Crazy Wedding Pictures

Updated October 15, 2019

Funny and Crazy Wedding Photos to Inspire

Get inspired with funny and crazy wedding photos that will show just how much fun you have as a couple. Learn how to create these moments so you can look at your wedding photos and smile for decades to come.

Kicking and Screaming

Was one of you a little more reluctant to take the plunge? You'll find yourselves laughing about that in years to come, especially if you take some photos to commemorate it. Be sure to do these images after the ceremony or possibly even on the next day, since your tux or gown could get dirty. Talk to your photographer about what you're envisioning, and he or she will offer some great ideas about location.

Show How Fun Life Is Together

Do you love to do fun, crazy things together? Show this side of your personalities in a photo! This awesome beach wheelbarrow ride is a fun choice if you're getting married near water. Choose a clean wheelbarrow and shoot this near the end of the day so you don't get too much harsh sunlight.

Fisheye View

Ask your photographer to use a fisheye lens for a unique perspective on your wedding. This type of lens is a very wide angle, designed to show lots of a scene. When you get close to it, it distorts features in a hilarious way.

Hitchhike Honeymoon

After the ceremony, head out to the highway for a hilarious hitchhike honeymoon photo. Ask your photographer to use a slow shutter speed so traffic is blurred as it goes by you. You'll need to hold very still so you aren't blurred, however. Expect to take lots of shots to get the perfect one, but you'll be so glad you put the effort into this crazy wedding photo. Remember to be safe and not get too close to traffic!

Show Your Goofy Side

Do you both love to get goofy? After your traditional wedding photos, lighten the mood by making silly faces and just playing together. You may find you love these silly photos just as much or more than the posed wedding shots, since they allow you to show off your personality and emotional connection.

Play With Perspective

You've seen those travel photos where people are pretending to hold landmarks in their hands? Well, you can do the same thing with your wedding shots. Ask your photographer to use a wide angle lens and shoot with a closed down aperture. This will put a lot of the scene in focus, so you'll need a field or other clear background. Then the bride can stand close to the camera, and the groom can position himself so it looks like he's standing in the palm of her hand. Everyone will be amazed by your creative and funny wedding photos.

Take the Plunge

Having a beach wedding? Take these awesome underwater wedding photos the day after the wedding, so you don't ruin your clothing for the big day. You'll need to work with a photographer who has an underwater housing for his or her camera and who has experience shooting in a pool. All that effort will be worth it, though, when your wedding photos are the craziest and coolest on social media.

Get the Wedding Party to Go Nuts

Be sure your wedding photographer is able to capture quick moments during the day, not just of the bride and groom, but also of the bridal party and guests. For a shot like this, ask your photographer to use a fast shutter speed as the whole wedding party runs toward the camera. You'll need to try it a few times, but you can end up with some crazy, energetic photos.

Floating on Air

Take a crazy photo to show just how happy you are to be together. To get a shot like this, spread a background on the floor and ask your photographer to shoot from above. Try a few different poses to get just the look you want.

Tradition Crazy

Tradition says the groom shouldn't see the bride before the wedding, and you can make a funny wedding photo about this custom. Have the photographer get a shot of the groom blindfolded with the bride sneaking up from behind.

Show Your Happiness in Crazy Ways

Are you happy enough to do a few cartwheels? Take a crazy photo of the bride sitting on the beach while the groom does cartwheels in the background. This type of shot is guaranteed to get a zillion likes on your social media.

Be a Daredevil Bride

Do you love to mountain climb or ski black diamond runs? Show off your crazy, daredevil nature in your wedding photos. Be sure to mention your ideas to your photographer ahead of time so he or she can plan to be in the right place at the right time to get that perfect shot.

Go Ahead and Get Crazy

Whether you're getting awesome dancing shots at the wedding reception or posed photos that will wow everyone who sees them, go ahead and get a little crazy. This day is full of joy and energy. If you can capture that in your wedding photos, you'll love them for the rest of your life.

Crazy Wedding Pictures