Pictures of Wedding Arches

Updated August 29, 2019

Stunning Wedding Arches

Pictures give you a good idea about wedding arches and which one(s) may be ideal for your wedding. Wedding arches serve several purposes, especially as a frame for photos of your special day. You want to decorate it reflect your wedding theme and design style, from roses covering an arch in a romantic English garden to balloons at a seaside ceremony.

Arch to the Beach

The right wedding arch can tie it all together. This arch features large white lacefleaf anthurium flowers offset with white and blue stained Gerbera daisies. The flowers are supported by vining greenery. You can use sprigs of spirea or Veronica for delicate floral fillers placed along the arch.

A Touch of Youthfulness

This fun balloon arch is for the couple that's young at heart! The festive yellow, orange and purple balloons are a blast of the whimsical. If you're looking for a wedding arch that reflects a happy, carefree attitude, this one will take the festivities up a notch!

Fall Harvest Grandeur

No fall wedding is complete without a few fruits of the harvest season, such as apples. This arch features fall flowers in gold, red, orange, white, and peach along with bright red berries and lush greenery. Sheer curtains in matching solid colors complete this airy and brilliant wedding arch that's a great choice for any fall wedding.

Aisle of Flowers

Just follow the trail of pink petals, clusters of pink hydrangeas, bouquets of white roses, and the twists of grapevines to this wedding arch. This wedding arch is flanked on both sides with white sheer curtains tied back to frame this dramatic lakeside wedding arch. Almost any venue would be right for this mystical arch, especially a spring or summer themed wedding.

Light Up Your Nighttime Wedding

You can play up a nighttime wedding with this special arch that comes to life with white miniature lights. This wedding arch design is simple but very dramatic for any evening wedding. All you need is your perfect mate to join you under the arch to say, "I do."

By the Sea

The ocean is the ideal backdrop for any wedding. It's no wonder it's such a popular venue. This dramatic arch of roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and flowing greenery frames a magnificent ocean view. The poles are wrapped with white sheers and gathered at the bottom, creating the popular drapery puddling effect. This wedding arch is sure to please any couple attuned to the call of the sea.

Tree Ferns and Flowers

This wedding arch has a feathery look with its abundance of tree ferns. White, pink, dusty rose, coral, and purple bouquets transform this arch wrapped in gauzy sheers. This arch is ideal for a breezy tropical setting.

New Age Vision

You don't need to be a New Ager to appreciate the vision this wedding arch creates. White orchids, yellow hydrangeas and ferns and moss decorate this arch along with white gauzy sheers and the added charm of glistening crystal strands. This arch design sparkles with mystic and beauty!

Dramatic Florals at Sea

This wooden arch is wrapped with sand-colored sheeting and trailing vines. Beautiful red and burgundy bouquets create a dramatic look against the sea and sand. You might want to use lush dark pink or burgundy pompom (ball dahlia), garden roses and/or ranunculus flowers and add ferns to complete each bouquet.

Lakeside Romance

This arch is for nature lovers. The small tree trunks support the various branches with pink and deep red roses cascades of greenery. Place a crystal wind chime in the center for that truly fairy magic touch.

Formal Floral Arched Columns

This wedding arch of ancient styled columns is heavily decorated with green and blue hydrangeas, orange, red, and purple flowers and trailing dried vines. The cascading greenery creates a glimpse into the past as the flowers appear to climb the columns. This arch design is timeless and will be the centerpiece of any formal or nature-themed wedding.

Explore Pictures of Wedding Arches

Any wedding arch you select will make your wedding ceremony extra specials. Start with your favorite flower and build your design from there.

Pictures of Wedding Arches