Inexpensive Elopement Packages

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Eloping on a small budget is not only incredibly romantic, but can be friendly to the pocket, if done right! Budget-friendly packages can hit the sweet spot between the county courthouse and a luxury affair while rending a truly memorable celebration at a reasonable cost. Look for inexpensive places to elope offering packages with an emphasis on affordability, easiness, and beauty.

Just Married Hawaii

Just Married Hawaii offers services in Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai in Hawaii. Their most basic ceremony costs $75, but their Barefoot Ceremony is so popular they even made its price a part of their name! This elopement package company in the USA offers a host of customizable options from simple ceremonies on free locations which can be enhanced with flowers, photography, videos - you name it - to full-blown weddings aboard luxurious yachts and Hawaiian celebrations with dancers and music to boot.

Sample Package

A sample customization combining their Hawaiian Style ceremony ($155) plus their Pro Photo Package I ($195) for a total of $350 offers a better deal than most found in the area. This particular customization gets you:

  • Minister to perform the ceremony
  • Traditional conch shell blowing during ceremony
  • Assistance for Hawaii license processing/filing online
  • Several options for Oahu locations (fees may apply, depending on site chosen)
  • 2 "Traditional Forever Kukui Nut Leis"
  • Commemorative marriage certificate
  • Hawaiian prayer with English translation, customized for your nuptials
  • Professional photographer with camera for one location, who takes up to 80 pictures
  • Full 30 minutes of photography
  • Web image album for viewing, sharing, and ordering photos (prints/images are not included in price)


Your marriage license fee, permit fees and acquisitions needed for non-free sites, travel costs, tax and tips are not included in the package(s) pricing. If you have more room in your budget for a few additional luxuries, prices can go upwards of $5,000.

Beach Sunset Weddings in Palmetto, Florida

Beach Sunset Weddings is a cheap place to elope in Florida on the west coast. Package prices range from $499 to $1799. All their listed packages include the ceremony, the officiant, the certification and return of marriage license to the Clerk of Court, as well as photography, recorded music, and use of silk flowers. They get bonus points for offering couples plenty of help in getting their license and for completing the registration steps afterwards. Their most affordable packages are ideal for elopements and their consecutive offerings are just right for destination weddings that are budget friendly.

Sample Package

The Purely Simple package costs $499, is available Monday through Thursday, and offers:

  • Professional wedding officiant
  • Traditional, spiritual, or non-religious personalized ceremony options
  • Couple's pre-recorded music selection
  • Faux flowers for use during ceremony and photos
  • Ceremony certification and assistance in returning legal document to the appropriate Florida Clerk of Court
  • CD with 30 photographs and copyright release for printing images and copying CD


Permit fees may apply for some locations and are to be paid independently from their services. The costs associated with the marriage license in Florida are also not included.

Blue Sky Ceremony at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Blue Sky Ceremony offers services in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. A variety of elopement and small wedding packages, for two and up to 16 guests, are priced from $595 to $4745. Their starter package is their Standard $595 package which pretty much covers the basic ceremony and marriage license costs for the USVI. However, they offer a host of services and decorations at additional cost for a convenient one stop "plan the wedding of your dreams" approach to getting married in St. Thomas.

Sample Package

Their A Simple Wedding Package for bride and groom costs $795 and it offers:

  • All the consultation a couple might need by phone and e-mail
  • Wedding ceremony coordination services
  • Officiant and personalized ceremony
  • Cost of marriage license $200, as well as filing of marriage before the USVI Courts is included
  • 2 witnesses
  • 4 certified copies of marriage certificate
  • Commemorative marriage certificate
  • Small bridal bouquet and boutonniere
  • Champagne for two
  • Location choice within service area


Blue Sky Ceremony serves primarily in the Magens Bay and Lindquist Beach area in St. Thomas, however they are open to serve in other locations, and if you are staying in St. John or Saint Croix, you are only a ferry ride away!

Colorado Commitments in Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Mountains

Colorado Commitments offers their services in Colorado. Their services range from $125 to $995 offering a very open and friendly approach to all faiths and unions. Couples can enjoy simple elopement ceremonies for $125, day-of-the-wedding planning, and all kind of ceremony enhancements and additions. Services are offered all over Colorado including mountain tops, National and State Parks, the Rocky Mountain River, and all kind of outdoor locations. Not only are they super inclusive, they have wonderful creative ideas to personalize and even write your wedding ceremony!

Sample Package

Their Destination Wedding Ceremony package costs $295, and it offers:

  • Wedding ceremony for couples with a maximum of four guests
  • On-site photography; 15 photos in digital format
  • Bridal bouquet(s) and/or boutonniere(s) with flowers of the season
  • Champagne toast
  • Small wedding cake


Pricing is limited to a 20-mile radius of Boulder Colorado; mileage fees may be applicable for venues further away. Obtaining the marriage license in Colorado is responsibility of the couple, but Colorado Commitments takes care of the filing afterwards.

