Using Wedding Wagons for Young Flower Girls

Updated January 23, 2020
wedding wagon with young flower girl

Send the flower girl down the aisle in a wedding wagon as a creative ceremony addition. This child's toy is a perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your ceremony processional.

Flower Girl Wagon Ideas

The wagon may not be the first idea that occurs when you think about wedding props for your flower girl. After all, most girls only carry a basket of petals. Instead, consider adding a little levity to the flower girl's duties and make her stand out using a wedding wagon for kids.

How the Flower Girl Drops Petals

The original role of the flower girl is to drop flowers or flower petals as she walks down the aisle. In a wagon, the flower girl could:

  • Drop petals off both sides to create a lined aisle of petals for the bride to walk between.
  • Face backwards and drop petals from the back of the wagon so the bride crosses them as she walks down the aisle.
  • Hold balloons or blow bubbles instead of dropping petals.

If the flower girl isn't old enough to carry out her duties, you can simply have her ride down the aisle in the decorated wagon.

wedding wagon with flower girl

Multiple Flower Girls

If you have multiple flower girls, use the wagon for the smaller girls. Depending on the size of the wagon, safety features, and weight limits, you may fit two to three girls in the wagon. Have two girls face one another or sit back-to-back. In the case of three girls, it may be best to have them all looking forwards or backwards so they have a consistent look as they go down the aisle. Older flower girls may walk next to the wagon on each side.

Have a Wagon Processional

For bridal parties with a large number of flower girls, ring bearers, and young children, a wagon processional is a fun idea. Decorate several wagons. Put two flower girls in one wagon and two ring bearers in another and pull them down the aisle at the same time. Alternatively, you could place a flower girl and ring bearer in the same wagon. Or, have only the flower girls ride in the wagon and be pulled by older ring bearers or junior bridesmaids.

Flower Girls Can Pull the Wagon

While you may want the flower girl to sit in the wagon, sometimes she may not cooperate. Don't worry if this happens. Instead, allow her to pull the wagon herself (with help as needed). Fill the wagon with extra tulle and faux flowers, and place the ring bearer pillow on top. This makes it look like the original plan all along was to have the flower girl pulling the wagon instead of riding in it.

wedding wagon with young flower girl

Photography Ideas for Flower Girls in Wagons

Put the flower girl(s) into the wagon for a few fun shots with a professional photographer.

  • The bride could be pulling the flower girl, or, if the flower girl is older, a crazy wedding picture of the flower girl pulling the bride in the wagon.
  • The wagon is also perfect for use in traditional posed portraits of the bridal party, especially if you are planning a backyard wedding. Place the flower girl in wagon in the front of the group, or have several wagons with multiple girls flanking the bridesmaids.
  • Capture a few shots of the ring bearer with the flower girl in the wagon, too. Have him pull the flower girl(s) or pose him sitting inside the wagon with the other child(ren).

Quick and Easy Wedding Wagon Decorations

Decorating a wedding wagon for a flower girl isn't difficult. The most important thing to remember is to cover any logos and keep decorations away from wheels. Ideas include:

  • Wrapping the wagon with tulle (white or a wedding color) and tying a large bow on each side
  • Using toddler bedding to cover the wagon in your choice of pattern and fabric to match a theme or color, being careful to affix the bottom to the wagon securely
  • Covering the wagon with burlap and adding maple leaves, sunflowers, or plaid ribbon around the outside
  • Adding battery-powered light strands to the wagon for an illuminating ride down the aisle; use house clips to hang them off the side of the wagon
  • Picking up swags of greenery, real or faux, and hanging them from the sides of the wagon
  • Decorating the wagon to represent a small carriage for a fairy tale or Cinderella wedding
  • Tying white, gold, black, or silver balloons to the wagon for a lightheared decoration scheme
wedding wagon with flower girl

Things to Consider When Using a Wagon

Using a wagon as the processional transportation for a flower girl does require some forethought.

Location Considerations

Find out whether the ceremony location is suitable for a wagon. A wagon will fit nicely into a garden wedding, but at an indoor religious ceremony the wagon may not be permitted. Find out if you need to put down a special aisle runner or liner before pulling the wagon in an indoor processional.

wedding wagon with flower girl

Safety First

Unless you want to purchase a special wagon for the ceremony, you need to use your own or borrow someone else's wagon. The safety of the young flower girl in the wagon should be your main concern.

  • If you're buying the wagon, make sure you carefully follow all the included instructions for putting it together. If the wagon is all ready built, inspect it closely for any issues.
  • Thoroughly clean any wagon that was used as toy prior to adding it to your wedding festivities.
  • Inspect both personal and borrowed wagons for holes, broken pieces, wheel issues, bent axles, and other problems. Fix them before using the wagon or look for another wagon.
  • Make sure the wagon can safely hold the weight of the flower girl and she is the appropriate age for the wagon. Follow manufacturer's recommendations for weight limit and age range.
  • Make sure there is a working safety strap in the wagon to keep the flower girl inside at all times and reduce the chance of an accident.
  • Ensure wagon decorations will not get tangled in the wheels.

Who Pulls the Flower Girl?

If the flower girl is in the wagon, you need to figure out a way to get her down the aisle. Accomplish this by having a junior bridesmaid or the maid of honor pull the wagon. Older ring bearers or older flower girls may also pull the wagon down the aisle.

wedding wagon with flower girl

What to Do With the Wagon During the Ceremony

Consider what to do with the wagon once the flower girl reaches the end of the aisle. Babies and toddlers likely will not stay inside the wagon, so reserve a seat towards the front for their parents and push the wagon off to the side. Tuck a few books, magnetic puzzles, and a wedding activity book in the wagon for preschool-aged flower girls to amuse them while they are at the front of the guests. This allows them to stay up front without making them stand for the entire ceremony. Older flower girls can simply exit the wagon and stand with the rest of the bridal party.

Pull Your Flower Girl Down the Aisle in Style

Using a wedding wagon is a great idea for a barn, garden, or backyard wedding. A wagon can get the flower girl down the aisle effortlessly, and it is a quirky prop that adds a little pizzazz to an outdoor or indoor ceremony.

Using Wedding Wagons for Young Flower Girls