Hunting-Themed Groom's Cakes

Updated July 12, 2019
bride groom hunting topper

Having a groom's cake in addition to the traditional wedding cake shows the groom he hasn't been forgotten during all the reception preparations. If your fiancé is an avid hunter, a hunting-theme groom's cake in his favorite flavor will add a little lighthearted fun just for him.

Hunting Theme Cake Designs

The design for the groom's cake is not limited to sheet cakes with hunting figurines on top. The cake can range from a tiered design with hunting accents to a sculpted cake in the shape of his favorite sporting animal. Place it on the groom's table to complete the look.

Hunting With Horses

Just because you're planning a hunting-themed design doesn't mean you're stuck with a redneck cake. Instead, plan out a dapper design that incorporates lighthearted touches. The groom may want his bride included if they hunt together. Add top hats to horses for a dashing design that adds elegance. The topper can be shaped out of fondant or modeling chocolate.

Chocolate Hunting Cake

Brides and grooms who select gourmet cake flavors may want a classic chocolate cake for the groom's cake. The base of this cake's frosting can be chocolate buttercream or chocolate fondant. Making the hunter, his dog, birds, and the surrounding woods in a dark ganache creates a rich scene on top of the cake. The spent shotgun shells around the edge pop with their bright red coloring and complete the design.

hunting groom's cake with shotgun shells

The Hunt Is Over Cake

When the bride and groom have spent their lives hunting for their true love, and the groom's other love is hunting, have a cake that utilizes this play on words. A topper that features "The Hunt Is Over" and antlers, deer, or moose is perfect for the groom's cake. Add fondant moose, elk, deer, or his other favorite game around the side for a simple yet elegant cake design.

The Hunt Is Over Topper
The Hunt Is Over Topper

Duck Hunting Cake

Grooms who can't wait to be in the duck blind will love a cake that shows their love of the feathered fowl. Mossy green fondant covers a cake with a realistic duck shape. The duck's details can be hand painted using food color for a realistic look that's still edible and food-safe. Placing it on a wooden slab adds a rustic touch to this cake design.

Duck hunting groom's cake by BettyCakes

Sculpted Deer Head Cake

A sculpted 3D cake is a lifelike option for grooms whole love to hunt. Place it on a board that resembles a mount. After shaping the head, cover it with fondant for a smooth decorating surface. Use fondant tools to create features. Airbrushing adds depth and realism for a groom who wants to wow the guests.

More Hunting Cake Ideas

You don't have to spend a lot of money or time on a cake. Similarly, you can also add other accents, from fishing to camo, to create your cake. Consider:

  • Turn a photo of the groom with his biggest game into an edible image. Place it on top of a large sheet cake.
  • Add some camo cake decorations to the sides and top of the cake.
  • Buy a grocery store cake and have them add a buttercream design of a turkey, pheasant, deer, duck, or whatever the groom favors.
  • Top a cake with crispy treat antlers or gum paste feathers.
  • Incorporate some fishing themed ideas into the cake to create a full outdoors scene.
  • Purchase a decorative cake topper featuring a hunting scene and add it to a basic frosted cake.
Deer design on groom's cake

Hunting Cake Table for the Groom

Set up a cake table display just for the groom's hunting cake. Cover the table in a camo or bright orange tablecloth. Place picture frames with hunting photos on the table. Use faux leaves and moss around the bottom of the cake. Situate hunting figurines around the table, along with any awards he may have received in competitions. This creates a cohesive look and gives the groom his own dedicated space at the reception.

Hunting-Themed Groom's Cakes