Gallery of Wedding Dress Pictures

Updated September 28, 2018

Beautiful Wedding Dress Pictures

Choosing your wedding dress is perhaps one of the most important decisions you'll ever make in life. After all, you want to ensure you make a statement both in person and in the photographs. The following wedding dress styles will help you look and feel fabulous on your special day.

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Romantic, whimsical, and undeniably fashionable, bohemian or hippy-style wedding frocks are a growing trend of late. Whether you prefer elegant draping and fluted hems or unique fringe detailing, it's all about creating the right impression for a countryside, beach, or woodland wedding. To channel ultimate boho vibes, opt for a floral crown, feathered earrings, or a multi-layered necklace to finish off your outfit.

Irish Wedding Dress

The traditional style of celtic wedding dress consists of a "Renaissance" gown with a bodice that laces up at the front with a cotton shirt underneath. It tends to reach the top of the feet in length and can be worn alone or layered with skirts or sashes. Simply complete the peasant-style look for your Irish wedding with long, flowing locks, and a daisy chain bridal gown.

Hawaiian Wedding Dress

A muumuu dress is a traditional Hawaiian wedding dress that often features native flower or plant prints, like hibiscus. Being loose fitting, it's flattering to almost any body shape to suit the hot beach environment. Opt for a version that has a point of difference through ruffled shoulders or embroidery on the bodice for a fun, unique aesthetic.

Christmas Wedding Gowns

If you're getting married at Christmas or in a cold, wintry location, consider a wedding dress style that's appropriate for the weather. For a festive splash of color, look for a white dress with a red bow or sash detailing. Alternatively, to keep you warm and cozy, experiment with long-sleeved, floor-sweeping styles or dresses that come with a faux fur wrap. Either way, be sure to accessorize with glitzy earrings or a glittery bodice for added festive sparkle.

Cinderella Styles

If you want to truly look and feel like a Disney princess on your special day, a Cinderella-style wedding dress is a must. Key features include: a sweeping train, sash, off-the-shoulder puffy sleeves, fitted bodices, sparkling beadwork, and a full ballgown skirt. To complete your regal look, be sure to accessorize your gown with a statement tiara.

Bella Swan's Dress

Bella Swan is the fictional female protoganist from the Twilight fantasy film series. In the fourth instalment, Breaking Dawn Part 1, Bella Swan marries the male protoganist Edward Cullen and wears the most beautiful high-neck dress with a cut-out lace back. Inspiring brides everywhere, the antique-style gown from the early 1900s has a long modern trail and veil, creating a breathtaking, ethereal aesthetic.

Colored Wedding Dress

If you're searching for an unconventional wedding gown, look no further! A multi-hued dress can put a much-needed splash of color on the proceedings. To play it safe, add an element of color through your bodice or veil or choose a gown in a soft pastel hue for an individual yet understated ensemble. Alternatively, you could dare to be different in an all-over solid, bold hue.

Short Wedding Dress

Short wedding dresses can be a great, non-traditional option for those who are planning to elope or want to wear a different frock for their reception. Even though these tend to have a reduced hem length, such as tea, midi, or knee-length, they can still be ultra glamorous. Just make sure that the dress you choose is suited to your wedding destination, whether this is the beach, a courthouse, or Las Vegas.

Corset Looks

Even though a corset wedding dress is considered more traditional, it's still a popular option for brides today. Whether you opt for a one-piece where the corset is a part of the gown or a two-piece with a separate corset and skirt, this is an extremely figure-hugging style of dress and helps to create a foxy, feminine hourglass silhouette.

Black Wedding Dress

A black wedding dress can be an elegant, slimming take on the usual white wedding frock. Prior to 1840, black was the wedding gown color of choice anyway. However, if an all-over black ensemble is too harsh for you, you can mix it up with white accessories for a chic black-and-white vision.

Mexican Wedding Dress

Largely influenced by the Spanish in recent eras, Mexican wedding dresses often feature flamenco, salsa, and matador elements. They may also consist of bright and colorful skirts, embroidery, or knotted details to reflect the Aztecs, Mayans, and other indigenous women of ancient Mexico. Be sure to invest in a version with layered ruffles or bolera jacket, which is ideal for a lavish Mexican wedding.

