How to Ask Guys to Be Groomsmen in Creative Ways

Published October 29, 2020
Groomsman adjusting groom's boutonniere

Considering different ideas on how to ask groomsmen to stand with you on that big day can make those moments more fun for everyone. Take a look at a few suggestions and then choose one you feel that best symbolizes your upcoming nuptials.

How to Ask Groomsmen to Stand With You

Make a list of the men you wish to be your groomsmen. From this list, you'll need to choose your best man. You should ask your best man first, and then the other groomsmen.

1. Send a Singing Telegram

A really fun and creative way to ask each groomsman to be in your wedding is with a singing telegram. This can be done on an individual basis if your friends don't live in the same city or nearby. If they are all local, invite them over for a meal and arrange for the sing-a-gram to arrive before everyone sits down to enjoy the meal. You can ask the singer to pretend they're delivering pizza or dessert for your get together.

2. Send a Personalized Invitation

There are several ways you can create a personalized invitation for your friends. For each groomsman, you can use a photo of just the two of you to create a personalized invitation card. You can use any of the available software programs or take advantage of an online one like Shutterfly or Zazzle's Suit Up Invitation. You may prefer to send a framed photo of the two of you along with a card asking your friend to be a groomsman.

3. Send a Box of Groomsmen Items

Another cute idea is to send a collection of groomsmen items each man will need for the wedding. You can select a pre-packaged box, or you can put together your own box of goodies. You can choose a wooden customized box from Swanky Badger. First select the design for the outside of the box and then choose an inside-the-lid message. It's yours to fill with whatever items you wish.

4. Cigar Lounge and Special Cigar Wrappers

You can treat your buds to a cigar lounge. Invite them via a text message that you have something to celebrate and want them to join you at the lounge. You can plan everything out with the cigar lounge manager. Depending on your budget, you can give out individual cigars with a customized wrapper, or you may present each groomsman with a personalized box of cigars with the invitation to be your groomsmen on the cigar wrappers.

5. Outdoor Barbecue With Theater Video Invitation

You can plan a barbecue with an outdoor theater style invitation video. Put together a video of clippings with your friends and narrate your story. If you don't have an outdoor theater or TV, you can improvise by sending your video to each friend's cell phone while you're barbecuing and watch their reactions.

Laughing friends barbecuing

6. Special Invitation for Scrabble Players

If you and your pals are big Scrabble players, you can create an invitation out of Scrabble letters. Choose the letters you need and glue to either a thin piece of wood or corkboard. Spell out your question: "Will you be my groomsman?" or "Will you be my best man?" You can seal the square or rectangle Scrabble message with a sealant. There are two ways you can present your invitation, either in a gift box or framed.

7. Schoolteacher Groom Theme Invitations

If you're a schoolteacher or instructor/professor, you can use a chalkboard to scroll your question with a permanent chalk marker. Plan a dinner and set your invitation on a small easel in front of each guest's place setting.

8. Message Candy

You can choose a candy to write your message on, such as "Be My Groomsman" or "Be My Best Man." You may even prefer to personalize a candy wrapper. If you prefer a DIY, select a candy bar and print your own wrapper. Cover the existing wrapper with yours, glue it closed, and hand out the bars to your friends.

9. Food Baskets With Invitations

You can send each guy on your list a food basket, such as cheeses and meats. You may prefer one of the themed snack boxes offered by Harry& David. You want to choose an appropriate greeting card to go with your snack box for your message.

10. Wine or Liquor Labels

You can present each groomsman and best man with a personalized label for a bottle of wine or favorite liquor. Amazon's Choice features six groomsmen labels and one best man label. Price: Around $13.

11. A Hike and Pet Rock Messages

If you and your guys are big outdoors enthusiasts, plan a hike. Be sure to take your pet rocks with you. These are prepared in advance by writing a message on each one and on the opposite side of the rock write the guy's name. While everyone is setting up their tents, volunteer to make the campfire. You can layout the rocks around the campfire, so each name is visible. Your friends will be surprised when they join you around the fire.

friends sitting around open fire

12. Treat Everyone to a Sporting Event

Make it an eventful moment when you ask your buds to be groomsmen at your wedding. Treat everyone to a sporting event and once you meet up, pop the question. You can continue your celebration at a local hangout after the event is over.

13. Group Caricature of You and Your Groomsmen

Consider asking everyone using a fun custom-caricature of your groomsmen and best man. You can choose the background to customize the theme. Once you place your order, a customer service representative contacts you for photos of each person and other details, and then your caricature is hand drawn. You have final approval, and then you receive a scanned image that you are free to print. Price: Around $30.

14. Stand By Me Groomsmen Socks

You can ask your groomsmen and best man by giving them a unique gift of socks. Each pair of socks comes in a small box. The outside lid features the big question: Will you stand by me as my groomsman? Inside is a pair of black socks with Groomsman printed on them. The socks are also available for your best man. You can request that each of your groomsmen and your best man wear the socks on your wedding day. Price: Around $15 a pair.

15. Paintball Game Invitation

If your buds are into paintball, plan a game and send them an invitation. You can announce your wedding and ask each to be a groomsman in the invitation, or you can wait until you meet up for the game to spring your surprise.

16. Personalized Chips at Poker Game

A poker game is a great way to stage your invitation for your buds to be your groomsmen. You can plan the game to be held at your place. There are several ways you can conduct the big reveal. One fun way is to customize a few poker chips with your question printed directly onto the chips. When you pass out the chips, include one for each person. It may take a moment for the first person to discover your subtle message, but each guy will have a memento/keepsake.

friends poker game

17. Escape Room Adventure

You can plan an escape room adventure that takes a twist toward the end with a big reveal when your group finds the final piece of the puzzle that asks the big question. This makes a great ending to a fun adventure. You can extend your fun with a celebratory dinner and toast at your favorite hangout.

18. Weekend Beach Trip With Deep Sea Fishing

You can spend the weekend at the beach and treat your best buds to a day on the ocean. Schedule a deep sea fishing trip designed to end with the real catch of the day. It will require planning ahead to have a custom-made banner unfurled on the boat at the end of your fishing trip. You'll probably want to include a celebration once you're back on land!

19. Hold a Special Scavenger Hunt

You can stage a scavenger hunt that consists of various clues. Give your guys one item at a time to find and return with it in a progressive scavenger hunt. You will select items that symbolize or directly relate to a wedding, such as a pillow (ring bearer) tiara (bridesmaids), a bouquet, bell (church bell), a plain ring, bowtie, and so on. Your last clue can be a video you made in advance that is the big reveal where you ask them to be your groomsmen. You can have as big an ending to your fun as you wish. If you live in a rural area, you may decide to stage a fireworks show, depending on local laws about firework displays. You can invite your bride and bridesmaids to join you in an after scavenger hunt party, complete with a delicious food spread.

20. Drive a NASCAR

If you and your pals are NASCAR fans, plan a stock car ride along for each guy at one of the speedways. If you want a more hands-on experience, consider booking a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience. You can create a cool NASCAR theme invitation with the request for being a groomsman.

How to Ask Groomsmen to Be in Your Wedding

There are many ways you can ask someone to be a groomsman in your wedding. You should choose one that appeals to you and enjoy your friends' reactions.

How to Ask Guys to Be Groomsmen in Creative Ways