Indian Wedding Attire for Men

Updated March 8, 2018
Indian couple in traditional wedding clothing

Choosing Indian attire for men that's appropriate for a wedding is easy when you follow tradition and customs. Wearing traditional garments for the wedding celebration is a way to honor your spouse's or the couple's background.

Traditional Men's Indian Bridal Party Attire

The bridal party in Indian cultures, like most American wedding parties, is often dressed more formally than guests. Although some men are choosing to wear a standard "western" three piece suit, they often save this for a reception and opt to don customary garb for their weddings. Just as the bride's Indian wedding dress is unique and special, the groom's attire should also represent his culture and personality.

Sherwani With Churidars

A sherwani is a long coat-like jacket fastened with buttons. It comes to just below the knees, hitting somewhere high on the calf. It's often cream, light ivory, or gold colored for weddings, although it can be any color, like red or orange, to match the bride's attire. It is often elegantly embroidered. A scarf is sometimes added to the jacket over one or both shoulders.

The sherwani can be worn with tighter fitting pants or trousers called churidars. Churidars are trousers that are loose around the hips and thighs, but are tight and gathered around the ankle.

Options to consider include:

  • Readymade Golden Western Indo Sherwani - This is a suit in U.S. sizes 32 through 44 for just under $200. A gold jaquard jacket is paired with brown churidars.
  • Navy Blue Velvet Sherwani - Available in standard sizes 34 through 44 for about $600 -- and up to size 52 for an additional fee -- this luxurious looking sherwani has stunning gold embroidery. Churidar pants are included, but you can opt for other styles, along with addtional accessories, for a fee.
Navy Blue Velvet Sherwani
Navy Blue Velvet Sherwani


A jodhpuri suit is majestic looking and is sometimes referred to as a "prince suit." It has a three-piece look, including coat, trousers, and vest or shirt. The Nehru collar is often on the jacket and/or shirt worn with the suit. This suit would be a perfect choice for the groom in a bridal party. He could choose one with hand-stitched embroidery in silver, gold, or another color in an elegant design.

  • Raw Silk Bandhgala Jodhpuri Suit - This suit is a stunning black with gold roses embroidered on the shoulder and opposite sleeve of the coat. It is available in sizes 36 through 48 for approximately $270.
    Raw Silk Bandhgala Jodhpuri Suit
  • Woven Brocade Jodphuri Suit in Teal Green - As the name indicates, this is a teal green option with a broach and patchwork. It comes in sizes 34 to 60 for around $100.

Kurta Pyjama

For men who want to go with a simpler look, a kurta pyjama would be an appropriate option. The loose fitting top and pants are cool and comfortable in warm climates while still looking fashionable and traditional. Due to the less intricate design, they can be (though aren't always) a more affordable option.

Yellow Color Printed Kurta Set
Yellow Color Printed Kurta Set
  • Kurta Pyjamas - The colorful red silk kurta top with pyjamas is less than $70 for sizes 32 to 52. It has gold detailing around the neckline.


As with any groom, an Indian man will want to accessorize his outfit.

  • Scarves draped over shoulders (or dhotis tied around the waist) are popular choices to accentuate the formal attire.
  • Turbans can be worn by Indian men of certain faiths, perhaps with a sehera tied to the front. A sehera is a veil-like garland of flowers or beads said to ward off the evil eye, much like the American custom of the bride's veil.
  • Mojris and jutties are colorful and ornate pieces of footwear. They often include beading and embroidery and can complete the men's look.

Men's Guest Attire Advice

Guests who attend an Indian wedding ceremony should be dressed formally like most Western weddings. A few options include, but aren't limited to:

  • Kurta pyjamas - The more basic look of this clothing selection makes it appropriate for both the groom/bridal party and guests. Look for a less ornate option as a guest.
  • Sherwani - Again, as long as you don't pick out a sherwani to rival the groom's, this is a good option for the male guest to wear to a wedding.
  • Western suits - A classic suit worn to weddings is never inappropriate. They are also a good option to wear for the wedding reception.

You'll likely want to avoid wearing black and white if the Indian wedding ceremony is more traditional. If you're unsure about what to wear, ask a member of the bridal party or family. They can steer you in the right direction.

Culturally Appropriate Clothing

The Indian wedding attire for men that you choose to wear not only represents your faith, your spouse's faith, or your friend/family member's faith but should reflect your personality and feelings regarding clothing as well. A wedding is a highly symbolic celebration in any culture, and taking care with your attire will make it even more meaningful.

Indian Wedding Attire for Men