Fairy Wedding Dress

If you like the idea of a youthful, fanciful frock for your special day, consider a fairy wedding dress. This style tends to consist of a shimmering or glittery fabric, trumpet, bell, or angel sleeves, and a lightweight detachable cape. It also pulls you in at the waist to define your form for a pretty, girly aesthetic.

1940s Vintage Wedding Dress

Thanks to World War II, many brides in the early 1940s would "make do" and wear modest dresses that were more practical in nature. If you were wealthy, you were lucky enough to have a more extravagant gown. To get the 1940s vintage-inspired wedding look, opt for an elegant dress with design features such as: Gibson or mutton sleeves, long sleeves with a point at the end, a high v-neck collar, netting at the neckline, and definition at the waist with a "v" shape.

African Wedding Dress

African wedding dresses are bold and beautiful. They tend to be vivid, colorful, and have an A-line skirt that varies in length. The most conventional type consists of a two piece that has a wrap skirt and top and sometimes shows the midriff. In terms of the top, make sure yours is a halter, strapless, or has flared or ruffled sleeves - and you're doing it right.

Halloween Wedding Dress

If you're planning a wedding on Halloween, you might want to consider wearing a Halloween-worthy frock. From period costumes to horror, fantasy, and Masquerade ballgowns - the choices are endless! You could even get the entire wedding party in on the fun. Just make sure you choose your accessories carefully to match whichever theme you're going for.

Monica's Wedding Dress

If you're an avid Friends fan, you'll know that female protagonist Monica Geller married male protagonist Chandler Bing in season seven. Monica's wedding dress was by House of Bianchi and quickly became one of the trendiest designs of the moment. It consisted of a deep V-neckline, wide straps, a pure white hue, and A-line skirt. If you want to achieve Monica's wedding aesthetic, team this style of gown with a slim bracelet, long and loose curly hair, and a simple veil.

Jewish Wedding Dress

When it comes to Jewish wedding dresses, certain churches, synagogues, and mosques have their own attire guidelines. However, many liberal Jewish brides can wear any style of dress, as long as it's white. In more Orthodox settings, Jewish brides are encouraged to cover their shoulders or arms or wear a gown with long sleeves and a high neckline. Either way, consult your rabbi and synagogue before you go wedding dress shopping, just to be on the safe side.

1950s Wedding Dress

After World War II was over and the fabric restriction lifted, wedding dresses of the moment started to become more feminine. If you're searching for the perfect 1950s-inspired gown for your big day, look for a full skirt, rounded shoulders, an emphasized waist, and a bodice with a "pointed bosom" to replicate designs of the era.

Medieval Wedding Gowns

If you're planning a medieval wedding, then look for a medieval-style gown that will match the occasion. In medieval times, brides used to wear dresses with the following style features: a lace bodice with a long skirt, decorative ribbons around the neck, sleeves, and waist, and long coat or cape over the dress. Accessorize with a pearl, silver, or gold necklace for a truly authentic feel.

LDS Wedding Dress

Mormon brides are expected to dress modestly according to their temple requirements and spiritual values. The idea is to showcase their natural beauty through a LDS wedding gown that is plain yet stylish. It usually has a simple neckline and sleeves to produce a demure, understated aesthetic.

Punk Goth Wedding Dress

If you're a fan of punk or alternative music, you might want to consider rocking a punk or goth wedding dress. Punk and goth fashion are slightly different and not to be confused. Punk fashion consists of ripped or torn materials, plaids, spikes, and studs; whereas goth fashion is all about dark hues, romantic lace, velvet, and leather. However, you can mix and match elements of both to create an individualistic ensemble on your special day.

Mermaid Style

Mermaid-style wedding dresses, also known as fishtail designs, hug the figure to the knees and then flare out in a gorgeous circular shape. They can be strapless, have a one-shoulder sleeve, or consist of two straps. Either way, they're breathtakingly beautiful as they create a mesmerizing mermaid-like silhouette. However, this style of dress isn't the most practical as it can restrict movement, therefore it might not be appropriate for walking along the sand at a beach wedding.

