Interracial Wedding Cake Topper Ideas for Couples

Updated December 15, 2019
Bride and bridegroom cake decoration on top of wedding cake

An interracial wedding cake topper can add the perfect finishing touch on the wedding cake. Couples want their weddings to reflect their own unique relationship, and today there are many choices rather than a standard "one size fits all" topper.

Interracial Wedding Cake Topper Options

Couples are a classic wedding cake topper. If you're entering into an interracial wedding, you'll want to have each figurine represent yourself. Look for a style that reflects your looks and personality for a true representation of yourselves as a couple.

Popular Poses

An interracial couple can look for figurines posed in a way that highlights their feelings for one another. These poses include:

  • Standing side-by-side
  • Kissing or embracing
  • Dancing together
  • Sitting with legs hanging off the cake edge
  • Portraying a hobby, such as fishing or playing instruments
  • Gazing into each other's eyes
  • Exchanging rings
    Pair of male figurines on top of wedding cake at reception

Personalized Photo Toppers for Interracial Couples

Another option for interracial couples to choose a cake top is to consider a photo topper. These toppers can serve as a keepsake or decorative piece after the wedding. Look for a lightweight photo favor frame that fits your wedding theme or style and place an engagement photo in it. Add it to the top of your cake.

Photo topper in a blue wedding cake

Interchangeable Wedding Cake Toppers

This innovative cake topper idea allows couples to choose the topper figures, perfect for interracial couples who want a personalized topper. These mix and match style toppers may stand side by side or be affixed together to create a single base. Couples can typically choose skin color and hair color for the groom and bride figurine to resemble their own. The bride figurines are available in various dress styles as well. Common materials include resin and porcelain, but other materials may be available as well.

Pink wedding cake with red roses and lesbian couple on top on blue background

Custom Interracial Wedding Cake Toppers

In addition to premade interchangeable cake toppers, some companies also take custom orders or special requests for interracial wedding toppers. You may be able to select specific skin tone, hair color, and even wedding gowns, flower, accessories, and other details for the bride and groom figurine. Be aware that there are typically additional charges for special request or custom cake toppers of this nature. When ordering a personalized or custom interracial cake topper, remember to order early. Special request toppers may require several months for completion.

Where to Purchase

Stores that offer custom interracial toppers include:

  • JW Cake Tops allows you to take most of their available toppers and request special custom changes to incorporate height, hair, tattoos, and more. Standard couple toppers start around $65 to $90. Customization starts at an $10 and above.
  • Magic Mud Wedding Cake Toppers will create personalized sculpture type toppers not only with desired race and appearance preferences, but include details about a couples hobbies and interests as well. Pricing varies, depending on request, but generally costs in the $250 range.
  • Mirror Image Studios has customized toppers that start around $80 and go up. Included in each topper is your choice of skin color, hair color, facial hair, eyes, and flowers. Add more personalization for an additional cost.

Edible Custom Toppers

Toppers can also be made from modeling chocolate, fondant, and gum paste. This offers a whimsical touch and look to your cake design. Alert your wedding cake designer when ordering that you want to have an edible topper made in your likenesses for the top of the cake. Not all cake vendors will have the skills to create your images so make sure you ask if this is an option and to see samples prior to ordering.

Interracial wedding cake decoration

Personalize Your Wedding Cake Topper

By selecting a wedding cake topper that reflects your features, you'll be creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Display the topper with your wedding photograph for a personalized vignette.

Interracial Wedding Cake Topper Ideas for Couples