36 Unique Motorcycle Wedding Favor Ideas

Updated December 17, 2019
A toy motorcycle for a wedding favor

Biker-themed weddings are increasingly popular due to the growing appeal of motorcycle themed television shows and motorcycle brands' loyal followers. Send guests on the road with a favor that fits your biker nuptials.

Types of Motorcycle Wedding Favors

There are many different types of biker wedding favors, from traditional wedding favors with a motorcycle theme to motorcycle-specific trinkets guests can enjoy.

Accessories for Road Warriors

Giving out favors that are actually motorcycle accessories, add-ons, and wearables is a great way to share your love of the open road with your guests.

  • Pocket knife or multi-tool from motorcycle brand of your choice
  • Wrap-around sunglasses
  • Wallet chains
  • Cell phone mount for their bike (or any vehicle)
  • Tire gauges or repair kits
  • Ear plugs in a carrying case
  • Stocking cap featuring a motorcycle motif
  • Leather bracelets with a motorcycle charm in the center
  • Helmet or body reflective tape for visibility
  • Key chains, especially black leather or chrome designs
  • Lighters with motorcycle details or the Harley Davidson logo
  • Hand warmers for those chilly night rides
  • Guardian angel bell for bikers
Motorcycle Biker Luck Riding Bell or Key Ring
Motorcycle Biker Luck Riding Bell

Classic Favors With a Biker Twist

Plenty of traditional favors can be found that have a motorcycle or biker lifestyle theme incorporated. Just a few ideas include:

  • Bike-shaped cookies or chocolate wedding favors such as suckers or candies
  • Wine favors with a custom label featuring a photo of the couple on their bikes or bike graphic
  • Floral wedding favors in orange and black (Harley Davidson colors) or other colors to coordinate with a specific bike
  • Can koozies featuring motorcycles and a wedding saying
  • Bike-shaped cookie cutters or holiday ornaments
  • Water bottles featuring your bike brand's color or logo
  • Personalized wedding favors such as chocolates, shot glasses, notepads, match books, or candles that use biker clipart and graphics
  • Motorcycle wedding favor frames with a photo in each wheel

Fun Favors for Those Who Love the Freedom of the Road

Share your love of the road with these fun and/or functional favors:

  • Temporary tattoos in wedding or biker themes
  • Road maps with biker routes outlined, perhaps in a quirky heart shape
  • Bandanas in bold prints such as tire marks, stylized flames, or bike logos artfully folded at each place setting
  • Poker chips featuring your favorite bike brand
  • Coloring pages with crayons and motorcycle stickers tied together (for kids)
  • Small motorcycle toys with coordinating ribbons or accents, which are perfect for weddings with kids
Wedding rings on a toy wooden motorcycle

Easy DIY Motorcycle Themed Favors

Put together your own motorcycle themed favor without needing a lot of time, money, or craft skills.

  • Salt and pepper shakers - Purchase shaker sets at your local dollar store. Add motorcycle stickers with a black bike for pepper and a white bike for salt. Put a little tulle on the salt and you have the "bride" and groom represented as well.
  • Biker mugs - Pick up plain white mugs in bulk. Use a motorcycle stencil and the Sharpie method for making mugs to give everyone.
  • Coasters - Make easy beginner's felt coasters out of material featuring motorcycles and helmets.
  • Tree ornaments - Make a rolled paper Christmas ornament using scrapbook paper featuring motorcycle graphics. Put your wedding date and names on the front.

Packaging the Favors

Use a favor tag that has a motorcycle graphic on it and your thank you message. Packaging itself could include:

  • Specialized ribbons with motorcycle icons
  • Motorcycle bandanas tied around the favors
  • Black and silver (to represent chrome) tissue paper
  • Papers or boxes with flame decorations
  • Motorcycle, tire, or helmet favor charms that can be tied on to the package

Thank Your Guests With Biker Gear

From small, discreet details to a bold biker wedding theme and the associated motorcycle wedding favors, the biker lifestyle is one that many couples choose as the backdrop to celebrate their wild and crazy nuptials. Package them and send everyone on the road with a little something from their fellow biker brother and sister.

36 Unique Motorcycle Wedding Favor Ideas