Pakistani Wedding Dress

Pakistani wedding dresses implement vibrant colors and are all about the standout embellishments; essentially, the sparklier, the better! Creative and intricate, the gowns tend to be handmade to achieve a maximalistic look. Be sure to finish off your one-of-a-kind outfit with layers of decadent gold jewelry.

Tea-Length Styles

Just as common nowadays as the short wedding dress, tea-length or midi-length frocks reach just below the knees to epitomize elegance. The name comes from previous eras where English ladies used to wear this style of dress to attend high tea in the afternoons. Due to their practicality, tea-length wedding dresses are ideal for outdoor venues such as in a garden, at the beach, or up a mountain.

Indian Wedding Dress

Traditionally, Indian wedding dresses are designed to celebrate the bride's heritage while showcasing her beauty. They are undeniably extravagant in striking colors, such as red, green, gold, and purple, to purposefully draw attention. As well as the actual dress, Indian brides wear a sari, which is intricately embroidered and wrapped around the body to complete the luxurious ensemble.

Traditional Scottish Wedding Dress

The traditional Scottish wedding dress, called an "Arisaid," resembled a hooded cape that consisted of pale tartan or simple stripes. Sometimes these are still worn by Scottish brides today; however, it's much more common for Scottish brides to wear the long, white gown that's popular in other parts of Europe. If you prefer the modern aesthetic but want to reference your Scottish heritage, you can do this through accessories like a cute tartan bow, headband, or sash.

Somali Wedding Dress

Somali wedding dresses range in design based on the couple's location, family traditions, and personal beliefs. Typically, a Somali bride's outfit consists of a dirac or Guntiino, a garbasaar head covering, and a gooraro slip underneath - and is very glamorous. To complete the look, add gold jewelry and henna in your hair or on your hands for added drama.

Victorian Wedding Dress

If you're searching for a graceful, retro wedding look, try a Victorian wedding dress that has a high neckline, a full skirt, and defines your waist. Traditionally, Victorian brides would wear a hoop underneath their wedding gowns with plenty of petticoats to enhance their womanly figure. The neckline was also adorned with handmade lace and arranged in a ruffle to add a romantic element. Whatever you decide, you can't deny that Victorian wedding dresses are just as pretty as they are chic.

Street Style-Inspired

Street style-inspired wedding dresses are for contemporary brides who are much more likely to look in a fashion magazine rather than a bridal magazine when they are picking out designs. This type of dress is laid-back, effortless, and dons a much cheaper price tag! Street style-inspired options are best suited to elopements or destination weddings as they have a bohemian or beachy feel about them. Their typical style features include: a short hem, a separate top and skirt, skinny straps, and an everyday dress shape instead of a ballgown aesthetic.

Regal Wedding Gowns

Regal wedding dresses conventionally have a long train, are made of luxurious materials, and are especially designed to be fit for a princess. Think: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. This style of gown is classy, modest, and is worn with a veil and/or tiara for the ultimate regal aesthetic. Be sure to keep your jewelry minimalistic yet refined and you're guaranteed to wow on your big day.

Chinese Wedding Dress

A Chinese wedding dress is floor-length with a high, collared neckline and fits close to the body. It's based on the themes of good luck and happiness, therefore incorporates key motifs like the dragon and the phoenix. In the East, red and gold is the main color scheme of choice, whereas black and white reigns supreme in the West. In Southern China, brides prefer to wear two-piece dresses called Qungua or QunKwa. However, all Chinese brides tend to finish off their wondrous wedding outfit with a covering veil or a phoenix coronet for a dazzling effect.

Cut Out Designs

Nowadays, it's not unusual brides to show more flesh on their wedding day. Cut-out designs are rapidly increasing in popularity whether this is seen on the front of the dress or on the back. Seductive and ultra feminine, this style of dress is practical in warm weather, therefore ideal for summer or beach weddings.

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be challenging. However, there are a wide range of wedding dress designs available. Just take your time to shop around and experiment with what works best for your personal style and body shape, and you're sure to find the right look for your special day.

Gallery of Wedding Dress Pictures