Free Wedding Doves Clipart

Updated December 5, 2018
wedding invitation with dove clipart

The symbolism of hope, joy, and even religious connotations makes the dove a lovely choice for your wedding stationery. Getting a few free graphics featuring these elegant birds can help keep your wedding costs down while still offering you plenty of options for including the feathered beauties.

Download Wedding Dove Clipart

The dove graphics are an attractive addition to any part of your wedding. To download them, simply right click and save to your computer. Once you've saved the wedding clipart graphics under a memorable name, you can then use them in your preferred computer program for all of your stationery and wedding needs.

two doves with heart
pink dove with hearts
black and white doves
flying dove clipart

Ways to Use the Clipart

Once downloaded, you can use the free dove graphics for a variety of wedding-related projects.

Ideas for Each Design

Considering using each wedding clipart in the specific ways:

  • The two designs featuring doves with hearts makes them perfect for stand-alone areas.
  • The pink dove is a great option for a bridal shower invitation design.
  • Use the two dove design for an engagement party or other event where both the bride and groom attend.
  • The single dove can be flipped in your processing program to face in any direction. Use it facing another one in corners of stationary.
  • Use the black and white option below for a kids' activity page or if you want to add your own wedding colors to the image.

Project Ideas

Add the doves to a variety of wedding projects.

  • Stationery - Invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you notes can all feature doves.
  • Pre-wedding events - The doves can be used on engagement announcements, engagement party invitations, shower invitations and thank yous, and even used as inspiration for themed shower cake designs.
  • Wedding tote bags or shirts - Give your bridal party gifts featuring the doves. Print them on iron-on transfers and add to shirts or reusable bags.
  • Wedding program - Use a large dove on the front cover of your wedding program, or smaller dove images to accent the details inside.
  • Favor tags - After writing your brief message and adding names and the wedding date, dress up the tag with a small dove image.
  • Scrapbook - Once the festivities have ended, add the same dove clipart to your scrapbook and keep the theme preserved forever.

Clipart for Do-It-Yourselfers

Brides and grooms who consider themselves do-it-yourselfers will find dove clipart a great addition to their wedding plans. By using the free options above, both money and time can be saved.

Free Wedding Doves Clipart