Pictures of Calla Lily Bridal Bouquets

Updated January 14, 2019

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Just one look at calla lily bridal bouquet pictures can inspire a bride to choose this elegant and romantic flower for her bouquet. While white is the most popular calla lily color, the color choice ranges from red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, peach and even multi-colored flowers. You won't have any trouble matching the right calla lily to your wedding color palette. The elegant curving of this trumpet-shaped flower adds a sense of mystique and simplicity for a truly beautiful wedding bouquet.

Fall Wedding Bouquet

Choose a bridal bouquet with a mix of roses, daisies, berries and calla lilies in rich autumn hues. Add grains and grasses for a nice fall touch. This bouquet filled with low-cost flower choices is easy on the bridal budget.

Winter White Calla Lilies and Red Roses

If your wedding is scheduled for a winter month, especially a Christmas wedding, consider the beauty of red roses encircling a cluster of winter white calla lilies. This bouquet is ideal for any winter wonderland wedding. It's also a classic for any formal red wedding.

Orange Calla Lilies

Orange calla lilies are a popular choice for autumn bridal bouquets and even a late summer wedding. A dramatic touch is created with several sprigs of orange tinged buds. Wrap the bouquet stem with a gold ribbon for a bit of seasonal sparkle.

Bold Bridesmaid Bouquet

Purple and orange calla lilies make a bright bouquet for a bold statement. Calla lilies cost about $5 to $10 per stem, depending on the supplier/florist. You can significantly cut cost by choosing silk flowers over real ones and preserve your bridal bouquet forever.

Peach Colored Calla Lily Bouquet

This simple wedding bouquet features peach colored calla lilies with the surprising elderberry accent. Large leaves cradle this arrangement with matching peach colored ribbon stem wrap. This is a great choice for a country wedding theme or 1920s retro theme.

Yellow Callas and White Rose

Sunny yellow calla lilies add just the right amount of bright color to a bed of white roses. Add a few yellow roses for greater depth. The finishing touch is sprigs of delicate ferns, making this a perfect spring wedding bouquet.

Large Calla Lily Bouquet

Calla lilies can grow very large. Three oversized calla lilies are nestled on a bed of equally large leaves. This bridal bouquet plays homage to its tropical origins and is a great choice for an island or beach themed wedding.

Floral Symmetry in White

Large calla lilies take center stage with this fairy tale bouquet. Pink tinged roses peep out from a bed of various white flowers. The bouquet center flowers are arranged in a symmetrical pattern with a scattering of pearls in surrounding flowers.

DIY Arm Sheaf Bouquet

An armful of large russet calla lilies breaks the mold of typical bridal bouquets. Oversized leaves and sprigs of grasses bring a hint of the tropics to complement the fall colors. Clusters of white berries highlight this sweeping bouquet. Choose a cradling flower style for a super budget solution and easy DIY bouquet project!

Purple Bouquet

Dusty purple roses and calla lilies are a nostalgic touch of elegance. You can enhance the fragrance and visual appeal of your bouquet with subtle sprigs of lavender. Substitute traditional greenery with vining ivy for a truly romantic bouquet.

Long Stem Calla Lily Bouquet

Long stem calla lilies with a faint hint of green filler gives a casual but incredible touch of sophistication to your wedding. The bride gently cradles this bouquet in one arm adding a depth of tenderness and grace to her walk down the aisles. This bouquet communicates her ease and confidence in the vows she's about to make with her beloved.

Passionate Whimsy in Pink

Bright pink calla lilies are fun and flirtatious when combined with several other blooms and buds of similar hues. Mix different flower sizes and textures to create a fun summer wedding bouquet. Don't forget to add a few berries and greenery to complete this whimsical bouquet style.

Gardener's Delight Bouquet

Go with a gardener's ideal wedding bouquet where the calla lilies appear to still be growing in the summer garden. Surrounded by sprigs of flower buds and eucalyptus this bouquet has an authentic feel. Large leaves are folded onto themselves and held in place by a sun-glistening silver stem wrap.

White and Coral Bouquet

White calla lilies, coral roses and white hydrangeas create a vibrant visual delight. Hypericum berries and green filler accent this refreshing bouquet. The bouquet stem is decorated with matching coral ribbon streamers, making this a stunning bouquet of color and texture.

DIY Simple Calla Lily Bouquet

If you're on a tight budget, it's easy to make your own beautiful calla lily bouquet in 4 easy steps

  1. Select the lilies you want to use.
  2. Add a filler if desired.
  3. Start 1.5" to 2" below the flowers and wrap floral tape around the stems.
  4. Wrap fabric/ribbon to conceal tape and secure with pearl-tipped straight pins.

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Bold burgundy calla lilies are a unique choice for winter wedding flowers. Accent a winter calla bouquet with rich green or bright white for even more seasonal wedding coordination. The stark contrast will create a pleasing dramatic effect.

Purple and Blushing

This bouquet evokes a nostalgic feeling of a time when elegance was part of the daily experience. The purple calla lilies and blush colored roses are nestled between puffs of purple hydrangea held together with a pearl beaded ribbon. This bouquet personifies romance!

Silk Calla Lily Bouquets

There are advantages to choosing silk flowers over fresh cut flowers for your bridal bouquet. The most obvious is being able to enjoy your wedding bouquet long after the wedding. Another advantage is the design options, such as incorporating the elegant element of faux pearls. The cost factor can also be a good savings for your wedding budget.

Petite Calla Lily Bouquet

Choose a bouquet of petite white calla lilies and blue roses with white-variegated pothos leaves for a sweet wedding flower choice. Three larger calla lilies trumpet down toward the cascading pothos vines. This smaller bouquet is an ideal choice for the bride wanting something unique with understated beauty that continues to unfold.

Explore additional theme-based wedding bouquets, such as a beach-themed bouquets or fall wedding bouquets, for more opportunities to include your favorite flower.

Pictures of Calla Lily Bridal Bouquets