Punk Goth Wedding Dresses

Updated June 18, 2019
Untraditional Goth bride in wedding dress

Creating punk Goth wedding dresses seems to challenge every wedding tradition that calls for a pristine white gown for the big day. Plan your punky wedding with Goth style and make sure your dress fits your theme.

About Punk and Goth Styles

Although punk and Goth fashion styles may differ, they offer several unifying elements. Rebellion against the mainstream and repeated use of black both occur frequently in the fashion cultures.

The punk clothing look is somewhat unkempt, especially in contrast with the often elaborate styling found in Gothic clothing. Though the punk culture has numerous subdivisions, common elements of punk fashion include:

  • Ripped, tattered, torn or shredded materials
  • Blazers or jackets, often 1970s or 1980s styles
  • Studs and safety pins
  • Chains
  • Plaids

Goth fashion, on the other hand, is usually divided into two main groups, though there are always splits with the main factions. The first group leans towards Victorian-era fashion trends, with romantic lace and velvet. The second group features a harder look, often incorporating leather into the clothing. Both groups, however, emphasize the body through use of tight and/or revealing clothing.

Examples of Punk Goth Wedding Dresses

Punk Goth wedding dress styles can be as varied as the women who wear them. While often black, red, or featuring black and/or red accents, there are numerous variations when it comes to the style. A Goth gown that's more on the Victorian side can get a punk look through accessories and styling. For the bride that's looking for a non-traditional or alternative wedding gown that expresses, a dress that expresses edginess and allows her personality to shine through will be ideal.

Edgy and Sheer Black Dress

For women who prefer bold, revealing styles, a punk Goth dress with a short skirt and sheer overlay, revealing top, and dark hue may fit the bill. This could work well for a bold bride with a summer wedding, because its sheerness will keep heat at bay. This style works best for women who aren't afraid of drawing attention and who are comfortable with their bodies.

Sheer black Gothic wedding dress

Full-Length Gown With Punk Accents

The fitted bodice and full skirt are reminiscent of a Gothic look, while the thick black belt give this dress a harder edge. The perfect mix of style and attitude, it would make a good choice for a formal wedding when a long dress fits the bill. This style of dress works well for hour glass shapes, angular figures (the belt and skirt create curves) and pear shapes because it skims the hips.

Full-Length WeddingGown With Punk Accents

Short and Strapless With Velvet

A short wedding gown can provide a bold look, ideal for a bride looking for a punk influence in her dress. The black velvet gives a nod to gothic style, and the sweetheart strapless bodice is sexy yet tasteful. Pair it with violet or purple tights and long black gloves to complete the look. Most body types can wear this look, though women with fuller busts might avoid a strapless style in favor of one with more support.

Goth velvet short and strapless dress

Red and Black Goth Dress

This Goth-inspired look incorporates black and red with a low-waist, fitted bodice and tulle layered skirt. The colors and styles are edgy enough for a punk look, while also incorporating a touch of sophistication. The dropped waist style works well for most figures, although apples may want to avoid it because it may not balance their middle as well as a style like an empire waist that skims the stomach.

Red and black Goth dress

Fitted Off-White Dress with Lace

While lace may not be your first think or punk looks, lace is a great element of Goth style. The form-fitting, strapless style and shorter skirt with sheer lace give this dress attitude, and because it's more revealing at the top, it's a great choice for ladies who want to show off their tattoos. It's a great dress style for slim builds.

Fitted off-white dress on Goth bride

Corset-Style Black Dress With Red Accents

This corset top, black color with red accents, and separated sleeves give this a great punk Goth style. Also perfectly appropriate for a formal or evening wedding, this style would work well for a fall or winter wedding.

Corset-style black dress with red accents

Black Dress with Cut-Outs and Asymmetrical Hem

The black color, eye-grabbing cut-outs, and scoop neckline in this dress make it memorable. The asymmetrical hemline is perfect for showing off your favorite punk footwear, while the patterned crosses on the skirt give it another nod to gothic style. A slight-empire style like this works well for apple or pear shapes.

Dress with cut-outs and asymmetrical hem

Steampunk Wedding Dress

For bride looking for a Steampunk style that incorporates the edge with Victorian and futuristic influences, a dress with an eye-catching black-and-white striped corset bodice and contrasting white and black dress fabric might be ideal. Coordinate with matching Steampunk accessories for a total look.

Woman wearing steampunk wedding dress

Victorian Goth Look

This wedding dress doesn't have the in-your-face edge like some Goth-influenced styles, but the lace and Victorian-era style influences make it a choice to consider. Pair it with punk earrings and a leather jacket for an even bolder style.

