Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated August 30, 2018
Romantic couple exchanging anniversary gifts

Giving a gift that celebrates the number of years you've been together is a perfect way to commemorate an anniversary year. Look for creative ways to incorporate traditional anniversary gift suggestions into your present.

First Anniversary: Paper

Paper is practical, but that doesn't mean it can't be romantic. Consider getting your loved one:
  • A photo book featuring pictures from your first year together
  • Origami hearts spread throughout the house with little love notes on them
  • Hand lettering paper and calligraphy pens

Second Anniversary: Cotton

Cotton can be used to make a variety of goods. Select cotton gifts like:

  • Egyptian cotton his and hers robes
  • Organic cotton bed sheets in a new color or pattern
  • A bouquet of coffee filter flowers (coffee filters are made with cotton)

Third Anniversary: Leather

Woman embracing husband holding leather purse
Leather gifts are a good choice

If you don't want to give real leather, consider picking up something made from faux leather. A few items to give include:

  • Leather jackets, like motorcycle jackets or even leather trench coats
  • A designer purse made from leather
  • Sporting goods, such as leather golf gloves, a leather football, or leather baseball

Fourth Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

With the fourth anniversary represented by either fruit or flowers, you can't go wrong if you combine the two. Carve strawberries into roses or a cantaloupe into a flower and present your loved one with a platter of delicious fruits. Other ideas include:

  • A bouquet of good luck flowers to wish your spouse well
  • Perfume or cologne with floral or fruity scents
  • An Edible Arrangement or similar bouquet of fruits arranged to look like a floral bouquet

Fifth Anniversary: Wood

Numerous goods and products are made from wood, so consider:

  • Fun wooden board games you can play together, like cribbage or chess
  • Building (or buying) a new wood deck, pergola, or patio swing to spruce up the home
  • A personalized wood slice coaster set

Sixth Anniversary: Candy or Iron

Since the sixth anniversary can reference either candy or iron, once again, combining the two is a great idea. For example, you might get:

  • A candy dish with an iron scoop
  • The Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones) made out of fondant and/or candy melts
  • A wrought iron candle holder plus a candle with a sweet scent

Seventh Anniversary: Wool or Copper

Wool and copper evoke steadfast feelings. Ideas for gifts include:

  • A copper mule mug with monogram
  • A wool coat for cold winter days and nights
  • A copper-colored wool blanket

Eighth Anniversary: Bronze or Pottery

Antique ceramic pot
Give the gift of antique ceramics

For the eighth anniversary, you have a few different options that will look lovely as home décor.

  • Give Bronze Age style pottery. You can find vases and bowls from local crafters and artisans that resemble these early pieces.
  • Bronze lighting fixtures would be another lovely idea for an anniversary.
  • Gift certificates to a DIY pottery class would result in something to display at home.

Ninth Anniversary: Pottery or Willow

The ninth anniversary is represented by pottery or willow. The obvious gifts are, of course, a willow tree and pottery itself, but think beyond the obvious. Instead, give:

  • A gift certificate to a pottery class
  • Willow twig furniture, such as a rocking chair or patio set
  • A tattoo of a willow tree on an arm or back

Tenth Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

Pick out something shiny for celebrating a 10th anniversary.

  • If you're crafty, an aluminum can craft, like pen holders or earrings, are a great idea.
  • Give tools, like tin snips, to someone who loves construction.
  • Look for beautiful tin ceiling tiles or medallions to spruce up home décor.

Eleventh Anniversary: Steel

Cangshan German Steel 17-Piece Knife Set
Cangshan German Steel 17-Piece Knife Set

Steel might seem like an odd choice for an anniversary gift, but you can certainly find inspiration. For example:

Twelfth Anniversary: Silk or Linen

Silk and linen are lovely textiles for bedding. However, you can go beyond this and really think outside the box to come up with great fits for this special anniversary.

  • If your home needs an upgrade, consider painting a room with a satin paint finish.
  • A man's linen suit can be indicative of a trip to some place warm and tropical where he'd need to wear this airy option.
  • Look for new a new tablecloth and matching linen napkins for your dining room.

