Printable Bridal Word Scramble

Updated December 20, 2018
Scrabble bridal word game with pencil

Wedding word scrambles, often called word searches, is a great free printable bridal shower game to break the ice when guests arrive. Guests can chat with one another about the different things they think of when they read each word and how they know the bride and groom as they complete their word scrambles.

Download a Free Bridal Shower Word Scramble

The printable bridal shower word search is perfect for your next wedding shower or engagement party. If you need help to download the printable, check out a guide for Adobe printables. The light pink flowers would look best against a pink, peach, or ivory card stock selection. Make sure your printer is set to the best option for optimal printing results.

printable bridal word scramble
Click to print the word scramble.

Suggestions for Using the Word Search

Instead of making this the main game, use it as a supplement to the rest of the bridal shower party games. Times to use it besides during the bridal shower include:

  • At the bridal luncheon when everyone is busy eating
  • During an engagement party
  • In the favor bag for guests when they leave
  • As a back-up if the rest of the games move too quickly

Kid-Friendly Game

The scrambled words in this search are appropriate for guests of all ages. This makes it a great wedding word scramble for kids. Put it in "busy bags" to keep children at weddings busy during the ceremony and reception. Run it off on the back of other children's wedding activity sheets. It also makes a great addition to a thank you card for your flower girl and ring bearer. Have crayons available for them to mark the words off as they find them.

Reception Game

While this is often a shower game, it can also help provide entertainment at the reception. Consider using this scramble as one of your wedding reception games if you have guests who may not be able to participate in more physical games. This allows them to join in all the festivities. Simply put one at each place setting or have ushers hand them out at the appropriate time.

Wedding Word Games

From a game with words scrambled together to a love crossword featuring wedding-related terms, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right quick game for your shower. The only thing you need is a printer, paper, and a few pens to engage everyone in the fun!

Printable Bridal Word Scramble