White Victorian Goth Wedding Dress

Puff-Sleeved Black and White Punk Goth Dress

The big sleeves, full skirt, and fitted black bodice will create a slimming effect on many body types, while the big sleeves can also help to create a more hour-glass look for angular figures. The style has hints of gothic romance and a touch punk for a unique wedding dress.

Puff-sleeved black and white Goth dress

Mid-Length Dress WIth Black Leather Belt

The midi-length style of this dress makes it appropriate for afternoon, outdoor, and informal weddings. The black color and bold black leather belt makes a statement and nod to punk styling.

Mid-length dress with black leather belt

Red Gothic Dress With Black Overlay

This red and black dress gives a nod to southern Gothic style, while still being bold enough to be a punk look. The hi-low hemline allows you to show off great Goth boots, and it's perfect style for pear and hourglass figures.

Red Gothic dress with black overlay

Punk, Goth, and Romance

If you're looking for a dress style that combines elements of punk and Gothic design with a slight romantic touch, a full-length black dress with cut-outs and black lace might be your choice. Because of its long length, a dress like this can be a better choice for cooler weather.

Romantic punk Goth bride

Create Punk Goth Wedding Dresses

Combining both punk and Goth fashion for a wedding dress may not be as difficult as it sounds. Two main ways can be found for creating a personalized dress that reflects a particular style. One is to design your own wedding dress and the second is to create one by altering a current wedding dress.

Design Your Own

Designing a wedding dress can be expensive and time consuming. However, the payoff is a one-of-a-kind dress that fits perfectly. To begin, call local designers and interview them. Bring in photographs of both punk and Goth fashion elements that should be included in the dress.

Choose the designer that sounds most willing to work with the punk Goth wedding dress style and shares a similar vision for the final dress. Have a sketch of the design drawn up and approved. Then, simply show up for fittings and alterations. If anything is not exactly as imagined, speak with the designer during the process to perfect the dress.

Alter Current Dress

Altering a wedding dress to suit the punk Goth look is a great way to create a distinctive dress without spending a fortune. Deconstructed garments are a trademark of most punk styles. Pick up a black wedding dress or Gothic wedding dress to begin the gown alterations. Consider the following:

  • Adding a tight black lace corset
  • Ripping the train off and using safety pins to reattach
  • Shredding the hemline of the gown
  • Donning a velvet blazer or bolero in black or deep burgundy over the gown
  • Wearing a studded sash
  • Cutting a deeper neckline
  • Tearing into top layers of satin, leaving edges jagged
  • Adding a plaid layer to a tiered skirt
  • Taking out any crinoline
  • Shortening the dress length to knee or above
  • Adding black leather trim around the hem and neck

Consider purchasing a vintage dress reminiscent of one of the early icons of punk style, Vivienne Westwood, with Goth elements added to it, like a bodice or black lace and wearing it as a wedding dress. Other acceptable colors to incorporate can include maroons, dark purples, or midnight blue.

Leather corset Goth wedding dress

Buy a Dream Punk Goth Dress

Purchasing punk Goth gowns from a typical wedding shop or salon may not be impossible, but it can be difficult. Try visiting alternative clothing boutiques and stores to find a dress that fits the fashion requirements. Places to try often cater to the Goth, punk, skater, retro, industrial or rave fashions. Check out some of the women's dresses offered online or in person at:

  • Dark Closet - This shop offers a variety of wedding dress styles, including many black and red designs with a Goth influence that could work well for the alternative bride.
  • Wedding Dress Fantasy - With lots of red, black, and color accented Goth gowns, as well as a few designs with plunging necklines and lots of contrasts, a bride may find her perfect style here.
  • Rebels Market - Find an assortment of Goth-inspired or revealing dresses here that could work for a bride that want's a punk-influenced dress. They also have a variety of accessories.
  • Lyndsey CLarke Boutique - Find styles as unique as your are at Lindsey CLarke. The handmade wedding dresses include Steampunk and Goth styles.

Visit vintage wedding dress shops to look for Goth looking gowns that may have been worn during the 1970s and 1980s, at the height of the punk movement. If every available outlet has been exhausted for purchasing a dress, look into theatrical costume rentals. A rented costume might provide exactly the right elements for the perfect Goth punk wedding gown.

Alternative Gothic Wedding Dresses

Fashion and style, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. A wedding is no reason to turn one's back upon her entire style philosophy. A wedding that fits the couple's taste is all that is required, and fabulous punk Goth wedding dresses can complete the entire celebration.

Punk Goth Wedding Dresses