17 Valentine's Day Wedding Centerpieces to Inspire You

Updated July 15, 2019

Inspiring Wedding Valentine’s Centerpieces


Get inspired with beautiful photos of Valentine's Day wedding centerpieces, including some great DIY options. These ideas prove you can choose decorations for your Valentine's Day wedding without resorting to predictable hearts or Cupids. You'll see everything romantic, including rose petals, Valentine's Day candy, chocolates, candles, and even novelty cards in these masterpieces.

Unique Heart-Shaped Centerpieces


If you want a floral arrangement guests can comfortably chat above, choose a low centerpiece that forms a heart shape when seen from above. A florist can use roses or other blooms to create this simple design. Scatter tea lights or confetti to add even more creative flair.

Heart-Shaped Topiaries


Wedding topiaries can make beautiful centerpieces. Whether you choose to make your own topiaries or have them made by a florist, you can easily have the flowers in the shape of a three-dimensional heart. Add a longer stick or stem to make it easy for guests to talk beneath this design.

Vintage Valentines


Use vintage Valentines, available at antique stores, as a starting point for a fun and affordable DIY centerpiece. Start by layering fabric or paper tablecloths in fun patterns. Then place the Valentine in the center of the table and float some candles or flowers in clear glass vases or bowls. It's a unique option for couples who love vintage romance.

Sweet Hearts


Valentine's candy is a yummy centerpiece and fun favor, and it can also make a unique centerpiece for this holiday wedding. Choose pretty heart-shaped chocolates in shades of red, and scatter them across the table. This can be lovely with candlelight and foil-wrapped candies.

Balloons and Strawberries


If you are planning to serve heart-shaped cakes on each table for your Valentine's Day wedding, you can use these sweet treats as your centerpieces. Simply add an elevated cake plate with a pretty edge and use heart-shaped balooons and other decorations to give the centerpiece some vertical interest.

Natural Centerpieces in Shades of Red


Red roses are a classic, natural choice for Valentine's Day. Bring in berries, other red blooms, and crimson accessories for a sleek, tonal look that calls up the romance and beauty of nature.

Romantic Centerpieces for Valentine's Day


A lace heart doily adds instant Valentine's Day appeal to a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries for your guests to enjoy. Add champagne, and you have everything you need to get guests involved in your romantic event.

Classic Centerpiece Options


Chose a classic centerpiece design in shades of pink, including pink vases or pots. Layer the table with plenty of lacy accessories, and each table will look like a Victorian Valentine's Day card.

Add a Subtle Heart to Centerpieces


With Valentine's Day weddings, you don't have to be limited to red and pink flowers. For a subtle twist, you can start with a beautiful seasonal bouquet of flowers in any color and add natural heart-shaped decorations. Have your florist use twine to tie wooden hearts around vases. Guests will appreciate this little detail as they sit at their tables.

Delicious Valentine Wedding Cupcake Centerpiece


A centerpiece made of wedding cupcakes is deliciously romantic, especially when they are sprinkled with heart-shaped sprinkles and displayed on a tiered cake stand. Add flowers for even more romance.

DIY Paper Heart Centerpieces


A modern option for a streamlined Valentine's Day centerpiece is to make a heart-shaped floral display entirely out of paper. You can make paper roses using origami or quilling. Then glue the roses to a paper heart and wrap more paper around the outside. The great thing about this DIY centerpiece is that you can make it weeks or even months in advance. Paper doesn't wilt!

Rustic Heart-Shaped Petal Centerpieces


If you're having a rustic event, you can make simple centerpieces for your Valentine's Day wedding by arranging rose petals in the shape of a heart in the middle of each table. Use freeze dried petals or fresh, depending on the look you want. These are quick to arrange and very affordable, and they give your tables a pretty look.

A Valentine's Day Centerpiece That's Uniquely You


Your Valentine's Day centerpieces can incorporate what makes you unique as a couple. If you and your fiance are both writers, make your centerpieces out of pink vintage typewriters. If you like cooking, incoporate pink or red kitchen items from the 1950s. No matter what you love, if you can find it in pink or red, it will add a personal touch to your floral arrangements.

Valentine's Day Banquet Decorations


Make a simple Valentine's Day banquet table centerpiece with the letters "LOVE." You can buy ceramic or wood letters at the craft store and paint them in your chosen color. Then add bouquets of flowers, lacy details, and plenty of pink and red.

Your Love in Lights


Purchase a light-up marque heart to use as a centerpiece for an evening event. It will add a touch of glamour and a glitzy nightclub feel to your reception, and it's a modern and unexpected choice for a Valentine's centerpiece.

Romantic Valentine's Day Candle Centerpieces


Another option for a glowing centerpiece is to arrange candles in the shape of a heart. Each table will look lovely with this simple decoration, and the romantic candlelight will add even more ambiance to your big day.

No matter what type of Valentine's Day centerpiece you choose for your wedding, your guests will appreciate the extra touch of beauty in your already romantic event. Get creative and express your love.

17 Valentine's Day Wedding Centerpieces to Inspire You