Krispy Kreme Wedding Cakes

Updated February 8, 2019
Chocolate Donut Tree

Krispy Kreme donut wedding cakes are sugary phenomenons that replaces traditional cake designs for couples interested in a crazy cake sure to please their guests and their budget. With a wide variety of flavors to select from, your guests will love this sweet treat.

Wedding Donut Designs

Personalize a Krispy Kreme cake from the choice of donuts and how they are arranged to the accents that turn a stack of donuts into an elegant wedding cake design. The uniform shape of Krispy Kreme donuts makes them easy to stack in a number of fun arrangements. Each of these designs can be made using your favorite flavor from Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme Cake Tower

Use a variety of wedding cake stands can add flair to different layers while ensuring they do not weigh enough to crush the lower level donuts. Decorative stands look best with plain glazed donuts, while donuts featuring colorful icing and sprinkles are best paired with a simple stand.

Donut tower at a wedding

Pyramid Stack

A classic pyramid stack is the easiest and more popular option, and many couples create several stacks in different diameters and heights. Different types of donuts, such as rippled crullers, add even more flair to a Krispy Kreme wedding cake when the different donuts are arranged in symmetrical patterns. Alternating the types of donuts and the colors of their icing (if applicable) also creates a unique and stunning cake.

Stacked Donuts In Tray Against Clear Sky

Donut Holes

Stacking donut holes is a great option for couples who want to place a plate of the donuts at each table. They also are the perfect option for a wedding dessert bar, so guests can select a few items instead of filling up on one. Add a little decorative fondant rose between the holes throughout the stack for additional wedding theming.

Donut holes

Donut Flavor Selection Tips

Krispy Kreme offers more than a dozen donut flavors, and couples can choose any variety for their wedding cake.

  • Thicker cake donuts are the best choice for lower layers of the cake because they are more durable and will hold their shape when stacked.
  • Filled donuts may add more specialized flavor, but they may leak if stacked too tightly.
  • Original glazed donuts are recommended for the top layers of the cake because they are more lightweight.
  • Seasonal flavors are often limited-time, making them extra special for your reception.
Different donuts

How to Accent the Donuts

A plain stack of donuts does not make a very attractive wedding cake, but couples can decorate a Krispy Kreme cake just as intimately as a traditional layer cake.

Decoration Ideas

The donuts themselves can be chosen for flair and decoration - sprinkles can even be coordinated with the bridal party dresses or other wedding reception decorations. Once the donuts are stacked in the cake configuration, they can be elaborately embellished with floral accents, beading, ribbon, berries, lace, or other details to create an elegant wedding confection. The uniform holes in the donuts are a ready-made holder for different accents, while the glaze acts as a mild glue to help hold the details together.

Decorated Donuts

Topper Options

Krispy Kreme wedding cakes can also accommodate wedding cake toppers, though if the topper will be placed on the cake itself, a lightweight style is recommended. Alternatively, the topper could be placed on its own platform, surrounded with donut holes or coordinating accents if desired. Many couples also opt to have the topper displayed next to the cake rather than directly on the donuts.

Donut Costs

One of the best benefits of a Krispy Kreme wedding cake is the price. The average cost of a donut is around $1 (depending on the store location and specific donut variety), which is far more affordable than standard wedding cake prices - original glazed donuts are even cheaper. At the same time, however, a couple needs to realize that buying the donuts is only the first expense in creating a stacked donut cake. Krispy Kreme stores do not arrange the cake, so couples will need to find a cake designer willing to work with the unusual arrangement. Decorative accents must be purchased separately as well. A couple can save some money, however, by avoiding cake slicing fees - guests can simply help themselves to a tasty treat from the cake, no knives or forks required.

More Krispy Kreme Tips

To make a Krispy Kreme cake truly worthy of a wedding celebration, a couple should take a few precautions to be sure it is suitable.

  • Make a test cake or pyramid prior to the wedding to test its appearance. With practice, the couple may be able to arrange the cake themselves and save the costs of hiring a cake designer.
  • Notify the store with the special order at least two weeks in advance and again a day or two before the donuts will be picked up to be sure there are enough available.
  • To keep the cake from collapsing under its own weight, it is best to stack only cold donuts.

Why Couples Choose a Krispy Kreme Cake

Krispy Kreme donuts are a definite crowd pleaser: from hot, fresh glazed donuts to iced chocolate cake donuts or a rainbow of colorful sprinkles, there are Krispy Kreme donuts to please everyone. Krispy Kreme wedding cakes are a natural choice for any donut-loving couple. They are great options for:

  • A couple whose courtship included tasty trips to a local Krispy Kreme.
  • A morning wedding or one that will feature a brunch reception.
  • A fun-loving couple interested in a more unique type of cake design.
  • Couples who don't care for sponge cake or traditional cake flavors.
  • A groom's cake with a unique but fun design.

Delicious Dessert Alternative

Since the first Krispy Kreme store opened in North Carolina in 1937, these delicious donuts have spread their popularity around the globe. Today, a Krispy Kreme wedding cake is a delicious and unique alternative to traditional cakes, and one that will be sweet for every guest.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Cakes