Pictures of Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs

Updated December 18, 2019
Wedding cake and candies

The wedding cake you select should not only be delicious, but represent your wedding itself. Whether you pick a classic round cake in white or a quirky, colorful shaped cake, looking at some amazing cake pictures will help you narrow down your options.

Modern Wedding Cake Designs

A modern cake may have an unusual shape or a modern design; these cakes are different but still look elegant and classic.

Black and White Cakes

Black and white cakes are sophisticated. While black used to be shunned at weddings, modern brides are embracing the classy look it gives their nuptials.

Black & White wedding cake

Elegant Designs

It doesn't matter if your elegant cake is minimalist or extravagant. Elegance is conveyed through the use of metallic embellishments, regal flourishes, and clean lines.

Four tier wedding cake

Contemporary Unusual Designs

A modern cake doesn't need to follow the trends to be current. Instead, look for a contemporary design that is almost architectural in nature, such as using different cake sizes and shapes to make the unusual cake stand out.
Fancy white and yellow wedding cake

Square Wedding Cakes

While the traditional shape of a wedding cake is round, ideas for square wedding cakes can make a classic design feel modern. These square cakes are easy to box and can be stacked and decorated just like a round cake.

square tiered cake

Themed and Unusual Wedding Cakes

When you're planning a particular theme, or simply want to stand out from the crowd, pick out a themed cake or an unusual design.

Beach Cake Themes

A beach wedding cake means you represent the sand, sea, and creatures within. The cake can feature seashells, coral, or even dolphins.

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

Country Western Cakes

A country themed cake is perfect for a wedding in a barn or one with western flair. From paisley prints to denim details and cowboys, there's one to suit any style of country wedding.

cowboy and cowgirl cake

Gothic Cakes

A gothic cake is the perfect option for a Gothic themed wedding or couples who simply don't want a traditional white cake. They often feature dark jewel tones.

Purple gothic cake

Sandcastle Cakes

Combine a fairy tale and beach theme by picking out a sandcastle cake. Putting the two elements together creates a festive option for a summer wedding.

sandcastle wedding cake

Seashell Wedding Cakes

Whether it's a tropical destination wedding, wedding on the beach, or a river or lake front nuptials, a seashell cake ties your theme and location into your food. From elegant white and pearl tones to brightly colored ocean scenes with seafoam green, these cakes are as beautiful as they are beachy.

cake with seashells

Tractor Wedding Cakes

If your roots run deep and you're a fan of country living, a John Deere cake might be the perfect choice for your wedding cake. Use the brand's colors and add a small green tractor to the top for a festive design.

green tractor cake

Floral Wedding Cake Designs

Flowers are a traditional topper and for good reason. They always look lovely and you effortlessly match the rest of the wedding color and floral scheme.

Floral Garden Cakes

A garden wedding means flowers, flowers, flowers! It's a great option for spring or summer. Select a design that features real or edible flowers cascading around the cake tiers.

Wedding spring cake with colorful flowers


A calla lily wedding cake is a fresh option for spring, Easter, or summer. Choose one that features the lilies climbing the cake or one with simple blooms circling each tier.

yellow and white calla lily cake

Red Roses

A red rose wedding cake is a popular option for many couples. Most red rose designs can be modified to suit any rose color.

cake with red roses

Sunflower Cakes

Late summer and fall weddings are the perfect time of year to add sunflowers to your wedding cake. Whether you go with a frosting design or real or faux blooms, it's sure to make a statement at your reception.

sunflower cake

Holiday and Seasonal Wedding Cake Pictures

Matching your wedding cake design to the season or holiday is a fitting choice.

Christmas Designs

A holiday wedding means lots of options for your cake design. Consider a Christmas wedding cake shows off the traditional reds, greens, whites, and blues of the season.

elegant pine Christmas cake

Fall Wedding Cakes

Decorating a fall cake means lots of rich autumn colors like mustard yellows, deep oranges, and rustic reds. Also look for leaves, pinecones, and other elements to add.

Fall wedding cake

Halloween Cakes

A Halloween wedding cake means you need to convey the holiday while still making the cake look like a wedding cake. Elegant options and more seasonal decorations combine to create the perfect wedding cake.

Halloween Wedding Cake

Summer Cake Colors

A cake for a summer wedding means bright, vibrant colors. Real flowers, berries, and other natural elements are often incorporated as well.

Naked wedding flower cake

Valentine's Day Cakes

Valentine's Day is celebrated as the day for love, so it's fitting to host a wedding on or near the holiday. Select a Valentine's wedding cake that features shades of reds, pinks, purples, and metallics for a beautiful display.

Love Themed Wedding Decor & Cake

Winter Cakes

A winter cake doesn't have to mean Christmas. Look for one that features natural elements, colors like white, blue, purple and silver, and snowy scenes.

Winter White Wedding Cake

Traditional Wedding Cake Photos

Traditional wedding cakes are usually several tiers with a white buttercream or fondant frosting. They don't feature much for theme, and instead will have traditional buttercream wedding cake decorations and fondant designs that make them timeless.

Fountains With Stairs

While not as trendy as they've been in the past, a wedding cake with a water fountain and stairs creates a display sure to be remembered. You can always pick one element or the other if having both is too much for your taste.

cake with stairs and fountains

Sheet Cakes

Sheet cakes have been a staple in weddings for years because they are easy to cut and cost less than tiered cakes. Cakes can have an overall design or a single flower or monogram on each piece.

sheet cake being cut

Simple Wedding Cakes

A simple cake is perfect for nearly every wedding of any size or theme. Simple designs mean less stress over the decorations, less overall cake costs, and a design that won't date your reception.

simple cakes with flowers

Three Tier Cakes

A three-tier cake is the perfect size for transporting and decorating. It can feed a moderate-sized crowd and you have enough room to include virtually any theme or design you desire. It's a classic size.

white three tier cake

Decorators Help Create Your Dream Cake

Viewing photos of wedding cakes is a great place to start when it comes to choosing the right design. Don't forget to ask your wedding cake decorator for his or her opinion and designs, too. After all, as the experts, they'll be able to take your cake to the next level!

Pictures of Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs