6 Creative Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

Updated July 24, 2018
ring bearer gift

A great ring bearer gift is one he will remember long after the honeymoon is over. Look for something he's interested in, and you'll make him the happiest bridal party member on the big day.

Experience Gifts for Ring Bearers

Just because your ring bearer is a kid doesn't mean he wouldn't appreciate a fun experience gift. Just pair the gift with a small, inexpensive toy so he has something tangible that day. All of these ideas work for a ring bearer of any gender; just select something he or she is interested in, and it'll be a winner.

Stage Show

Sesame Street Live, Disney on Ice, and Paw Patrol Live! all tour the country. Find out his favorite and get him and his parents tickets to attend the event. You and your spouse could even attend with him! Pick up a small stuffed animal or figure to put with the tickets. Tickets will vary based on the show and the venue, but tickets generally start in the $20 to $40 range and go up from there. This is perfect for a toddler and preschool aged ring bearer.

Stage Show

Participate in a Sporting Event

Young kids can love sports just as much as their parents, so treat him by getting him involved in his favorite. Look for local minor league teams and college teams that host various events. This is a great option for an older ring bearer. For example:

  • Baseball - Sign your ring bearer up to throw the first pitch at a local baseball game (along with giving him tickets). Give him a ball and glove with the tickets and information.
  • Football - Look for a kids' clinic at the local football field. Sign him up (with parental permission) and give him a new football.
  • Car racing - County fairgrounds often have figure 8 race tracks. Get him tickets to an upcoming race along with a new Hot Wheels.

Once again, your location and the specific event you select will determine price. Some figure 8 tracks charge as little as $10 to get in, while a football clinic may be considerably more (upwards of $100 or more).

Indoor Playground Admission

Various types of indoor playgrounds are found across the country. This is a great way to keep a rambunctious toddler, preschooler, or little boy (or girl) busy. Parents will love this gift, too! Just a few places to check include:

  • Monkey Joe's is available in over 15 states across the country. They have inflatable, bouncy attractions and arcade games. Give him a small inflatable ball and sword with the admission tickets.
  • Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park with locations across the U.S., especially in the East and Midwest. They have designated "toddler time" so rest assured, even the young ring bearers can have a blast. A small bouncy ball is a great gift to go with this.
  • Luv 2 Play has locations in over 12 states around the country. It is a more traditional indoor playground with slides, climbing wall, toddler area, and more. Look for a jump rope to give the ring bearer as a tangible item.

Don't forget to look for locally owned options as well. Indoor playgrounds may charge by the hour or admission; anywhere from $10 to $30 is typical.

Ring Bearer Gifts Perfect for Wrapping

Children love to receive gifts, and you should have a great one wrapped and ready to give your ring bearer(s). If you're not sure about an idea, run it by his parents to double check that you'll find something just right.

Wedding Themed Gifts

Items related to the wedding will help calm his nerves and make him feel special. Consider:

  • Ring Security badge - Your budding policeman or Texas ranger will love his new badge that highlights his special duty. It's one he'll wear proudly the entire event! Gift Lab agrees, recommending this fun gift. It's about $8 at Amazon.
  • Special ring bearer crayons - Pick up a special set of molded crayons for your ring bearer from Etsy or a craft show. They may have his (or her) name molded onto them, or they may simply say "ring bearer." Bridal Guide suggests this adorable gift. They will usually cost around $10 or so, depending on where you purchase them.
  • Stretch limousine toy - Vehicles are popular toys for boys (and girls), and a stretch limo represents the bridal party vehicle. It's about $15 from Amazon and is a Top 10 choice from A Bride on a Budget.

Just for Fun Toy Gifts

The gift you give doesn't have to be wedding-related. Instead, select a unique gift for children your ring bearer will love. Think about things from sea monkeys, to spy kits, to personalized books. Select the best toy for his age by checking with his parents if you're not sure where to start.

Just for fun toy gifts

DIY Options

You don't need to buy something if your budget is tight or you want to put a personal touch on the gift idea. For example:

  • Instead of buying a ring bearer shirt, make a tie dye shirt yourself and use fabric paint and stencils to add his name and his role to the front/back.
DYI Options
  • Make a tree swing kit to give to the ring bearer and come help him put it up the next week. Don't forget to bring donuts to share with him after you finish!
  • Older ring bearers might appreciate a homemade cornhole game with bean bags featuring his favorite comic book hero.

The DIY option you select will determine the cost; making a shirt can cost as little as $15 while making a wooden game or toy might be upwards of $50 or more, depending on materials selected.

The Best Gift Is Your Time

No matter what gift you select for your ring bearer, make sure you set up a date with him after the wedding. You can talk about his fun experience, play with his new toy, or see how he's using your crafty gift. This way, you'll cement your bond with him further.

6 Creative Ring Bearer Gift Ideas