.

Copy Your Favorite Couples

When a couple gets engaged, they sometimes fantasize they will have a relationship like many famous couples throughout history, literature and the movies. Emulating a famous couple evokes images of fortune and happiness for many brides and grooms. While every couple it different, it still doesn't hurt to take a few tips from couples who made it, whether they are fictional or real. This game is a fun way to incorporate the other couples' happiness into the bride and groom's nuptials.

Famous Couples Printable for a Bridal Shower Game