Wedding Invitation Verses for a Second Marriage

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A second marriage couple should explore traditional wedding invitation verses and non-traditional types of invitation wording. The bridal couple can then decide if wedding etiquette for second marriage invitations is the route they want to go.

Second Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

If you do not care to use any of the second wedding verses you've found at a stationery store, consider using one of the wording for wedding invitations for a second marriage below. These examples are tailored for specific types of events:

Bride and Groom Hosting Wedding, Sample 1

Mr. Aaron Ray Riley


Ms. Susan Frieda Day-Johnson

Extend an invitation to their wedding celebrating their new start as one

On the twenty-first of January

At Harper's Inn Ballroom

At three o'clock in the afternoon

Hometown, Maryland

Bride and Groom Hosting Wedding, Sample 2

Please join the celebration of the beginning of a new life together honoring

Sarah Jane Smith, formerly Thompson


Robert Burton Lance

On the thirtieth of May, two thousand and fourteen

At five o'clock in the evening

In their home

215 ABC Road

Smalltown, Illinois

Bride and Groom's Children Issuing Invitation

Vanessa Walker, Robert Walker, and Claire Thompson

Wish to invite you to the nuptials of their parents,

Ann Marie Walker


Fredrick James Thompson,

On the seventh of June

At nine o'clock in the morning

At the Botanical Gardens

Seashore, Louisiana

Destination Wedding Invite

John Smith and Jane Walker

Invite you to join in the celebration of the joining of their lives and families

On the twentieth of June

At three in the afternoon

Wayshore Inn

Hamilton, Bermuda

Reception immediately to follow at Wayshore Inn

Informal Second Wedding Invitation Wording

Please join

Jack McManus and Catherine Smith

In celebration as they begin a new chapter of life together

Saturday, October 30, 2014

At 1:30 PM

Holy Trinity Church

Washington, DC

Reception to immediately follow

Sequoia Restaurant, Washington DC

Etiquette and Choosing the Right Verse

Other than that of traditional wedding invitation etiquette, there is no specific etiquette to follow when creating or sending invitations to a second wedding. However, second weddings can be complicated and issues may crop up when it comes to writing wedding invitation verses for them. The answers to these questions can help determine how to word an invitation for a second wedding:

  • Is it a second wedding for both the bride and groom? A second wedding can often be signified by verses that speak about a new beginning or chapter in life. These verses do not need to overtly indicate that the event is a second wedding by stating such; in fact, doing so might make some guests uncomfortable. Therefore, a simple indication that it is a second wedding is enough.
  • Who is hosting the wedding? Invitations to a second wedding are usually issued by the couple themselves. Therefore, it is unnecessary to indicate that there is a host or hostess, such as the bride's parents, for the event.
  • If it is the bride's second marriage, does she still go by her former husband's last name? Women who are still going by their ex-husband's last name may want to include their maiden name on the invitation, to clarify who she is to guests who may know her only by her maiden name.
  • Are there any children involved? If either the bride or groom has children, it may be pertinent to mention them on the invitation. This is true regardless of the children's age or if they are paying for the wedding.

Sending Your Invitation

Customize the invitation to your second wedding so that it reflects your personalities and positions, the formality and mood of your event or whether any children are involved in the nuptials. This is a nice way to indicate that the wedding is not the first for either the bride or groom.

Wedding Invitation Verses for a Second Marriage