Thirteenth Anniversary: Lace

Lace is the ultimate romantic material. Pick up a gift that evokes those loving feelings like:

  • Gorgeous lace lingerie for your partner
  • Pillows or a table runner out of similar lace used in the bride's gown
  • A lace doily with your (or the couple's) monogram and framed using their wedding colors for the background mat

Fourteenth Anniversary: Ivory

Objects made from ivory are banned. However, you can still find antiques, like antique figurines, that are made of ivory. If antique hunting isn't your cup of tea, consider these related ideas:

  • Purchase a grand piano so you can both "tickle the ivories."
  • Make a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization that benefits elephant habitats.
  • Look for a collectible poster featuring Paul McCartney or Stevie Wonder of Ebony and Ivory fame.

Fifteenth Anniversary: Crystal

Crystal figurines are a great way to celebrate a 15th anniversary, but consider going a little beyond this common gift. Instead:

  • Purchase crystal stemware and your favorite bottle of wine or Champagne for celebrating together or with friends.
  • Go all out for this anniversary and head on a Crystal Cruise to a vacation destination.
  • Have a wedding photo etched into crystal.

Twentieth Anniversary: China

Enjoying night scenes of Hong Kong
A romantic view of Hong Kong

The 20th anniversary is a milestone you shouldn't ignore.

  • Mark this anniversary by upgrading all of your current dishes to fine china options.
  • If you enjoy traveling abroad, consider traveling to China to see Hong Kong, the Great Wall, and other famous destinations.
  • A Christmas ornament made of fine china that marks the date and anniversary year.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary: Silver

Silver can mean a number of things. While silver jewelry is probably one of the most appreciated gifts for this anniversary year, you could also think outside the box.

  • Give a set of silver coins from the U.S. mint as a keepsake.
  • Consider your budget and if you have the money (and/or need!), purchase a new car, truck, or SUV painted silver.
  • Pick up an affordable sterling silver anniversary band set to commemorate the date.

Thirtieth Anniversary: Pearl

A classic strand of pearls is a traditional gift for this anniversary. But, you can also give:

  • Gift certificates to an upscale seafood restaurant (since oysters produce pearls)
  • A trip to Hawaii to visit the famous Pearl Harbor memorial
  • A few Pearl Jam albums if you both love rock music

Thirty-Fifth Anniversary: Coral

scuba divers in coral reef
Scuba diving in a coral reef

Gifts that evoke coral and the sea are perfect for a 35th anniversary. Select:

  • Coral cufflinks to wear with a summer suit
  • Coral bells to plant in the yard in remembrance of the anniversary and wedding day
  • Scuba diving lessons with the thought of seeing coral reefs someday

Fortieth Anniversary: Ruby

A ruby gemstone is a striking piece of jewelry, but you can give something else for the 40th anniversary.

  • Tickets to The Wizard of Oz to see Dorthy's ruby slippers
  • Decorated ruby red velvet cake shaped like a heart
  • Romantic dinner for two at Ruby Tuesday

Forty-Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire jewelry, whether it's a bracelet or a ring, is a no-fail option. However, you could also consider:

Fiftieth Anniversary: Gold

The golden anniversary is truly a time to celebrate.

  • Consider giving a big gift like a trip to see the Crown Jewels in person in England.
  • A fun and affordable gift like edible gold lollipops that look as good as they taste are also an option.
  • A party with a Solid Gold theme for a couple who enjoys dancing and music.

Fifty-Fifth Anniversary: Emerald

Senior couple in golf cart
Golfing on the greens

Emeralds are gorgeous green gems, but you can always go beyond them when giving a gift for the 55th anniversary. Consider:

  • A trip to Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle
  • Membership to the country club so the couple can always play on the greens
  • A set of wind chimes with (faux) emerald gemstones

Sixtieth Anniversary: Diamond

The diamond anniversary is the 60th, so be sure to give something that makes note of this anniversary gift. Buying diamonds isn't necessarily in everyone's budget, so consider:

  • A copy of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, where Marilyn Monroe famously sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"
  • An anniversary party featuring ice sculptures in the shape of diamonds
  • A copy of Neil Diamond's greatest hits

Celebrate Your Shared Years Together

It doesn't matter whether you (or the couple) have been together one year, 15 years, or 50 years. An anniversary gift, big or small, that is a token of your affection is sure to brighten up the celebration.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas