Wording for Post Wedding Reception Invitations

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Wording for your special post wedding reception invitations can be inspired by examples. Invitations should reflect the bridal couple's personal style and the celebration theme.

Examples of Post Wedding Reception Invitation Wording

There is no set rule on what to use as wording for a post wedding reception invitation. Wording can be as creative or simple as you like. Check out the following samples for ideas for your own invitations:

Private Ceremony Wording

On September 5 at St. John's Cathedral
Mark and Elizabeth became one heart.
Their love filled the house of worship like no others could.

Please join in celebrating their new start
By attending a dinner in their honor
At The Victorian Tea Room, Lovetown, Iowa at five o'clock in the evening

Destination Wedding Wording One

They got their feet wet and played in the sand
And oh yes, they joined their hands!
Devin and Cara were wed July 13 on St. Vincent Island.

In celebration of their marriage
On August 22 at noon
Please attend a backyard barbeque at
Host's Home, Hostess Way, Indiana

Destination Wedding Wording Two

Mike and Allie are tying the knot in Hawaii on August 3!
Please be our special guest at a party to celebrate their marriage when they return.

September 12 at 6 p.m.
Embassy Suites, 123 Love Street, Anytown

Elopement Wording

With a turn of the key and flip of their hair,
Sarah and John threw caution in the air!
Join them in celebrating their June 10 elopement
By attending a brunch in their honor on
July 26 at 10:00 in the morning
At the Seaside Restaurant, Beachside City, California

Short and Simple Wording

Anthony and Jessica
are happy to announce their recent marriage
that took place on April 9.

Please join them for a celebration in their honor
on May 23 at 5:00 p.m.
at the Club.

Cocktail Party Wording

Mr. and Mrs. Marks, who were happily married on October 5,
are holding a cocktail reception on November 2 at 6 p.m. at their residence.

Informal Reception Wording

In celebration of our marriage that took place on June 5th,
we are holding a party at our home on August 9 at 2 p.m.

We hope you can join us in celebrating our life together and enjoying the company of our friends and family!

Surprise Announcement Wording

We've Eloped! Are you surprised?
If you want to know more, please attend a celebration in our honor.

To be held on July 1 at 4 p.m.
At the Tavola Restaurant.

Rich and Angela Jones

Holding a Post Wedding Reception

Not everyone can find a wedding date that fits perfectly into their family and friends' schedules. If the couple's perfect date does not work, or if they are getting married a long way away from their local friends and family, they may have a post wedding reception.

Some other reasons for hosting a reception after the initial ceremony include:

  • Quickie ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances (like an unplanned pregnancy or call to military duty)
  • Weather in the wedding season (or even on the day of) that could make it virtually impossible for guests to attend the reception
  • Private ceremonies, due to personal or religious reasons, that guests will not be allowed to attend
  • The couple chose to elope, and they or their family wants to host a reception as an announcement
  • Illness of someone important to the bridal party, such as the mother of the bride or even the groom

Post Reception Details

A close relative or friend may want to host a post wedding reception for those who could not attend the first wedding or reception. Parents can also host the reception, as can the couple themselves. Whoever is hosting the affair can be mentioned in the invitation wording. Keep in mind that all invitations should contain the basic information that will inform guests of the upcoming event and let them know that their presence is requested at the reception.

Wording for Post Wedding Reception Invitations