Wedding Cakes With Fountains and Stairs

Updated February 20, 2019
floating cakes with fountain and stairs

Wedding cakes with fountains and stairs provide an elegant twist on more traditional models and effectively symbolize the journey on which an engaged couple is about to embark. These cake features are perfect for couples with vintage style.

Combine Fountains With Stairs in One Cake

One of the most eye-catching wedding cake designs features both fountains and stairs. The combination is a vintage wedding look that was popular in the mid-to-late twentieth century.

Wedding Cakes With Fountains and Stair Bridges

Placing single cake tiers on floating cake stands offers plenty of opportunities to create stair bridges that connect each tier. Below the tiers on the edges, the center tiers, or even below all the tiers, are small flowing water fountains. Water in the fountain can be colored or you can use Champagne. The stairs can be left plain or they can be covered in flowers or lace that matches the rest of the design.

Side Stairs With Front Fountain

Combine your stair design with cake tiers set on pillars. Set up your main cake with pillars or columns between the layers. Add two-tier satellite cakes on each side with stairs leading up to the second highest tier of the main cake. Place your fountain in front of the cakes for a lovely display. Make sure your top tiers can be seen over the fountain. This is the best placement if you want to have a Champange fountain instead of a decorative fountain.

roses, stairs, and fountain cake

Considerations When Planning the Cake

Fountain and stair cakes do require some special planning. Parts of the cakes almost always have to be assembled on site. Unlike simpler models, it's not usually practical for a bride, groom, or member of the wedding party to make the cake themselves. Cakes with fountains and stairs can also be considerably more expensive than simple cake designs because of the custom accessories involved, and they take up far more space. They can also be unstable, which is an important point to keep in mind if lots of small children are going to be at the wedding and reception.

Fountain Cake Designs

If you want the look of flowing water but want to skip the retro stairs, consider using just a fountain in your cake design. Make sure the cake pillars or columns are tall enough so the decorated layers are seen above the cake. Options for designs include:

  • Adding an actual fountain into the cake fondant or buttercream frosting design.
  • Placing a fountain on both sides of the cake.
  • Building the cake pillars around the fountain with tiers to the side and above the fountain.
  • Lighting the fountain so the water or Champange highlights the design.
Wedding cake with champagne fountain

Wedding Cake Staircase

A long flight of stairs on a wedding cake draws visual attention and acts as a symbol for the lengthy and sometimes difficult life that a married couple is about to begin. Most wedding cakes with stairs culminate on a top layer, where small figures of the bride and groom often appear to show that the couple is ready to commit to that journey. Flowers and monogram toppers are also appropriate.

Stairs Cut Into Cakes

Stair wedding cakes are made by cutting into the tiers of a stacked cake, removing block-like pieces, and frosting over the open spaces. Traditionally, the stairs form a pathway that is decorated with a border and moves up several tiers to the top of the cake. The same cake might also feature pillars between each tier.

cake with stairs cut into tiers

Plastic Stairs

Plastic stairs are also a common wedding cake decoration. They can be placed at the bottom or sides of a cake, although they typically serve as a connector between layers of a cake that is elevated on pillars.

side stairs on tiered cake

Dramatic Cake Designs

Choosing a cake that includes both fountains and stairs can be a dramatic look, but these elements used individually can also be a stunning style for your wedding cake. Consider your wedding theme, personal style, and budget to decide if one of these intricate looks is right for you.

Wedding Cakes With Fountains and Stairs