Enchanting Elopements in Napa Valley, California

Enchanting Elopements has been offering their services in beautiful Napa Valley for more than 25 years. Packages are offered for $375, $1975, and fully customized according to couples budget and preferences. They work with 8 main venues all over wine country offering couples easy breezy elopements catered to their budgets. Their website offers both a ceremony centered package for $375 and a two-night, romantic lodging-inclusive package for $1975. If you'd like something in between or perhaps completely suited to your taste, they have a convenient form to help you get started.

Sample Package

Their Park venue package costs $375, and it offers:

  • Officiant services
  • Meeting before the ceremony
  • Venue permit to hold ceremony
  • Wedding ceremony personalized for bride and groom
  • Assistance in obtaining marriage license in California
  • Filing the marriage license before corresponding authorities
  • Commemorative marriage certificate


This package allows up to eight guests. If you are traveling alone, don't worry; they can supply a witness for $50 and he/she can even take pictures using your camera! They also offer professional photography services for $325.

Falls Wedding Chapel in Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara falls
Niagara Falls, New York

The Falls Wedding Chapel has been offering their services to couples in the Buffalo / Niagara Falls Area for over 20 years. Service prices range from $195 to $895 and can be customized to include cake, flowers, and photography services. Their ministers are involved in active ministry and can offer both Christian and civil ceremonies. Their prices are dependant on location and all include a free night at the Quality Hotel & Suites (Sunday through Thursday) where their Love Chapel is located. Their wide range of locations offer plenty of choices, from romantic gardens close to the falls to a majestic cathedral to a helicopter flight over the falls. They can cater to just the couple, full size weddings, and anything in between.

Sample Package

The On the Brink package set in Prospect Point overlooking the Niagara Falls costs $345 and it includes:

  • Officiating minister
  • Pre-recorded wedding music
  • Commemorative marriage certificate
  • Complimentary bottle of champagne
  • Free night for wedding couple
  • Hotel rates at a discount for guests
  • Consultation with wedding coordinator


Outdoor locations have a policy of maximum 10 chairs per event, however the ceremony last about 10 to 15 minutes so in many instances guests just stand. As with most other service providers, marriage license processing and fee and other applicable fees derived from requesting a special location are paid by the couple.

Honesco Weddings in Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe
Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Honesco Weddings offers non-denominational wedding ceremony packages in several locations of Lake Tahoe, both in the Nevada and California sides. Their packages, priced at $200 to $650, include helping you get your marriage license and even taking care of the paperwork afterwards. They can also help you add all trimmings to personalize your celebration to your taste and needs. Their superb services are offered in stunning locations on both sides of Lake Tahoe, as well as indoor chapel options.

Sample Package

Their "Tie The Knot" Special #2 package costs $325 and it offers:

  • Service for up to 10 guests, including site fees
  • Outdoor locations such as Emerald Bay, Logan Shoals, Vista Point, Zephyr Cove, Sand Harbor
  • Non-denominational minister authorized to officiate in both California and Nevada
  • Wedding ceremony
  • DVD slideshow of wedding photos set to music


As with most service providers, the marriage license fee (whether for Nevada or California), as well as the fees for some locations, are not included.

Magical Weddings in Højerup, Denmark

Church at Stevn Klint
Church at Stevn Klint, Denmark

Magical Weddings offers their services in Højerup, Denmark, just one hour away from the Copenhagen airport. Their packages range from 500 Euro (approx. $500 USD) to 2,500 Euro (approx. $2700 USD) and can be customized with a host of additional services both for elopements and full size weddings. The true charm of Magical Weddings is the possibility to get married with a civil ceremony in Old Højerup, a 13th century stone church. This is doubly awesome not only because this church is lying atop the Stevns Klint coastline, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; but because, usually, civil ceremonies can't be done inside churches. However, Magical Weddings not only offers ceremonies here, but closes the site just for you, at a very reasonable price too!

Sample Package

Their Magical Wedding package costs 800 Euro, and it offers:

  • Paperwork consultation and coordination of legal steps before danish authorities
  • Witnesses to the nuptials
  • Meeting the day prior to the wedding (for paperwork processing)
  • Meeting the day of the ceremony (for wedding details)
  • Transportation to Old Højerup church for bride and groom
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Cake and sparkling toast after ceremony


Getting legally married in Denmark is fairly simple. However, if you are an American, or belong to a country member of the Hague Convention, you will need your marriage certificate further legalized with an Apostille in order to use it legally back home. Magical Weddings gets this legalization for you for an additional 100 Euro. Remember to add that into your costs if you are going to need it.

Savannah Simple Elopement in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Simple Elopement is specialized exclusively on elopements offering its services in Savannah, Georgia. Couples can exchange their vows in some of the most beautiful locations in the Savannah on their own or in the company of a couple of friends. Their packages range from $60 to $300. From a simple signing with no ceremony to a beautiful ceremony to the sound of the harp, Savannah Simple Elopements offers just the perfect set of services at a super affordable price.

