Tasty Options for a Bridal Shower Sweets Table

Published October 24, 2018
bridal shower sweets table

Putting together a fabulous table full of sweets is a fun way to add dessert to a shower. Pick a main dessert, whether it's a sheet cake or cookies, and then supplement with additional options from bars to fruit flavored candies.

Bridal Shower Sheet Cake Ideas

A sheet cake is popular at bridal showers because it can serve multiple people without costing a lot of money. These affordable options are one layer with buttercream and a design to match the bridal shower theme. Flavors are often white, chocolate, or marble, but many bakeries offer additional options like red velvet or almond. Design ideas include:

  • Bride with wedding dress silhouette
  • Wedding shoes, veil, and other accessories
  • Graphics to match the bridal shower invitation
  • Umbrellas and raindrops (for a "shower")
  • Hearts, wedding bells, and doves
  • Sayings like "I Do", "Congratulations", and "Bride-to-Be"
    I Do sheet cake

Bridal Shower Cookies

Cookies make a popular alternative to a sheet cake and are light enough that guests won't feel guilty snacking on a few other of the sweets on the table. A sugar cookie cut out is the perfect base for these and you can package some to send home as a wedding shower favor. Decorate with designs like:

  • Royal icing in the wedding color with the bride/groom's monogram
  • Buttercream frosting with small fondant toppers like rings or crosses
  • Short sayings like "I Do", "Mrs.", "Yes", or even the wedding date
  • Shapes like bells, wedding gowns, cakes, and hearts
    bridal shower cookies

Small Tiered Cake

A small tiered cake looks great on a pedestal cake stand. It adds height to your dessert table and you can surround the cake with bowls and vases full of other treats and sweets. The tiered cake should have a design that matches the rest of the wedding shower décor. For example:

  • Miniature version of the wedding cake (speak with the bride to get an idea)
  • Chocolate or other colorful frosting with flourishes
  • Ombre ruffled cake
  • Sprinkles or edible glitter around the base of the cake
  • Fondant roses topping a "naked" cake with netting to resemble a veil
    naked veil cake

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are all ready individually sized for sharing with a large group of people. Since you can mix up multiple batches, consider having several flavors for guests to choose from at the table. Decorate them as one large cupcake cake design in the shape of a dress or bouquet, or decorate them individually. Ideas include:

  • Large buttercream rose in the center
  • Gum paste wedding rings or doves
  • Cherry blossoms made from fondant or gum paste
  • Fruit to match the cupcake flavor
  • Fondant cut outs with designs like a tiered cake, the dress, the tux, and even a "bride-to-be" saying
    bridal shower cupcake designs

Bridal Shower Cake Pops

Cake pops are a festive addition to a dessert table. They are like mini bridal shower desserts, since they're smaller than a traditional cake slice or cupcake. Roll the crubmled baked cake with frosting and form into balls. Chill, then insert a stick and dip in candy coating. Decorations for the cake pops can include:

  • Small white dots to represent pearls
  • A dusting of luster to create a sparkling sheen
  • Hearts and stars
  • Black with white buttons to resemble a tuxedo
  • Miniature blossoms and butterflies
    cake pops for bridal shower

More Fun Desserts for a Bridal Shower

While you want to have a centerpiece for the dessert table, you should supplement with a variety of other sweets and treats. For example, add your favorite:

  • Candies like Jordan almonds, fruit-flavored chews, gummy hearts
  • Meringues and macarons
  • Cheesecake or mousse shots in shot glasses with small plastic spoons
  • Fudge or chocolate truffles
  • Homemade bars cut into bite-size pieces
    themed shower dessert table

To really bring the table together, make sure you select bridal shower decorations for the table that match the rest of the event. If the theme is Parisian, for example, look for a small Eiffel tower standee. Or if you're going with a ring and bling theme, toss small faux gemstones around the plates. Add lights behind the table, some candles, and dishes that stand at a variety of heights. The presentation will bring the table together.

Set Up a Sweets Table

Plan to set up the sweets table at the bridal shower before the guests arrive. It's a fun way to get the party started, so they can "ooh" and "ahh" over the various items. Let people snack on the desserts throughout the event. If the bride-to-be has a homemade favorite, send guests home with the recipe as a bridal shower favor.

Tasty Options for a Bridal Shower Sweets Table