Free Wedding Supply Catalogs

Updated October 28, 2020
wedding dress catalog

Using free wedding catalogs to plan your wedding is one way to save money. Instead of buying dozens of wedding magazines and trying to find the information you need, a wedding catalog puts what you need right at your fingertips.

Where to Find Free Wedding Catalogs

There are many wedding sites that offer free catalogs. You can simply visit sites like the following to request a catalog or find one online.

Wedding Decorations and Favors Catalogs

The decorations used at your wedding will set the tone of the entire event. Choose from themes or simply tie the event together with a particular color. The following free wedding catalogs offer decorations and wedding favors that can be used at your shower, church, and reception.

  • Oriental Trading Wedding: To receive a copy of the most recent free wedding catalog by mail, you can either complete the online form or call 1-800-875-8480.

  • Remembered Things: Request a free catalog via email to see the hundreds of wedding supplies and gifts for your big event.

  • The Mail Order Shoppe: Browse online or request a free catalog filled with personalized wedding favors and gifts.

Wedding Invitation Catalogs

Wedding invitations need to be ordered early. Your invitations include the RSVPs, which are important to your reception planning. Choose from elegant, fun, or theme-oriented invitations through the following businesses that offer free catalogs as well as a selection of invitations online.

  • The American Wedding: This online catalog offers many different invitation designs along with a selection of saving the date cards and accessories.

  • Ann's Bridal Bargains: You can find great invitations and wedding gifts at prices that will fit anyone's budget. You can also sign up for a free email newsletter.

  • Invitations by Dawn: Choose from a variety of invitations from western to destination and even ones that are romantic themed. Sign up for the free newsletter to get access to online deals.

Wedding Jewelry Online Catalogs

For most modern brides, no wedding ensemble is complete without the right necklace, earrings, and in some cases, a tiara. The following merchants have free online catalogs available on their websites.

  • Looney Maiden: You can find a wide selection of beautiful handmade jewelry designed by Judith Cartier Oliver at this unique site.

  • Advantage Bridal: Browse the online catalog for dozens of jewelry ideas from classic necklaces to fun bridal party pins.

  • Vintage Bridal Jewelry: Find something old or something new (that looks like an antique) on this great bridal jewelry site.

  • Henry Winston: Browse their online bridal catalog or get one sent through the mail for this jewelry giant.

  • Dunkin Diamonds: View their bridal jewelry catalog online or get it shipped directly to your home for the perfect wedding bling.

Bride putting on a necklace

Wedding Supplies Catalogs

Decorations are important, but there are other supplies you need to make your big go off without a hitch. The following free online and mail order wedding catalogs have you covered for everything from table clothes to stationary.

  • Event Decor Direct: Browse the online catalog or get one in the mail covering everything from backdrops to ceiling decor.

  • The Wedding Outlet: Explore everything from ring boxes to stationary through this free wedding catalog online.

  • Factory Direct Craft: This extensive online wedding catalog covers everything from wedding gifts to wedding accessories. You can also find bridal party supplies.

Free Wedding Cake Catalogs Online

When it comes to the wedding party, you can't forget about the cake. Whether you want something elaborate or simple, free wedding catalogs can help you choose your perfect pastry. Explore these free wedding cake catalogs covering everything cake.

  • Michael Angelo's: Find free wedding cake catalogs online discussing cake types, decor, and more.

  • Party Favors: Diving into these delicious pastry masterpieces through this online wedding cake catalog.

Wedding Catalogs Are Useful Resources

While many wedding catalogs can be found online, they can also be requested through your wedding planner or for free at many stores that sell dresses, favors, jewelry, and gifts for the wedding party. Once you have these books in hand, gather your friends and family and start planning!

Free Wedding Supply Catalogs