Guide to Target's Wedding Gift Registry

Updated May 16, 2019
Couple filling out a Target wedding registry online

A Target wedding gift registry is convenient, easy to use, and offers plenty of options for couples getting married across the United States. Target carries household essentials, decor, small appliances and more at affordable price points, making it a registry option that gives wedding guests plenty of gift choices.

Target Gift Registry Features

Target stores has over 1800 locations throughout the U.S., offering chic but affordable items for home, outdoors, personal use and wardrobe. Their bridal registry can be found in stores and online.

How to Set a Target Gift Registry

You can start a Target gift registry in a store by visiting the customer service desk. Couples will receive instructions on how to start their registry using the kiosk and how to scan items into the registry. You also have the option of creating your registry online. Couples can manage and edit their registry online or at a Target store, adding and deleting items as they see fit. The FAQs section has in-depth details about all aspects of your registry.

Registry App

The registry app is a helpful tool. You can use it to scan items in the store into your registry if you are creating your registry in-store, and use it to track gifts as well. You can browse items, or search for specific ones in the search bar. The app also has a "What's Trending" section that allows you to see popular items. To access all the features, create or sign into your Target account.

15 Percent Off Remaining Items

Another benefit of a Target wedding registry is that couples can receive 15 percent off on the remaining items on their registry that aren't purchased as gifts. This makes it easy to save money on things that you still need to set up your new home together after the wedding.

Easy Gift Returns and Exchanges

Merchandise returns at Target are quick and easy for couples, even if the item was bought online. You have up to a year to return or exchange unwanted items that were purchased from your registry, and gift receipts are not necessary. If the gift was not on your registry, you can return it for store credit.

Free Inserts for Bridal Showers

To let people know about the registry, Target's website also has free downloadable inserts you can include with invitations for the bridal shower or other event. It's easy to search for a couple by name on the Target website to see their registry items for shower gifts.

Online Target Bridal Registry

Brides and grooms may not know where to start when they create a registry. Using the online wedding gift registry tools available at can help overwhelmed couples get everything they need and want. Helpful tools like gift tracking, a checklist, personalization options, group gifting set up, a universal registry that allows you to add items from other websites, and more, are available with the online registry.

Gift Tracking

You can double check who you gave you which gift, as well as keep track of guests you have thanked.


Utilize the checklist to make sure you have the essentials you need after the wedding. There are lots of basics to help you stay on track.

Browse by Category or Gift Guide

Pick out everything needed for the home, kitchen and garden by adding wedding gifts to the registry through each category. You can also browse the gift guide to get inspiration for items you want or need.


You can customize your registry website page with options like a custom URL and adding photos.

Group Gifting

Once your online registry is set up, there is an option for you to set up group gifting. This allows guests to join together for larger purchases. Group gifting is automatically set up for items over $100. If someone wants to participate in group gifting, the amount they are gifting goes into the form of a Target eCard. Couples choose what they want their group gift amounts to go toward. There is no expiration on the ecard. Couples can also choose whether to turn the group gifting feature on or off.

Universal Registry

This feature is only available online, not on the mobile app. You can add items from other websites. If the gift-giver clicks on the universal item, she will be directed to purchase it from the other retailer's website. The registry does not keep track of universal gifts purchased, only those directly from Target.

Honeyfund Partnership

Another perk of a Target Bridal Registry is that they have partnered with Honeyfund, which allows people to contribute funds for the honeymoon or other experiences as gifts. You will have access to creating and customizing a Honeyfund page. Couples have the option of getting a Honeyfund gift card or cashing out their gift funds directly to their bank (requires a 2.8 percent plus 30 cents per transaction fee).

Target Registry Reviews

Business Insider gives Target the honor of being the number one registry in 10 states, citing it's numerous locations, easy return policy, and group gifting as some of the reasons. However, they point out that the number of selections at Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond are larger than at Target. Best Reviews gives Target a place in it's top five registries, naming it as the "best bang for your buck" and noting it's appealing merchandise and completion discount as benefits. Brides also includes Target in its top 50 registries, pointing out it's nice group gifting feature. With plenty of support from reviewers, it's no wonder Target is a popular registry option for those getting married.

Simple Gift Buying

Guests who want to purchase off a Target wedding gift registry or registry app can look it up online. Navigate to 'list/registries' and then scroll to the form for looking it up online. If you do not know the name under which the registry was created, you can look it up with other information you might have by clicking on the 'search by other information' link.

Guide to Target's Wedding Gift Registry