Sample Package

Their Historic Elegance Premium Destination Elopement package costs $200 and it offers:

  • Consultation before ceremony
  • Personalized wedding ceremony
  • Ceremony officiant
  • Printed copy of your ceremony and vows
  • Commemorative wedding certificate
  • 20-30 minutes of photography; edited images on flash drive mailed to your home


Most services are limited to the couple and up to five guests with a possible upgrade to 10 guests for a fee. Like most other services, the Chatham Courts marriage license fee is not included.

Vallarta Weddings in Puerto Vallarta, México

Vallarta Weddings has been offering their services in all of Bay of Banderas, where Puerto Vallarta is located, for more than 15 years. Their ceremony packages range from $750 to $1150 and they offer a wide array of additional services to cater to small and big weddings alike. Excellent service, local knowledge of the area (including a host of free locations), and direct contact with local providers enable this service provider to offer high quality service at affordable prices.

Sample Package

Their Civil Ceremony Basic Package costs $950 and it offers eloping couples:

  • All paperwork and consultation(s) needed to get legally married in Puerto Vallarta
  • Wedding coordination and legal processing services before local authorities
  • Civil ceremony officiant
  • 2 witnesses (if needed)
  • Medium bouquet and boutonniere - seasonal local flowers
  • Professional photography (15 photos)


Getting legally married in Puerto Vallarta (all of Mexico, really) involves a bit more paperwork than other destinations. Particularly, couples will need to legalize their documents with an Apostille in order to use them in Mexico, as both the U.S. and Mexico are members of the Hague Convention. Some additional costs may apply in terms of translations and legal fees for cases in which the parties are divorced or widowed.

Vegas Weddings in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

Vegas Weddings pride themselves in offering classy, affordable, convenient, hassle free weddings for all. Their services are priced from $99 to $4095. Ceremony packages are offered in three main categories Drive Thru, Chapel, and Outdoor that includes flying over the Grand Canyon by Helicopter. There's also the fun Elvis wedding for $499 and even receptions for $1,199 to $2,999. Their ample variety of enhancements, thorough paperwork services, and convenient location really make eloping completely hassle free!

Sample Package

Their Ignite package costs $299 from Sunday through Friday and $399 on Saturdays and "premium" days. It offers:

  • Services consultation (optional - they recommend you take it after you get your license and before the ceremony)
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Courtesy limousine - round trip from your hotel to the wedding and back.
  • Choice of wedding venue (5 different options - indoors and outdoors)
  • Pre-recorded wedding music
  • 3 rose bouquet for bride (chose from their color selection or upgrade to suit your taste)
  • Groom's boutonniere to match bride's
  • Professional ceremony photography; 11 high resolution image files with copyright release on CD
  • Commemorative marriage certificate holder and 5x7 print
  • Internet broadcast of wedding ceremony
  • Unity candle in the ceremony


Usually, the most comprehensive packages imply that service providers such as ministers, limo drivers, and photographers are working at very low rates. This means that they would greatly appreciate a tip for a job well done. So you may want to prepare a tip of about $50 dollars each and thank them for an excellent service on your big day.

Before You Book

Before you book your destination elopement package, you'll want to consider the value and cost of the package as well as legal matters. Keep in mind that "inexpensive" is relative - after all, everyone's starting point and idea of what constitutes an affordable budget will vary.

Ceremony Centered Packages Offer Best Value

Elopement packages centered on the ceremony do not include lodging, and are not limited by, or dependant on lodging either, so the couple is free to find the best deal in lodging according to their preferences and budget. Couples may be able to book their lodging independently for better deals on Airbnb, HomeAway,, trivago, or other alternative lodging services.

Inclusions Versus Costs

These type of packages are considered a good deal within a $100 to $1000 U.S. range. The best value has much more to do with what's offered and not so much the cost. Good elopement packages are geared towards couples traveling on their own, or perhaps with only a few people more in attendance, and should take care of as many details as possible.

Legal Matters

While most couples should expect to take a trip to the local county court of their elopement destination to get their license, many service providers help with filing the license afterwards, and that is wonderful perk when you are only staying briefly at the destination. The best packages should help couples get their legal matters settled properly and offer as much of a full celebration as possible without breaking the bank.

The aforementioned packages are all LGBT-friendly, which is another legal matter to consider when getting married in another state or abroad.

Celebrating Your Love Is What Matters Most

Elopement and destination wedding packages abound. In the end, choose a service that truly meets your needs, not only budget-wise, but also in terms of the whole experience. Make sure to have a thorough conversation with the service providers you are considering for your big day. Screen them properly, pay attention to details, and consider how you feel about sharing your day with them. Choose the better match for you, and remember, wherever you choose to elope to and whatever budget you may have, what truly matters is celebrating your love!

Inexpensive Elopement Packages