Gothic Wedding Cakes

Updated January 25, 2019
Purple wedding cake with black flowers

Goth brides and grooms will want a cake that reflects the aesthetic of their wedding. Whether you go for a macabre option or something more classically goth, you'll find plenty of inspiration for your wedding cake.

Purple and Black Flower Cake

A goth cake doesn't need to be gory for it to be glorious. Unless you're planning a Halloween spin on your goth wedding, you can pick virtually any deep, dark color for your cake. A bright violet hue looks striking when paired with gun-metal gray and large black flowers. Add purple and black feathers for interest and place the cake on a bare plate for maximum impact. It's perfect for a wedding in a creepy castle or mansion.

Till Death Cake With Topper

A traditional tiered cake with bride and groom topper has its place at a goth wedding. Have black lace and black flowers cascade down the front of the cake with a creepy couple standing up top. A placard with the declaration "Till Death Do Us Part" completes the design. Muted mauve is a good background color for the black, giving it an eerie Victorian wedding feel when combined with the lace.

Till death do us part wedding cake

Crimson Gothic Cake

Red is a stunning color to use on a cake. It's unexpected and a deep shade of crimson is reminiscent of blood, making this stand out among other gothic designs. Keep things simple by using black detail work. If desired, add a bride and groom cake topper featuring gothic clothing.

crimson gothic wedding cake

Black Lace With Blooms

Black lace and flowers make another appearance in a cake that features lace predominantly. White fondant on the tiers makes the lace design stands out, and a hint of color in the blooms keeps the cake from being too stark. A muted mauve is perfect for keeping the flowers goth. Use royal icing to complete the look. If black is too bland, you could also do the lace in a deep shade of crimson, deep enough to resemble blood.

black lace with flower cake

Black and Gold Cake

A cake with mostly black frosting doesn't need to feature dark designs. Instead, pick a metallic color like gold or silver for decorations and accents. They stand out and will look great at a luxurious wedding with a goth theme. Use a generous layer of buttercream below the black fondant so guests who don't feel comfortable eating the black frosting still have a delicious experience.

black and gold wedding cake

Midnight Black Raspberry Cake

A goth wedding cake doesn't need to have a lot of decorations to look suitable for your nuptials. Start your DIY goth wedding cake design by making a large four to eight tiered cake. Then frost it in dark chocolate that you've enhanced with black food coloring. Leave the frosting messy. Sprinkle dried raspberries on the top and down the sides of the cake. Raspberries pair well as a chocolate wedding cake filling.

Black raspberry wedding cake

Subtle Black and White Designs

Red, black, and white cakes are a classic look for an upscale wedding and they lend themselves nicely to a goth theme without being over the top.

Red Rose Cake

Black piping designs and black ribbon accent white cake layers. Deep red roses are stuffed between each layer on this tiered column cake. Skip the floral topper and go with a silver or black monogram to keep the red roses from overpowering the cake. It's a traditional design that fits into any goth wedding style.

ornate black, white, red rose cake

Black Embroidered Cake Design

Piped black frosting resembles a paisley and flower embroidery design. With a few strategically placed blooms on the tiered edges, brides and grooms with find this design perfect if they want a lighter touch to their goth theme.

black, red, and white cake

Gothic Decorated Cakes

Decorating a cake to fit your goth theme is something virtually anyone can do. If your design requires more finesse, hire a cake decorator to complete your intricate design to pull of the perfect reception dessert.

Gothic Wedding Cakes