Keep Your Naughty Bride Personality in Check

Updated February 19, 2019
bridesmaids with unhappy bride

Naughty brides can turn a wedding into a nightmare. While she may get away with a little bad behavior, she shouldn't make it a habit. Brides can be naughty in more ways than one leading up to their wedding day.

Defining Naughty

Planning a wedding is a stressful experience, and all brides may be naughty occasionally. Understanding the different types of undesirable attitudes can help brides censor their own behavior as well as help the bridal party members know how to deal with unexpected naughtiness.

Different Types of Naughty

A naughty bride could be many things:

  • She may have a fiery temper, an overbearing attitude, or a superiority complex about "her day, her way."
  • Some brides are naughty in a fun way, planning jokes and fun instead of buckling down to the business of planning a wedding.
  • Still other brides enjoy a few moments of naughtiness when expressing their wild, sexy side, whether for their groom or in a moment of bachelorette party extravagance.

Figure out what type you're emulating and try to avoid her worst traits.

The Dreaded Bridezilla

The bridezilla is the most feared of the naughty brides. These women tend to be demanding and controlling about every aspect of their wedding, expecting perfection when it may not be possible.

bride having meltdown during preparations

Common Bridezilla Tactics

Compromise isn't an option for a bridezilla, and she often requires her bridesmaids to take on additional duties and dedicate their spare time to creating her dream wedding. When a bridezilla notices that something isn't working as planned, she may make threats, throw a tantrum, or emotionally explode at the prospect of less than perfection on her wedding day. This behavior can drive away good friends and family members who want to avoid her wrath, leading to estrangement or banishment from the wedding festivities due to the bride's unreasonable behavior.

Skip the Dramatics

To avoid being a bridezilla and keep her bridal party happy, brides should:

  • Be willing to delegate tasks to other bridal party members and to trust their judgment without constant supervision.
  • Understand that while her wedding is important, other attendants, family members, and friends have other events in their lives that don't revolve around the wedding.
  • Be open to ideas and suggestions from other individuals who mean well and genuinely want to help the bride have a wonderful day.
  • Get enough sleep and relaxation to avoid stressing out as the wedding approaches. Creating detailed planning checklists can ensure that every detail is attended to so there are no last-minute problems.

Sexy Bride

A sexy bride may be a good thing on the wedding night, but a bride who is too sexy is more interested in how she and her bridesmaids look for the perfect pictures than creating a supportive network of family and friends to share in the wedding festivities.

sexy bridal pose

Common Traits

Flirting with men other than the soon-to-be groom and insisting on a racy bachelorette party or risqué lingerie bridal shower are signs of a sexy bride. Her wedding attire may be too revealing for the ceremony venue, and she may resent needing more modest attire for her solemn vows. A too-sexy bride may also be planning a wedding garter show that borders on a strip tease and can make even the most liberal wedding guest blush.

Stay Classy, Not Trashy

To avoid being too sexy without losing her beauty and to avoid a wedding etiquette fail, a bride should:

  • Tone down her attire and customize her wedding dress in a lovely, feminine way without flaunting her unmentionable assets.
  • Opt for a private photo session to create sexy photos for the groom rather than insisting that all the bridesmaids participate in boudoir poses.
  • Save the sexy behavior for the honeymoon getaway to celebrate with her new husband.

Crazy Jokester

A mischievous bride can be naughty when she plays practical jokes or has one too many inappropriate snarky comments that only she finds hilarious.

bride getting cake on groom's face

Going Overboard

Playing practical jokes on her bridal party members or plans her face-smashing assault when she and her groom cut the wedding cake are commonly seen things a bride may do that gets old quickly. As a gag, this bride may deliberately choose atrocious bridesmaid dresses as an inside joke, or she may be plotting a fake kidnapping during the wedding reception to add unnecessary drama. While an occasional lighthearted moment is fun to share as the wedding approaches, too many jokes will drive away both guests and friends when they are tired of laughing.

Lighthearted Fun

To keep from being too crazy, brides should:

  • Understand that a wedding is not a joke and keep fun events and jokes in perspective.
  • Be aware that not everyone will understand or appreciate an outlandish sense of humor.
  • Restrict jokes to fun wedding planning events such as the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding rehearsal dinner instead of at the wedding ceremony or reception.

Grumpy Bride

A grumpy bride pouts, or even becomes distraught, when things don't go her way, and while she may not be as vociferous as a bridezilla, her mood can bring down the happy spirit of the wedding. Wedding bloopers of all kinds are bound to happen through the planning process and the day itself, and a grumpy bride will let them overshadow the rest of the day.

upset and stressed out bride

How She Acts

A grumpy bride always wants to be reassured that she's right and she expects to be coddled and praised throughout the wedding planning. This self-serving behavior can be difficult for friends to contend with, and instead of a joyous occasion, a grumpy bride may find her wedding day to be a lonely, stressful one.

Kick Crankiness to the Curb

To avoid grumpiness, brides can:

  • Relax about the details of the planning and enjoy the fun and happiness of their wedding.
  • Take time to de-stress when necessary without needing unreasonable support for every potential problem that may ruin the wedding day.
  • Remember the point of the wedding day and smile at the thought of walking down the aisle to the man of their dreams.

How Friends and Family Can Help

It can be difficult for bridal party members, families, and friends to deal with naughty brides. Understanding their naughty behavior and knowing how to help can let the wedding be a more joyous celebration for everyone involved, while still showing support and caring for the bride even when she's not quite the princess she hopes to be.

Keep Your Naughty Bride Personality in Check