Bridal Bouquets Made From Hydrangeas

Updated January 16, 2019
Bride holding pink hydrangeas at window

A hydrangea bridal bouquet is an elegant and nostalgic flower choice. The large round head is a cluster of small pink, purple, white, blue or green petals. This popular flower can be used by itself in a bouquet or any flower mix for a touch of romance with the added bonus of a light sweet aroma.

Choosing Your Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

There are many color choices for a pretty hydrangea wedding bouquet. This flower is enduring and will hold its beauty for a long time when used in a bridal bouquet. The fluffy effect of its many tiny petals and a splash of color makes hydrangea a popular flower for wedding bouquet designs.

Traditional White Hydrangea Bouquet

Some brides opt for a single large white hydrangea for their bouquet or a cluster of several white hydrangea blooms. These large round flower heads make lovely wedding bouquets. One thing to consider when opting for all white hydrangeas is how the bouquet may become lost against a white gown when it comes time to take photos. Be sure there's plenty of bouquet greenery to provide that needed contrast.

traditional white hydrangea wedding bouquet

Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

When you decide on a blue hydrangea bouquet, you should be aware of the many variations of blue often seen in this flower. If you want a range of blue to purple, you're in luck. Otherwise, be sure to stipulate to your florist the hue(s) of blue you want in the wedding bouquet so you won't be disappointed on your special day!

Bride holding blue hydrangea wedding bouquet

Pink Hydrangea Bouquet

A pink hydrangea bridal bouquet offers a fairy-like touch for any wedding. The lush color is softened by the many tiny petals. You may decide to use other hydrangea colors allowing the pink blooms to be the prominent color.

Bride holding pink hydrangea wedding bouquet

Green Hydrangea Bouquet

Whether you choose to go all green, prefer a mix of green and white hydrangeas for your bridal bouquet or other color combinations, this flower won't disappoint. The fullness and natural roundness of bridal bouquets made from hydrangeas make this a coveted bouquet flower. Naturally green during certain stages of life, hydrangea blooms prove to be one of the most versatile flowers available for weddings and other uses.

Green and cream silk hydrangea bouquet

Hydrangea and Rose Bouquet

One of the advantages of using hydrangea in a wedding bouquet is the volume it gives to the overall floral design. If roses are your favorite flower, then be sure to add a few hydrangea flowers to showcase them. This bouquet of pink roses nestled in the lush bed of hydrangea petal clusters creates an elegant and romantic bridal bouquet.

pink rose and white hydrangea bouquet

Hydrangea Color Mix

Using one or more hydrangea colors gives a nice contrast of color and texture to a bridal bouquet. It's easy to choose one of the bridal bouquet colors for single hydrangea bridesmaid bouquets. You may prefer to have each bridesmaid carry a different color hydrangea bouquet for a dramatic look.

Mixed colors of hydrangea bouquet

Hydrangea Bouquet With Other Flowers

You can create a romantic bridal bouquet using hydrangeas and other flowers. You may love blush colored roses and decide to use these with purple-tinged orchids with blue hydrangeas. Just add a few sprigs of baby's breath for a stunning wedding bouquet.

Hydrangea and other flowers wedding bouquet

Hydrangea Bouquet Tips for the Bride

The choices for hydrangea bouquets are endless. After you decide hydrangea is the flower for you, it's time to select the other flowers you want in your bridal bouquet. Before you make that decision, you'll want to know what hydrangea colors are available, bloom sizes, popular hydrangea bouquet designs and bouquet pricing.

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Hydrangea Bloom Sizes

Bloom sizes for hydrangea clusters can range from as small as three inches to as large as ten inches in diameter. The clusters are made up of tiny individual petals. These petals are delicate and symmetrical with a rounded star shape. Together, the small flowers form a beautiful round flower cluster.

Many Colors of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are available in a wide range of colors, making it suitable for nearly any wedding color scheme. Traditionally, these beautiful blooms were only available from early spring to late August, making them ideal bridal bouquet choices for spring and summer. However, over the past years, this wonderful flower has become available almost year round. Be sure to check its availability with your florist or floral supplier. Popular hues include:

  • Purple: Hues range from a faint lilac to a bold, rich violet.
  • Pink: Pale pinks, mauve, wine, and burgundy shades are bridal favorites.
  • White: Bright white and cream hues are available, as are antique white with yellow, sage, mauve, or tan undertones.
  • Blue: From sky blue to rich navy, hydrangea can easily be a bride's "something blue."
  • Green: Hydrangeas can start out as green and then turn pink, blue, white or purple. As the flowers age, they often return to a green color.
  • Blends: Specialized hydrangea blooms showoff a blend of two colors for a rich contrast. Pink and purple, burgundy and yellow, or blue and green blends can be found, as well as darker colors tinged with white.
  • Tints: Hydrangea flowers are easily tinted. Any wedding florist can artificially tint hydrangeas to coordinate with your wedding colors that may be out of the scope of normal hydrangea colors, such as yellow or orange.
Bouquets of various colors of hydrangea

Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet Designs

A hydrangea wedding bouquet can take several shapes. The blooms are ideal to use in a variety of configurations. You can choose bouquet designs featuring hydrangea clusters only or mix the blooms with different flower types and colors.

  • Bundles: Pure bundles of hydrangea can be tied together for a uniform and luxurious simple wedding bouquet. A base or accent of greenery is also a popular design.
  • Scattered: Hydrangea is the perfect choice to intersperse evenly with other, larger blooms such as roses, daisies, or lilies for a highly textured yet subtly coordinated bridal bouquet.
  • Filler: A bridal bouquet may feature robust hydrangea stems as fillers between several other types of flowers. Hydrangea can be used throughout the bouquet, clustered in the center, or arranged in a ring around other central flowers.
wedding bouquet with blue hydrangeas

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Prices

Hydrangea is widely popular and most florists will have easy access to the blooms. Hydrangea bouquet prices range from $40 to $130 or higher for a set of 10 or 12 stems, each of which will have a generous bundle of flowers. The exact cost depends on the size and color of the flowers, length of stems, total quantity, the current season, and the destination (shipping costs). If hydrangea blooms are not readily available from a florist, fresh stems can easily be ordered from wholesale floral nurseries, including:

  • Oregon Coastal Flowers: This wholesaler requires submitting an email address before accessing pricing. The prices differ from one hydrangea to another, such as $1.20 per stem and up.
  • Blooms by the Box: You can expect to pay anywhere from around $3 per stem to $9, depending on the hydrangea color and size you select. Tinted hydrangea blooms are also available for almost $5 per stem.
  • Sam's Club: You can order a variety of hydrangea bridal bouquets from $40 to $100 or in bundles of 20 or 40 stems. The bouquet(s) will be delivered two days before your wedding.
bride holding pale blue hydrangea bouquet

Versatility of Hydrangea Bridal Bouquets

The hydrangea flower is a lovely, versatile flower that looks stunning as a bridal bouquet or part of other wedding floral arrangements. Easy to find, available in a rainbow of colors with a luscious full shape, hydrangeas are sure to add distinction to any bouquet or wedding décor.

Bridal Bouquets Made From Hydrangeas