Peacock Themed Wedding

Updated December 14, 2018
bride with peacock feathers

A peacock wedding theme begins with a vibrant wedding color palette and includes lavish elements that together create a mod, chic wedding for the 21st century. Bring everything together from the attire to the cake using your themed elements.

Peacock Wedding Color Palette

The obvious color scheme with a peacock wedding theme is blue, green, and gold. However, you don't have to stick with the basics. Instead, consider:

  • Blues ranging from turquoise to sapphire to navy
  • Greens from bright emerald to grass green
  • Pops of bright colors like pink, coral, purple, and orange as accents
  • Gold and black accents

The entire wedding will reflect your particular palette. The bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen's vests, ties, and possibly shirts, should all be selected to match your particular colors and accents.

Hands of bridesmaids with bracelets

Bold Accessories and Attire

The bridal party will wear attire that suits the season and the particular palette chosen while groomsmen should at least have a matching tie or vest. Other ways to incorporate the peacock into your attire include:

  • The bride might want to select a gown with a colored ribbon in a peacock blue or utilize a broach on a simple a-line silk gown.
  • Similarly, the bridesmaids might wear a bold gown but have feathers added as an accessory.
  • The groom should wear a boutonniere featuring the bird's feather.
    bride and groom with peacock boutonniere
  • All the female bridal party members might want to add a hair clip with a feather and/or earrings with feathers.
  • Groomsmen, ushers, and the groom might want to buy fun socks featuring the bird or feather pattern.
  • Brides may want to select a bold fantasy peacock makeup palette that utilizes the bold blues, greens, and golds of peacock feathers.

Locations for Peacock Weddings

Select your wedding location based on your theme idea.

  • Destination weddings - A peacock theme is the perfect supplement to a destination wedding in Sri Lanka, India, Java or Myanmar, the native areas of the peacock, according to National Geographic.
  • Outdoor venues - Peacock themes are also perfect in zoos, botanical gardens or other venues outside.
  • Indoor reception halls - If you choose a wedding reception hall indoors with peacock décor or with blue, green, or gold colors, choosing the peacock theme makes decorating for the wedding easy.

While renting an actual peacock to be brought to your location might sound like a memorable wedding extravagance, it is best to check with local animal authorities before attempting to do so. It may not be permitted at the location. Consider having photos done as a couple with a peacock in the background at a zoo rather than bringing the peacock to you. Otherwise, make sure you have an animal handler and all permits and waivers accounted for prior to the wedding day.

peacock in garden wedding location

Invitations and Stationary

Utilize your invitations and other wedding stationary, like RSVPs and save-the-dates, to let guests know what to expect when they attend your wedding. The stationary may feature an actual peacock, the features, or the colors you've selected.

peacock themed wedding invitation

Ceremony Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

The bride and bridesmaid bouquets, plus ceremony altar arrangements, can feature peacock feathers in them. The feathers can be added in a variety of ways:

  • Mixed in with other flowers as part of the general bridal bouquet design
  • Placed at the back of a large altar or column flower arrangement
  • Centered in a bouquet of white flowers
  • Placed around the bottom of any bouquet as an outline
  • Added to a bouquet with other bright blooms
  • Put into a bouquet of just baby's breath or greenery
Peacock Wedding Bouquet

Peacock Wedding Decorations for Receptions

The decorations you select for your reception are what will really bring home your theme. From elaborate table settings to simple DIY options, you can make the most of the tables and the space.

Floral Peacock Figures

A talented wedding florist can create peacock shaped arrangements using flowers. These can be placed around the wedding ceremony on columns and then moved to the reception location. Use them as centerpieces and place throughout the area.

Flower decorations in the form of a peacock

Table and Centerpiece Ideas

Modern centerpieces are often tall and bold. This tablescape features tall white vases filled with fluffy white peacock feathers. The feathers come out of a traditional rose bouquet in the vase. This is an elegant option that allows you to bring in additional colors in the floral part of the centerpiece.

Bouquet of roses with white peacock feathers

DIY Peacock Centerpiece Idea

If you need cheap peacock wedding decorations, the centerpiece is one spot where you can save some money. Put a single rose stem (live or faux) in a narrow vase. Add a single peacock feather. Spread additional petals around the base of the vase.

Flower on Wedding Table

Peacock Wedding Cake Designs

Get creative with the wedding cake. Just a few ideas include:

  • Shaped cake that looks like a peacock
  • Round cake featuring feathers sticking out of the top layer and/or each layer
  • Feathers as the border around each layer
  • Cake with feather design on each layer in bright accent colors
  • Hand-painted feather design
  • Peacock topper out of fondant with feathers flowing down each tier
white wedding cake with peacock feathers

No matter what design you select, you'll want to be sure you decorate the cake table with feathers and use a tablecloth that matches your wedding colors.

Put Together Your Peacock Theme

The vibrant palette and exotic peacock feathers work together to create a theme you can utilize from the ceremony through the reception. In fact, it could even work as a bridal shower theme, too. The availability of feathers and figures make decorating simple, allowing you plenty of room for those luxurious extras. Put your peacock theme together with ease!

Peacock Themed Wedding